Action-Packed Summer Holiday in Leyte & Samar Philippines in Winter

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Noeme Ruth

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special Spelunking,snorkeling, white sand beach,
special Rapelling, extreme boat ride, waterfalls
special Rock formations,visit an archipelago
This is an adventure-filled trip in all-year warm country, Philippines. It is an archipelago with 7,641 islands, and we will visit its 3rd largest island, Samar, and its neighbouring island, Leyte. We will be hanging out and swimming in a white sand beach, spelunking and rapelling in its largest cave, hiking to a waterfall, visiting an island with magnificent rock formations that date back up to 23 million years ago,snorkeling, and going for an extreme boat ride on a river. So be prepared to get wet and messy!

About me! Hi, I'm Ruth Dimatulac from the Philippines. I am a BS Tourism graduate, and I've been a Flight Attendant with Cathay Pacific for 24 years, so I have travelled extensively all over the world, and I have stopped counting. When I'm on holiday, I still travel, but to countries not included in our company's flight routes. Travel and meeting cool people along the way is my passion, so come join me in my next adventures!

Details about the accommodation: We will be staying in hotels, resort, or apartments. We will each have our own room, but some of the towns are really small and may have simple accommodations, so be prepared to also share rooms. You will book your own hotel on your first night in Manila, because our trip will start the next day. We will all meet up at the airport for our domestic flight to Tacloban, Leyte. Keep me posted in the Q&A section in case you have questions about the trip!

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Trip Itinerary

Kalanggaman Island

Day 1-3
On the first day, we will all meet up at the airport for a domestic flight from Manila to Tacloban. After spending 1 night in Tacloban,we will do a day trip to Kalanggaman Island. It is a sand bar located in the sea between Leyte and Cebu. It is best known for its long stretch of white powdery sand beach and crystal clear turquoise waters surrounding the entire island, making it a popular destination for day trippers.

Langun-Gobingob Caves

Day 3-4
From Tacloban City, Leyte, we will ride a van to Calbiga, Samar where the largest cave system in the Philippines is located, at 2,970 hectares. The main cave, Langun, has a chamber the size of 3 football fields. The cave is home to various endangered creatures such as bats, spiders, snakes, and crabs. Reaching the entrance of the cave alone requires more than an hour of walking through flat grounds as well as climbing hills and mountains with slippery trails.Within the caves are stalagmites and stalactites,natural springs, giant chandeliers,deep pools, unique rock formations, and subterranean water courses.Exploring all parts of the caves will take up to 3 days.

Lulugayan Falls & Eco Village

Day 4-5
We will ride a motorcycle from Calbiga town to Lulugayan Falls. Dubbed as mini Niagra Falls, because of its curtain shape, Lulugayan spans approximately 50m in width, making it one of the widest waterfalls in the country. Its highest drop is about 30 meters.

Ulot River Torpedo Extreme Boat Ride

Day 5-6
From Calbiga, we will ride a van to Catbalogan then a van to Buray, Paranas, then a motorcycle to the river.Ulot river is the longest river in Samar.There, they offer an extreme downstream and upstream river boating adventure. The boats are designed to cut through the river and navigate the wild waters. Since Torpedo started its operation in 2008, it provided the residents with alternative source of livelihood. The boatmen were illegal loggers before. Even their wives are now working in sustainable ecotourism and conservation management.

Biri Rock Formation

Day 6-8
We will ride a van from Paranas to Lavezares in the North, then ride a boat and motorcycle to Biri Island.Its rock formation is composed of 4, small, rocky islands located in the perilous area where the San Bernardino Strait meets the Pacific Ocean. They are carved through time due to the ferocious waves. The rocks' ages range from 5 to 23 million years old! What makes Biri Rock Formation an even more interesting natural attraction are the surrounding white-sand beach, a lush mangrove forest, and natural pools. After admiring the rock formations, we will go snorkeling in Cagnipa and Suliran.
Trip Summary
Hotel & Apartments & Other
8 days trip
Kalanggaman Island, Langun-Gobingob Caves & 3 more
Car, Boat
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International flights
Hotel in Manila after or before flight
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