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Japanese cherry blossom is very famous, but did you ever experienced the autumn foliage in this beautiful country? From Tokyo to Hiroshima, passing by Kyoto and Osaka, Nagoya and Himeji, join us in these wonderful journeys! Food, sounds, colors, will all remain in your hearts. I've been in Japan in 2018, and falled in love with this country. So, once I became a certified tour leader, I decided to lead people there, to share my passion. I will make sure you will enjoy every single moment, every single breath, every single look. This is a classic itinerary: we will start our adventure in Tokyo, the biggest city of the country, the capital. We will walk into the illuminated neighborhoods of Shinjuku, Shibuya and Akihabara, the more traditional Asakusa, and we will see how modernity and history mix in this huge city. Then we will travel south, until Hiroshima, the city were the Americans dropped the first atomic bomb in 1945; last but not least we will spend some days in the Kansai region, were we will explore the most traditional Japan, from Kyoto to Nara, from Himeji to Osaka. To move around the country, in the second part of the vacation we will use the Japan Rail Pass, and we will take the shinkansen, the bullet train.

WHO AM I? I'm Alessandro, an italian 37 years old certified tour leader. Japan is the first country where I travelled alone, so I have a special feeling with it. WHO CAN JOIN ME? In my trips, everyone is welcome: alone travelers, friends, couples, families. I love kids. There are no age limits, just remember we will walk a lot! ^.^ Our days will start early in the morning, as the japanese culture does.

We will always sleep in the APA company hotels. Accomodations will be in double rooms (double bed or twin beds). Breakfast is included, with europeans and japaneses options. Single rooms or triple rooms are available, so please don't exitate to contatct me in case you need one of them. This way I will update the cost for you as soon as possible. For any question, please write me in the Q&A section!

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Italian certified tour leader; writer; movies and music addicted.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-6
DAY 1: we will meet at Narita Airport, or, doing to your flights time, directly in the hotel. We will have our first dinner together. DAY 2: to start our journey in Tokyo, we will visit the Meiji Jingu, the most famous shintoist sanctuary. Than we will walk into Harajuku nice streets, and if the weather is good, we will go for a picnic in the Yoyogi park. Than we will end our journey in Shibuya, walking into the crossing point where hundreds of people cross the street, we will take a photo of the Hachiko Statue, and we will walk watching the lights, eating traditional foods and reaching one of the highest observation decks of the city. DAY 3: Let's start the journey with a traditional place. Senso-ji, a buddhiste temple in the Asakusa neighborhood, where you can also taste the famous Melonpan. We will walk until Ueno park to see a little more foliage, than we will walk into the Ameyokocho food market, ending our day in Akihabara, where manga and electronic fans can have a funny night, playing videogames. DAY 4: this day we will see from outside the Emperor castle, than we will walk into the rich quartier of Ginza, visiting the Hama-rikyou gardens. We will take a boat to go to Odaiba, were we will spend the afternoon, coming back to the city taking the Yurikamome Line at the sunset, and ending our journey watching Tokyo from the top of the red Tokyo Tower. DAY 5: it's time to take a bus that will lead us exploring the surroundings of the Mt. Fuji area. This will be a special day for everyone of you.


Day 6
Leaving Tokyo in the early morning, we will take the bullet train (shinkansen) to go to Hiroshima. The travel takes about 4h30', so we will make a stop after 1h50' in Nagoya, the third biggest city of Japan. We will see its castle and some beautiful park.


Day 6-8
DAY 1: coming from Tokyo, after a day in Nagoya, we will check-in in the hotel and you will be free to enjoy the time as you prefer. DAY 2: in the morning, we will visit the isle of Miyajima, famous for its torii who goes up and down the sea surface due to high or low tide. We will go back to the town of Hiroshima in the afternoon, to see the castle and the Peace Park. Optionally, you can decide to visit the atomic bomb museum.


Day 8
Leaving Hiroshima in the morning, we will move to Osaka, passing by Himeji, a city famous for its amazing white castle. We will visit it, and its gardens. This is definitly my favourite place in Japan so far.


Day 8-13
DAY 1: we will just check-in the hotel after the time in Himeji. DAY 2: it's time to explore the second biggest city of Japan. From the beautiful town center, to the Emperor tombs, from the famous castle to the district of Dotombori. We will always sleep here during our Kansai journeys.


Day 13
Sleeping in Osaka, we will move two days in Kyoto, to see one of the most beautiful buddhist temples of the country, the Kyomizu-dera. After that, we will walk in the traditional neighborhood of Gion, to end our daily journeys at the Fushimi inari-taisha, the famous one hundred red torii. Another day we will see the golden temple, Kinkaku-ji, the Nijo Castle and the Higashi Hongan-ji, the biggest wood building in Japan.


Day 13
Today it's time to walk into beautiful gardens, watching hugh temples in the third ancient capital of Japan (Kyoto and Kobe are the other two). The particularity of Nara, is that it's full of friendly dears all around the parks. If we will have enough time, we will visit Uji too, the city of the tea.


Day 13
Fryday the 1st of November our journeys end. You will be free to go back to Tokyo, or leaving the country from Kansai International Airport (Osaka). If you travel from Europe with AirChina, I highly reccomend this option.
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