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My passion for exploring and getting to know led me to launch this adventure and I want to invite you to be part of this wonderful trip where you can are going to visit the best of the best of Costa Rica, yourselves and other women. This adventure includes visits beautiful beach towns famous for their nightlife as well as small and wonderful coastal towns known for their natural beauty and tranquility in a balanced, safe and fun way. I guarantee that this 10-night trip will be an adventure every day, as Costa Rica offers so much natural beauty and fun that 10 days is not going to be enough, this invitation is for you to enjoy with me all that Guanacaste and Puntarenas has to offer in a responsible and safe way. The package includes 5 destinations such as; Tamarindo, Nosara, Samara, Jaco and Manuel Antonio. I have my own 4x4 truck, so we will have 100% mobility to visit the surroundings of where we are going to stay and leave and return safely from parties or events. Guanacaste has many of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and one of them is Tamarindo, a must-see destination in my opinion. Tamarindo stands out for having one of the best nightlife on the beach from parties on the beach or in the jungle, wonderful restaurants and amazing activities every day there is no way not to have a good time. It also stands out for having beautiful beaches nearby such as Playa Conchal (ranked the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica), Las Catalinas, Playa Flamingo, Playa Avellanas and others that stand out for their beautiful sunsets, white sands, crystal clear waters, surfing and other activities. I am one of those people who likes to go out have fun, dance, have a good time and meet people but in a safe and balanced way and that is why this package includes visits to places like Nosara, Samara and Manuel Antonio where you can enjoy the Costa Rican nature at 100% and outdoor activities, we will visit nature reserves, we will hike to viewpoints and relax on the beach. Visiting all these beaches and doing all these activities will be possible because we will have transportation and driver 24/7, we will also be able to visit different restaurants and bars safely, do activities together and get to know and explore the area as much as we want. This package includes stay in wonderful airbnbs with everything you need to make your stay comfortable, the rooms will be shared between 2 girls, includes all the necessary ingredients so everyone can prepare their own breakfast in the Airbnb, 24/7 transportation at your disposal, help and guidance throughout the process and excellent company. This package is exclusive for women. Good Vibes only !!

About Me! Hello girls, My name is Cherry, I am 24 years old woman that love to travel, exercise, have fun and meet people. I was born in Honduras but I have been living in Costa Rica for 10 years and I really love this country, the nature and the peace that this country provides is amazing, that’s way I would like to discover more places, have more adventures and continue meeting amazing people in the process. I consider myself really curious and also a little shy, I'm in that process of find my self and define who I am and want to want to be and which better way than traveling, I want start here in Costa Rica, and then move a little bit further until I find what I still don't know what it is but what I want to be able to say that I live a full and happy life.

We are going to stay mostly in Airbnbs, such as villas, condos and apartments with a lot a good amenities, swimming pools, AC in the rooms, full equipped kitchen, bit and comfortable bedrooms. clean and spacious bathrooms, spectacular ocean views, security guard and cameras, freedom and good company. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Day 1-5
"Playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica: A paradise of sun, surf, and vibrant nightlife. Renowned for its world-class waves, bustling streets, and lively beachfront parties. Escape to this coastal gem for an unforgettable adventure in tropical bliss."


Day 5-7
"Discover the serene beauty of Playa Nosara in Costa Rica. Nestled along the Nicoya Peninsula, this hidden gem offers pristine beaches, lush jungle surroundings, and a laid-back atmosphere. Renowned for its eco-conscious community and sustainable practices, Playa Nosara is perfect for nature lovers and wellness seekers alike. Explore stunning tide pools, enjoy world-class surfing waves, or simply unwind amidst the tranquil surroundings. With its untouched landscapes and tranquil vibe, Playa Nosara invites you to experience the pure essence of Costa Rica's natural beauty."


Day 7-8
"Welcome to Playa Samara, Costa Rica's hidden paradise. With its picturesque palm-lined beaches and gentle waves, it's the perfect destination for relaxation and adventure. Whether you're seeking thrilling water sports, peaceful beach walks, or vibrant local culture, Playa Samara offers something for everyone. Explore nearby wildlife reserves, indulge in fresh seafood, or simply bask in the sun's warmth. Experience the laid-back charm and natural beauty of Playa Samara for an unforgettable Costa Rican getaway."

Manuel Antonio

Day 8-10
"Discover the breathtaking beauty of Playa Manuel Antonio, nestled within Costa Rica's lush tropical landscape. With its pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and dramatic cliffs, it's a paradise for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Explore the nearby Manuel Antonio National Park, teeming with diverse wildlife and lush rainforests. Relax on the beach, hike through scenic trails, or try your hand at thrilling water sports. Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, Playa Manuel Antonio offers an unforgettable escape into nature's wonders."


Day 10-11
"Welcome to Playa Jaco, Costa Rica's vibrant beach town. Known for its lively atmosphere, golden sands, and world-class surfing waves, Jaco offers something for everyone. Whether you're seeking thrilling water sports, lively nightlife, or simply relaxing on the beach, Jaco has it all. Explore nearby rainforests, indulge in delicious cuisine, or soak in the stunning sunsets over the Pacific. With its energetic vibe and endless activities, Playa Jaco invites you to experience the essence of Costa Rica's coastal charm."ture and relaxation."
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11 days trip
Tamarindo, Nosara & 3 more
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