Experience the midnight sun on a Greenland Adventure Expedition: Lets Explore by Boat, on Land and in the Air! See a Giant Melting Glacier, Blue UNESCO Icebergs and More (2025)

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special Sleep at the shore of a melting glacier
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Hey snow and ice lovers and adventurers! πŸ˜β„οΈ Because my first guided trip to Greenland has been such a success, I want to give it another try and invite all explorers to join me on my unique adventure trip! I have been to Greenland twice so far, once on a tour in September 2023 and the second time I organised a group trip and offered it via JMT in winter 2024 (check my reviews on that πŸ™‚). So now, I made some necessary adjustments based on my experiences so far, hence, we'll hopefully be well-prepared for our special summer vacation of 2025 (and time to save up πŸ’ΈπŸ˜‰) . It is in a way a very special trip indeed as our environment is changing and the fragile nature of Greenland will not be the same in a few years' time. The big glacier on Disko Island and the Eqi Glacier are melting at an unprecedented speed (which we both will visit during our time in Greenland). And it is foreseeable now that in few years time the glaciers on Disko Island will disappear altogether. On this trip, all 12 days in Greenland are packed with mesmerizing landscapes and activities. We stay multiple nights on a boat and hike to calving glaciers and melting UNESCO-credited icebergs. We sleep in a glamping tent right by the glacier and get in touch with real locals to learn more about their way of life. We experience Greenland from the water, on land - and of course from the air while on flying over Greenland. Our group will consist of an even number of tripmates including myself. This is to ensure that we can share twin bed rooms and no one has to cover a single room supplement. We will not join any other bigger groups except for the organised excursions such as the whale safari and the Eqi Glacier hike. Please note, this is a trip to totally detox from our digital life. In most places, we can enjoy a WIFI-free timeπŸ™‚. I will be happy to help you find the right international flights as well once bookings are opened up. At the moment, flights in summer are available from/to Copenhagen (Denmark) and Reykjavik (Iceland). ❄️❄️❄️Looking forward to seeing you soon on my next big adventure! ❄️❄️❄️

So why should you join me? πŸ‘‹πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦° I have many years of experience as a travel specialist for China and traveled to more than 41 countries. I love the ice and snow and I have spent a year in Siberia (by Lake Baikal). I am sure you won't regret this very special adventure 😍! Please note: I take only non-smokers on the trip (out of respect for everyone in the group).

We sleep the first nights in an apartment by the ice fjord and continue to stay in a glamping tent site by the calving glacier. On Disko Island we will share twin bed rooms in centrally located hotel, where breakfast will be served as well. While on board the ship, we stay in premium cabins (see photos) with full board and spend the last two nights in Nuuk in a self-catering apartment again. A NOTE TO REMEMBER Greenland is not a mass-tourism country, which means that affordable accommodation and tickets are not many and can be sold out quickly. Therefore, I can only accept requests until October of 2025. The same applies to flight fares. The earlier you decide to come along, the better and easier for you to find a good priceπŸ™‚. And it's easy to take part: Click the green button on the right 🟩 and reserve your spot!

What's included?
1 night by the Glacier incl. full board
2 nights on a ship incl. full board
8 nights in lodges / apartments
Visit the capital Nuuk & meet a local
Explore Disko Island & see whales
Walk on a the ice cap
Sauna evening with glacier views
Packing tips/list for Greenland
Predetermined and carefree itinerary
Great TripMates guaranteed 😍
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πŸ‘‹πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦°36 years old living between UK and Germany. Ice and snow at -20 are my third home πŸ˜ŠπŸ—ΊοΈ

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
Day 1-3: Ilulissat Can I welcome you to Greenland!? ;-) Today we depart Mainland Europe and arrive in our first Greenlandic town called Ilulissat. Most flights reach Ilulissat around noon/early afternoon, so we will have some time to get together for dinner and get to know our fellow tripmates. The town Ilulissat is beautifully located right by a UNESCO-recognised ice fjord, and we will see passing icebergs from the shore with bare eyes! The next days are free to explore the "city of icebergs". Both the area of the old Sermermiut settlement and the ice fjord are a recognised UNESCO-site and easily accessible in summer months. Therefore, I recommend taking one full day to explore the valley with the stunning views. Due to logistical planning, we will spend the first two nights in the town in a centrally located lodge and after the night by the Eqi Glacier come back for another night to Ilulissat town. On the morning of the second day, we embark on one of my most favourite activites here in Greenland: Whale watching! Those gentle giants live here in the area during the warmer months of July and August and migrate south in September to warmer waters. So this is the best time to see them here in Greenland along the coast. Those who wish to participate in some extra activities will have time to do so as well. You can go kayaking between icebergs here or try a typical Greenlandic buffet and many more cool things (additional fees apply on site and I will give some recommendations closer to the trip). INCLUSIVE βœ… 3 nights in a lodge in Ilulissat without breakfast βœ… 3-hour Whale Safari Tour βœ… Hike to UNESCO world heritage site and to the ice fjord OPTIONAL ❌ Kayaking, Greenlandic buffet etc.

Glacier Lodge Eqi

Day 3-4
Day 3-4: Eqi Glacier We start early today with a boat pick-up from Ilulissat and head to the famous Eqi Glacier. Boat time is around 3 to 4 hours, and we might even be lucky on our way to the camp site and see whales and other seabirds. On our way we will pass blue icebergs and finally make a lunch break right in front of the glacier before we move into our glamping tents for the night. After dinner, I have planned an hour of "glacier sauna" for our group to relax and unwind and just enjoy the beauty of nature around us. In addition to the sauna, there is a "natural pool" where we can take a chilly plunge in cold, fresh meltwater from the ice sheet. All tents have a private patio and chairs overlooking the glacier. So we can round up the evening with a glass of wine or drink until the midnight sun hours. After breakfast the next morning, we join a guided hike directly towards the breathtaking Eqi glacier moraine. On the hike, we pass old remains from the expeditions that have taken place in the area. We cross a rushing stream and pass a beautiful lagoon. Departure back to Ilulissat is around lunchtime, and we plan to arrive back to Ilulissat in the late afternoon. INCLUSIVE βœ… Boat transfer Ilulissat - Eqi Glacier - Ilulissat βœ… 1 night in a glamping tent with full board (two beds per tent) βœ… 1 hours evening sauna with glacier view and melting icewater pond βœ… Hike to the Eqi Glacier moraine


Day 4-5
Day 4-5: Ilulissat After visiting the gigantic glacier, we will spend one more night in Ilulissat and have the evening free to rest up before our active days on Disko Island begin. INCLUDED βœ… 1 night in Ilulissat

Disko Island

Day 5-7
Day 5-7: Disko Island Before our boat to Disko Island departs, we have plenty of free time for either another Ilulissat hike with magnificent iceberg views (I will suggest a trail that we have not done before) or we can go for some last-minute souvenir shopping in town. In the afternoon we "set sail" and take the boat to Disko Island, which is approximately two hours away from Ilulissat town, and where we will spend the next days. As we arrive at Disko Island in the late evening, we can have dinner together and just marvel at the midnight sun by the Black Sand Beach, where whales can often be seen (I'll show you where ;-)). The next two days will get active! I have planned two full-day hikes: one challenging to the glacier on top of the island, and the other hike to an area called Kuannit (which reminds me of Iceland a lot). The Kuannit area is very green in summers being surrounded by giant basalt columns and several waterfalls. On the glacier here on the island is the only "touristy" place in Greenland where you can do dog sledding in summers. INCLUSIVE βœ… Boat transfer to Disko Island βœ… 2 nights in a hotel with breakfast (twin bed rooms) βœ… 2 day hikes to the island`s Lyngmark Glacier and to Kuannit area OPTIONAL ❌ Dog-sledding (only place in Greenland where you can do that in summer) ❌ Sauna, Kayaking etc.


Day 7-9
Day 7-9: On Board the Ship Our ship, which connects the villages and settlements on the route between south Greenland and Ilulissat, leaves only in the afternoon. Tourists as well as locals embark the ship and because there is no free Wi-Fi on board, this will be an amazing opportunity to marvel at the icebergs and melting pack ice on deck or from your bed and meet locals in the board restaurant. The ship has been constructed to sail in ice water and navigate the arctic. We spend the next two nights on board the ship in premium cabins (full board provided, shared shower and toilet facilities). We will stop for about two hours in the settlement of Sisimiut, famous for its sledge dogs. Sisimiut is beautifully located on the Arctic Circle on a highland plateau and is home to the Arctic Circle Race, which is held annually in March or April. We might be able to disembark here for the time being and visit the biggest "dog village" of Greenland and the lovely small centre of the village. INCLUSIVE βœ… 2 nights on board in a premium koje cabin with full board βœ… Sailing along Greenland`s West Coast


Day 9-12
Day 9-12: Nuuk We disembark in Nuuk in the early morning hours and have three full day to explore Greenland' capital city, which, by the way, has a total population of just over 19.000 people. In the evening we will meet with a local who lives in Nuuk and chat about their local modern live in such a remote area. On the second day in Nuuk I will lead you on a 10 km hike into the backcountry of Nuuk to the peak of the famous Quassussuaq Mountain. The trail is simply beautiful. It passes diverse landscapes such as a blue lake, winding river, waterfall and a lush valley before climbing onto the rocky peak of the mountain. From the top of Quassussuaq, we will have a panoramic city and fjord vista! I am sure 12 days will pass in no time and it soon be time to say farewell to our newly found travel buddies and - hopefully - new friends. I really hope to meet you very soon on this unique adventure trip πŸ‘‹πŸ™‚! INCLUSIVE βœ… 3 nights in Nuuk without breakfast βœ… Meeting a local βœ… Hike to Quassussuaq Mountain with panoramic fjord and city views βœ… Explore the capital of Greenland at our own pace EXCLUDED ❌ International flight home
Trip Summary
Apartments & Other & Hotel & Hostel
12 days trip
Ilulissat, Glacier Lodge Eqi & 4 more
What's excluded?
International flights (~ 1000€)
Beverages and additional meals
Health & travel insurance (a must-have)
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