A perfect adventure to Dahab, South Sinai - boat party, diving, salsa party πŸ’ƒπŸ», Bedouin tea & more

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Dahab is a unique city in South Sinai, Egypt. It's a mix of local culture, fascinating nature and brave activities. This city was able to unite and fall in love with two absolutely opposite categories of vacationers - those who love a calm and even secluded vacation, and those who prefer an active weekend. Clear water, comfortable beaches, leisurely walks along the promenade. And at the same time, numerous fans of windsurfing, diving and kite surfing are striving to Dahab. Nature has created the most suitable conditions for them here. Another indisputable advantage of Dahab is a refreshing breeze, which makes the local heat not so suffocating. Dahab is rightfully considered one of the best resorts in Egypt and it is a must to visit it. This trip is a mix of chilly activities and crazy adventures. You definitely won't get bored or too tired! What is included: 🏩 Bed in double/twin room in cozy hotel πŸ§† Breakfast 🌊 One night trip to Blue Lagoon 🀿 Diving lesson πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ Snorkeling kit for the whole trip 🏜 Quad bikes safari πŸ₯™ Bedouin dinner πŸ’ƒ Salsa class and party πŸ₯° Our love and care from the moment you sign-up for the whole trip πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Awesome people along your trip
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Trip Itinerary

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

Day 1
This is the place, where you're going to arrive. Transfer on the arrival date will be provided. In case if your flight will be to Cairo International Airport, we'll help you to arrange your flight to Sharm el Sheikh or bus to Dahab directly.


Day 1-2
Dahab is located in 1 hour away from Sharm-el-Sheik International Airport. In the first day we'll check in our hotel, have a Get2Know and a dinner in a nice place with a sea view. This day is a chill day to gain some energy after the long road.

Mashraba dive site

Day 2
On the first day, we will start our trip with a local breakfast: Ful (Fava Beans Stew), Falafel, Shakshuka, Baba Ghanoush, Eggplants, Tomato & Cheese Salad and other mezzes, served with traditional pita bread Eish. All of those options are vegetarian/vegan, but we can guarantee that you'll have a lot of energy!

Lighthouse Road

Day 2
After the breakfast we will try Intro Dive, one of the most exciting experience of Egypt. The local nature is famous for its clear sea water and rich underwater wildlife which makes the bay one of the most popular diving sites in the world. The main feature of diving in Dahab is that almost all dives are made from the shore. Professional instructors will give you a pre-dive briefing. The intro dive itself will take about 40 minutes.

Dahab - Wadi Connection

Day 2-3
We leave on the sunset and head to the desert. We will spend 4 hours in the mountains stargazing, eating traditional dinner by the fire and drinking Bedouin tea and get acquainted with the most ancient inhabitants of the desert. We will be invited to sit on the carpets by the fire and be served Bedouin tea - sweet black tea with desert healing herbs marmarea and habak. We will take a closer look at how lovingly the Bedouins treat this little rite, passing us cups with fragrant tea. After we will enjoy the dinner cooked in the traditional way on fire: barbecue with rice and vegetables grown in the vicinity of Dahab.

Blue lagoon

Day 3-4
There is an amazing place 30 kilometers from Dahab that is clearly visible even on satellite image of Earth - Blue Lagoon. Its name describes that place perfectly: it is a lagoon and it is really blue. This is how we imagine the Sea in our romantic dreams. The Blue Lagoon is a place that civilization seems to have bypassed. A place where you'll find only mountains, sea, sand and amazing silence. And the "local" residents are a few Bedouins who help tourists get settled for the night, cook food or teach kite surfing. Here we will have BBQ dinner, chill and spend the night in thatched huts.

Blue Hole of Dahab

Day 4
On our way back, we will visit Blue Hole for snorkeling and lunch. Blue Hole is a unique place that attracts both ordinary tourists and thrill-seekers. Among scientists, there are still disputes about how a hundred meters deep steep cave was formed in the middle of the Red Sea. From a height, the Blue Hole in Dahab is simply mind-blowing. Imagine for a moment: a greenish-blue sea, in the middle of which is a dark, almost black giant spot surrounded by coral reefs.


Day 4-5
The second half of the day we will spend in a chilly atmosphere. We are sure that the past 2 days would be full of new emotions. After our way back, you'll have some free time to explore the city by your own. Also, you will have opportunity to join lazy yoga class. In the evening we'll have some dinner, after which we can spend the night by a fire with a guitar.

3 Pools

Day 5
The Three Pools Nature Reserve is a snorkeling spot 10 km from Dahab. We will swim and watch the countless colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs, or just relax under the sun. In the afternoon, we will go on an exciting desert quad bike safari. An incredible mixture of emotions and drive await us in this adventure.


Day 5-6
After dinner in a restaurant, we will go to a Social Salsa Party. Don't worry, if you never-ever tried dancing before! The coach will teach you the basic steps of Rueda and a few combinations. And after 1 hour, you will enjoy incendiary Cuban rhythms.


Day 6-7
In the morning you will have some free time to chill or go shopping for local souvenirs. This day we will spend in Lagona Bay. We will go to a boat party and we are going to rock'n'roll till the sunset! In the evening we'll enjoy some live music in a cozy place in Dahab.

Lighthouse Road

Day 7
In the morning we will enjoy some chilly atmosphere of Lighthouse. We can drink some mango juice, do some snorkeling, sup surfing or just get tanned. The reef here is incredible, so don't forget to say "Hi" to Nemo or Dory!


Day 7-8
In the evening we will go to the Lagona to cook barbecue for dinner on our own. Sunsets in Laguna are the most beautiful. The sun illuminates the entire sky with orange light and hides behind the mountain. We will relax, dance and take stock of our adventure!


Day 8
This is our last day. The check-out from our hotel is at 11 am. We can have some breakfast together and chilly yoga to prepare you to your way back. Transfer to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport will be provided in this day.
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Hi! This city is perfect for active sports and adventures as well as chill vacay. There are a lot of scuba diving, freediving, kitesurfing, windsurfing schools. There's 1 intro scuba dive included t... Read More

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