An Adventure in Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge: Playing Zipline with Rattan Chairs - Sukabumi, Indonesia

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Wow, I've just arrived at this amazing tourist spot 😯 in Sukabumi, Indonesia, and I'm absolutely blown away! I couldn't keep this hidden gem to myself, so I'm extending an invitation to you to come and experience it too: Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge! πŸŒ‰ Not only will we be able to soak in the breathtaking natural beauty πŸ•οΈ, but we can also have a blast trying out some thrilling rides like the Jembatan Lembah Purba (the longest bridge there). And if that's not enough, we can hop on the Keranjang Sultan (a zipline with comfy rattan chairs), embark on a trek to Curug Sawer (a stunning waterfall), and capture unforgettable moments at the cool photo spots πŸ“Έ. Don't miss out on this incredible adventure!

By the way, I am Farah from Indonesia. I live in Banten, which is close to Jakarta, the capital city. I've had the opportunity to explore several provinces in Indonesia, such as West Java, Yogyakarta, Central Java, and West Sumatra. It's been quite an adventure, and I hope to visit even more provinces in the future πŸ˜†. With 38 provinces in Indonesia, there's so much to discover! It's a huge country indeed. I'm quite familiar with public transportation, especially in Jakarta, and I find it comfortable and affordable 🚌. That's why I'm looking for tripmates who also enjoy using public transportation and don't mind walking around πŸšΆπŸ»β€β™€οΈ. It's a great way to explore the city! Oh, and I have a weakness for iced coffee milk! β˜• Sometimes I just have to stop by and grab one. I hope you understand :)

We plan to spend 2 nights in different locations. After a tiring journey to Indonesia ✈️, you might experience jet lag on the first day, so we'll check into a hotel in Central Jakarta for the night. The following day, we'll head to Sukabumi and settle into a charming glamping site β›Ί. Each accommodation will offer private rooms for our comfort

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Transportation from Jakarta to Sukabumi
Transportation from Sukabumi to Jakarta
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Trip Itinerary

Central Jakarta

Day 1-2
Let's meet up in Jakarta before heading to Sukabumi. I will arrange a place for us to stay overnight. It's going to be a private room and you can check in at 2PM. If you feel hungry later in the evening, we can easily find a nearby restaurant. I know a few delicious spots around here.

Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge

Day 2-3
On the second day, we're heading to the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge. Brace yourself for a lengthy journey! Once we arrive, we'll settle into an adorable glamping tent and soak in the breathtaking scenery. As the night falls, we can gather around a bonfire and savor the delicious grilled corn.

Jalan Blora

Day 3
We will explore various attractions on the third day, including the Jembatan Gantung Lembah Purba (the longest bridge there), Curug Sawer (a beautiful waterfall), Spider Balcon, Pangrango Resto Photo Spot, Jembatan Merah, and more. Please ensure that you are comfortable with walking, as all the attractions require walking. At 12 PM, we will check out and begin our journey back to Jakarta. This marks the end of our thrilling adventure.
Trip Summary
3 days trip
Central Jakarta, Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge & 1 more
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International flights
Airport transfers
Lunch and Dinner
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