Beirut Bliss: Sun, Sand, and Savoring Flavors - A Coastal Escapade into Lebanon's Vibrant Culture

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Hello! We are Eliane 👩🏻 and Elias 🧔🏻 :) We are both psychology graduates. Our passion for exploring new places, making friends, and showing people around our beautiful country 🇱🇧! Creating endless itineraries 🗓, checking out picturesque places to visit 🌅, exploring 🧭, going out on adventures 🗺 and trying out new cuisines 🍣 are what we are all about! Some might even say Eliane was born for it!😆 We strive to go out on walks and hikes in the breathtaking mountains of Lebanon 🏞. Discovering hooks and nooks 🔎, hidden gems 💎, and joining in on thrilling activities 🛶 can be fun, especially when you're with us, a 25-year-old local Lebanese couple👫🏻, who likes to disconnect, unwind and have a great time on the weekends! During Weekdays: we will all be sharing and working from a marvelous and vast Airbnb apartment, in the heart of Beirut 🌇, until work hours are over 🕰. You are free to head to the beautiful streets 🛣 on your own before that. You will easily become very familiar, and we will give you tons of tips and options for solo-excursions during your breaks! ☕️ 🍦 🍹 🍿 🍔 After working hours: we will all head out together to a list 🗒 of suggested places that we can agree on, to wine 🍷 and dine 🍽 , ranging from street food 🌭 to luxurious restaurants 🦐. We can also visit local pubs 🥃, go bar hopping 🍺 , or go to a nice cozy café 🧋 and enjoy some board games 🎲. We will also explore various neighborhoods in Beirut, Achrafieh, Hamra and many other suburbs, enjoying everything there is including: museums, bars, coffee shops, concept stores.. etc. On Weekends: We will go to beautiful beach towns 🐚 like Byblos 🏖 and Batroun 🏝, visit all tourist destinations and attractions, explore ancient ruins 🗿 such as the ones in Beirut and Baalbek, and plan hikes 🥾, walks🚶‍♂️, and adventures 🚴‍♂️ in Lebanon's marvelous rural areas which include very scenic villages! 🌳 Last but certainly not least, we will definitely be partying in Beirut 🍾, which is renowned for having one of the best nightlife scenes the world has to offer 💯. Whether you're into Hiphop, Pop, Techno, Electronic or Arabic music, this city has it all! 🌃 You do not want to miss out on this trip of a lifetime! The price includes ✅: 🏨 Shared accommodation (3 rooms) 🚝 Transportation (Including Car Rental) 🎟️ Entry to free museums, archeological sites, natural sites 📱 24/7 internet connection ⛽ Fuel and pay toll costs 💥 A guaranteed blast! (Pun intended)😅 The price does NOT include ❌: ✈️ Flight tickets 🍝 Restaurants 🎫 Entrance Fees, Tickets, Fares, and additional personal expenses Do you have any questions? You can reach us on the Q&A section or by reserving your spot on the trip :)
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Two young culture seekers trying to live life to the fullest. Always up for new adventures, making memories and discovering hidden gems.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-22
Our space is at a hotel in the heart of Beirut, 10 minutes away from the airport. You will arrive to Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport and meet us at the hotel where we will all check-in. The hotel is known as the most colorful building in Beirut and it offers a wide array of ammenities including: - 24/7 Gym Access - 24/7 Restaurant and Bar - 24/7 Lounge area - 24/7 Room Service - Cleaning Service We will be sharing a big flat with a spacious living room, dining room, a private garden, and a fully equipped open kitchen. The flat has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and 1 toilet Bedroom #1: 6 people, each has a single bed + en suite bathroom and shower Bedroom #2: 4 people, each has a single bed + en suite bathroom and shower Bedroom #3: 2 people, this room and it's adjacent bathroom will be occupied by the hosts Moreover, steps away from the room, you will find the hotel's 24/7 restaurant that serves Lebanese Mezze and international vegan cuisine. We can dine there or you can opt to eat/work/chill in the vast open garden outside or even on the rooftop terrace. This place also offers a place to unwind with board games, a pool table and so much more!


Day 22
Let's stroll through the beautiful streets of Hamra & Bourj Hammoud! Hamra is home to the American University of Beirut and the stunning murals of Yazan Halawani. The city buzzes with a life of its own. We can go out to the neighborhood at different times of day and have a walk in the city streets where warmhearted elders playing backgammon and youngsters meeting for drinks. We can pass by the famous thoroughfares of Hamra Street and Bliss Street. Bourj Hammoud is also a must for tourists and locals. Throughout recent history, Armenians have made a notable impression on Lebanese culture, and all that can be seen in the district of Bourj Hammoud. We'll wander around the streets, try some local food specialties, like basterma and sujuk at Mano and lahm baajin at Ghazar Bakery. We can also do some shopping at the spice market and the famous jewelry souk. (Foodwise: Vegans and Vegetarians don't worry, We've got you covered!)

Downtown Beirut

Day 22
Beirut is known as the art hub of the Middle East, and for good reason. The city is host to countless galleries and art spaces showcasing the works of local and regional talents. Various civilizations and cultured have put their marque on Lebanon over the course of history which is all showcased in the city’s museums. Besides the Beirut National Museum, which boasts a vast collecation of ancient artifacts, there also are numerous other museums waiting to be explored! Are you in? (Entrance Fee) We can go for a couple of hours after work during the week days when we feel like immersing ourselves in the culture and then we can grab dinner afterwards! The best way to better appreciate Beirut’s history and culture is by taking a casual walk throughout the streets of downtown central. There are many landmarks to see as we wander around, such as the Roman Baths and Martyrs’ Square in Downtown.

Ain Al Mraiseh

Day 22
On a weekend, we can all go for a jog along the corniche! A lot of people come here to exercise while admiring the beauty of the Mediterranean sea by going for a jog by the sea. We can also go there just to walk around and maybe enjoy some of the delicious street food offered by local vendors on the spacious sidewalk. We would start our journey in Raouche within a local Lebanese restaurant having an authentic Lebanese breakfast with a view overlooking the famous Pigeon Rocks and then stroll down the corniche towards Ain al Mraiseh. To finish it off, we'll stop at Zaytouna Bay, Beirut’s finest leisure destination, located at the Beirut Marina for a coffee, snack, dessert, or even a hearty meal by the water.

Mar Mikhael

Day 22
For a more upbeat outing we can visit the streets of Mar Mikhael, Gemmayze, & Badaro! With several Lebanese bands reaching international success over recent years, Beirut’s music scene is not one to be underestimated. We'll go bar-hopping and in the streets of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze where there is live music, great drinks, and awesome vibes! There’s a reason why Beirut is reputedly one of the world’s best destinations for nightlife. A certain magic emanates from the city as soon as the sun starts to set, notably in Mar Mikhael, Gemmayze and Badaro. We'll go on a bar-hopping adventure by visiting various bars and pubs of which each has a vibe of its own! How about we hit the clubs afterwards? Known for its love of late-night parties, Beirut’s nightclub scene is second to none. For a night to remember, let's head to AHM, Soul Kitchen, The Grand Factory, BO18, Clique and several more! (ID Required + Entrance Fee)


Day 22
Batroun is a coastal city in northern Lebanon and one of the oldest cities in the world. It is a major tourist destination in North Lebanon. The town boasts historic churches, a grand citadel, ancient streets, a Phoenician wall and is also a major hub for beach resorts with a super vibrant nightlife. Activities: - Authentic breakfast at a hidden gem by the sea (Authentic Bakery) - Visit Our Lady of The Sea church - Explore Batroûn Old Souk - Lunch in Batroun Souk - St. Estephan Cathedral, a Batroûn Landmark - Colonel Beer Brewery and Distillery - Lebanese Diaspora Village - Have Lemonade at Hilmi's Lemonade in Batroun (renowned for making the best lemonade in the world)


Day 22
Exploring Jeita Grotto, Harissa and Byblos all in one Day! FUN FACT: The city actually has two names; Jbeil and Byblos. It was formerly known as Byblos in Greek and Byblus in Latin. Currently, it goes by its Arabic name, Jbeil. The ancient Phoenician port city is one of the oldest cities in the world, and one of the most beautiful too! 1st stop: Jeita Grotto, nominated as one of the seven world wonders, is one of the world's most beautiful caverns and is by far one of mother nature’s most mind-blowing gifts. Visiting the cave is a must while in Lebanon and an essential part of any trip to Beirut! The underground two-level cave will surely make you gasp in awe. (Entrance Fee) 2nd stop: Harissa After lunch in Jounieh, we will hop inside a Teleferique (gondola lift/cable car) early on in the afternoon. The Teleferique starts at the base of Jounieh (approximately 20 minutes away from Jeita Grotto). The cable car then transports us up through pine-forested mountain villages to the statue of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa. (Cable Car Fare) 3rd stop: Jbeil, Byblos It is one of the oldest cities in the world dating back at least 7,000 years. The rise and fall of nearly two dozen successive human civilizations on this site makes it one of the culturally richest archeological areas in the region.


Day 22
Zahle, with its traditional Lebanese red-roof houses positioned asymmetrically and beautifully at the eastern foothills of Mount Sannine, has earned the nickname of the Bride of Beqaa and The City of Wine and Poetry. It is diverse, special, and traditional enough to capture anybody’s heart. There is just so much to do and so many natural scenes to admire, so you sure won’t regret giving it a shot. Plus, the locals are the funniest, and most welcoming people you’ll ever encounter. Most importantly, this city will make you appreciate the amazing country. - Authentic breakfast in Central Zahle - Wine tasting at one of the many Chateaux! (Entrance Fee) - Visit Our Lady of Zahle - Take pictures in Riyak's old trainstation - Visit the farms of Taanayel - Lunch in Anjar (Al Shams Restaurant) - Ice cream and bumper cars in Berdawni


Day 22
Tyre is also one of the oldest cities in the world, a UNESCO world heritage site, and a must-visit destination in South Lebanon! It’s known for its golden sand beach, rich history, delicious food, and much more! We can take a walk in Tyre’s colorful alleyways! We'll head to the Old town of Tyre and stroll around the colorful alleyways, take some pictures and enjoy the authentic vibe of the city. Let's Explore The City’s Historical Side! We'll visit: - The Ruins of Tyre – Necropolis: It contains a vast Roman cemetery with religious sculptures, a monumental gate, and the Hippodrome (stadium for horse races). (Entrance Fee) - The Tyre World Heritage Site: It was the center of ancient Tyre. It contains the mosaic street as well as many structures that reflected the town’s commercial, religious and political history. Let's Visit The Qana Holy Grotto! Located 10 KM southwest of Tyre, Qana is of great religious significance as it is the town where Jesus Christ performed his first miracle by turning water into wine. Let's Have Lunch On A Boat or Overlooking The Sea! (Boat Fare) Would you be interested in having lunch on a boat? If yes, then let's head to Tyre’s harbor for a unique dining experience, where you’ll enjoy a tasty meal above the water. Or we can simply choose one of the beautiful restaurants by the sea! Let's Catch The Sunset! The sunset in Tyre is not to be missed, and the best spot to enjoy it is from the rooftop of a local boutique hotel! We'll have drinks and enjoy the lovely ambiance, great music, and beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea.
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