Beach Exploration and Fun in Malta: Discover the Stunning Coastlines in Malta

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Experience Malta's beaches and culture for 10 days! We will be swimming in 5 of the best Maltese beaches and 2 others not so well known. We will also experience the Maltese culture and the food by visiting some of the the well known and not so touristic Maltese cities. Feeling like a mermaid yet? Then join my team and let's go swimming! *Don't forget to bring with you: water shoes (for the rocky shores), beach towels, sun screen and hydrating after sun lotion, a hat, your swimming suite and your adventurous spirit and you're all set for the trip! *Must have to join this trip: 1. know ho to swim and enjoy swimming or you might get bored from day one, 2. be in a physical good shape or at least be resistant to long walks even up and down hills or stairs, for one of the beaches can only be reached by going down quite a number of stairs. *Needed: I need at least 2 people with a driver's license to be able to reach some of the more secluded beaches and explore the island some more. *Expectations: It will be a pretty intense vacation with a lot of swimming and walking. The rooms will be shared with one of the other teammates. There will be one bathroom for 4 people to be more efficient. There will be no party or smoking inside the apartment. We'll be sharing this experience, so everyone will contribute to it with something: cooking, dishwashing, buying stuff, taking pictures, driving, so whatever you can help with will be much appreciated! The plan is not fixed, we can adapt it to our own needs and wants, we should just visit all the stops in the itinerary during our vacation. Sounds good? Then jump on board before the ship has sailed! Looking forward to meet you and see you there! :)

About me! I'm Florina, I'm 32 and I love swimming and unusual adventures! I love exploring new places in a local way to better understand the culture. I'm a very active person, I walk a lot and do sports daily so I'm ready for the trip and I hope you are too! Let's do it!

Details about the accommodation: We will stay in a rented apartment in the center of Mosta, in the center of the island. The flat is fully ours and has 3 bedrooms with 2 single beds each and one bedroom with a queen sized bed. It also has a patio, a balcony, 2 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, AC and free street parking. The apartment is close to Rotunda, a big cathedral and a main touristic site in Malta, and it has restaurants and bus stops near by. So you'll have anything you need close by and also inside the apartment!

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Hi! I'm Florina, 32 years old, from Romania. Travel Enthusiast / Self Development Geek / Life Coach

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-10
This is the city where we'll be staying over the night for our trip. It's a small city in the center of the island so it's not as crowded and touristic as Valletta for example or other big cities. It's best for a better exploration of the Maltese culture and it's also well connected to the main locations of the island by bus.

Blue Lagoon

Day 10
Day 1: The Blue Lagoon is on Comino island, so we'll have a one day boat trip to the lagoon. The lagoon is a very touristic site but it's perfect for swimming. This boat trip might include other beaches or sites to be visited like some caves, since is a full day trip.

Ramla Beach

Day 10
Day 2: Ramla beach is situated on the Gozo island, so this would be a second full day boat trip to the Gozo island. This boat trip might include other beaches or sites to be visited from the island like the Paradise Bay, since is a full day trip.

Għajn Tuffieħa

Day 10
Day 3: This should be the best beach in Malta. Is in Mellieha, the north side of Malta, so we'll go there by bus or rented car. To get there though we have to go down quite a number of stairs. It might be tricky when getting back up. The experience should be worth the effort though!

Golden Bay

Day 10
Day 4: This should be the second best beach in Malta, very close to the previous one, Ghajn Tuffieha, so also in Mellieha. This beach might be one of the only ones with some small waves and agitated waters. We'll be swimming here in our forth day of the trip. To get to the location we'll use rented cars or buses.

Mellieha Bay

Day 10
Day 5: This should be the third best and the largest sandy beach in Malta. It's also in Mellieha like the previous two, but while the previous two are on the west side of the island, this one is on the east side. We will get there by rented car or by bus.

Imġiebaħ Bay

Day 10
Day 6: This is a small sandy beach in Selmun area in Mellieha and it's a bit wilder than the other ones, since it's untouched by man. But it will be more quiet than the previous three ones. Should be interesting to see and swim there.

St. Peter's Pool

Day 10
Day 7: This small beach is on the south side of the island, in Marsaxlokk. This is a rocky beach, perfect for snorkeling. Also Marsaxlokk is nice to visit because it's a fisherman's village, so it's nice for exploring the Maltese culture.


Day 10
Day 8: Will be more of an exploration day. We'll visit Vallletta and the surrounding cities like Sliema, Birgu or St. Julian's. This is the most touristic side of Malta and also the best place for nightlife. We'll have a city tour here and visit some of the main attractions like St. John's Co-Cathedral, Grand Master's Palace and the Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens. We'll also buy souvenirs and memories for our way back home.
Trip Summary
10 days trip
Mosta, Blue Lagoon & 7 more
Boat, Car
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