A Hero's Journey Retreat - An Inner Adventure in the Magic Land of Yorkshire Dales, UK

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Welcome to the Calm Farm in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. An oasis of tranquility, healing and rejuvenation where time seems to have stopped. This spot in the wilderness of the Yorkshire Dales National Park is an ideal setting in which to find your still point, on the bridge over the property’s own waterfall, the secret river or any of the glades around. Peace is here to greet you. Drop off the heavy load you carry on your shoulders, your fears and worries, dry your boots and join us around the fire for a nice cup of tea to recharge and heal old wounds. A new adventure lies ahead, one out of which you’ll emerge wiser, kinder and more confident facing the world with the clarity of purpose, an open heart and a new found truth within yourself to share with the world. In the next 10 days we'll explore together the vastness of our being while discovering the beautiful landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, its kind and open-hearted people, their historical and cultural heritage and inspiring myths and legends.

About Me! I design and facilitate travel itineraries around the world that connect communities which share a common vision for the future of a more healthier, joyfully and peacefully world. Aiming for a substantial shift in the collective consciousness in the way we perceive travel, health and education, together we are awakening ancient wisdom of living in connection with nature, reverence for life and one another.

Dodds Hall is a reconversed barn approx. 300 years old that has been transformed in a magical setting for a wilderness therapy residential retreat. The place consists of a big kitchen, a bathroom and a living room with a dry sauna on the ground floor. On the first floor there is a three bedroom flat with 2 bathrooms ( adapted for wheelchair users as well ) and on the top floor there is an apartment having a separate entrance with two bedrooms and a little kitchenette and open space. Around the barn we can find the paddock and the stables which is home for Caroline's horse angels: Megatron, Little Lord Fontleroy and Farouk. They are master coaches at guiding humans through life and discovering their authentic power. The property is surrounded by stone walls, little creeks, a small waterfall and a river which creates the perfect spot for cold dips therapy. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

What's included?
Accomodation (private / shared room )
Transport for the tours
Entrance fees (museums, castles,sites)
Paleo food x 2 meals/day, healthy snacks
Ridding lessons
Cranio-sacral therapy sessions
Free use of sauna/flotation tank
Experienced guides/facilitators
Help in organising transport to/from loc
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
DAY 1- ARRIVAL Hearing the inner call to awaken, a brave hero left the ordinary world behind and embarked in a sudden and unexpected inner journey promising adventures, facing its own shadows,trials, tribulations and...freedom. n a quest to find himself and give a satisfying answer to the question “WHO am I ?” courage, strength and wisdom are much required. An ultimate battle will tests the hero’s skills and eventually will lead to a triumphant return home where he’ll share the treasure he has seized with the world... Welcome in the team dear friend! Let’s make this journey one they will tell stories about... 3:00pm Check-in and introduction to the Calm Farm 5:00pm – Welcome Circle. Meeting each other.The premise of a new story 7:00pm – Dinner


Day 2-3
DAY 2- EARTH island 8:00am – Opening circle.Meditation Planting seeds of intentions. 10:00am – Brunch 11:00am –Conscious movement / Grounding 12:00pm – Tea 1:00pm Breathing with the horse Cranio session 6pm – Dinner 7:30pm – Closing circle


Day 3-4
DAY 3 -WATER ISLAND 8:00am – Check in within. Meditation. Emotional freedom 10:00am -Breakfast 11:00am – Hike by the river into town 1:00pm – Lunch 3:30pm - Horse Leading with intention Floatation tank/ Cranio 6pm – Dinner 7:30pm - Closing circle

Hardraw Force Waterfall

Day 4-5
DAY 4 - INTEGRATION EXPLORATION DAY 8:00am - Meditation 9:00am - Breakfast Exploring Hawes and surroundings. Hardwar's Fall- Home of England's largest single drop waterfall, a reputed 100 foot drop and is set within the grounds of the historic Green Dragon Inn. Waterfall picnic 6pm - Dinner


Day 5-6
DAY 5- FIRE ISLAND 8:00am – Check in within Meditation.Igniting the inner flame 10:00am – Brunch 11:00am – Horse assisted self discovery-Constellations 1:00pm – Tea. Journaling - Free writing Sauna / Cranio session 4:30pm – Cooking together: Add your spice to the universal soup 7:30pm-Closing circle/ Bonfire


Day 6-7
DAY 6- AIR ISLAND 8:00am Meditation/ Breathwork 10:00am – Brunch 11:00am – Conscious body movement 12:00pm - Tea 12:30 pm- Leading from the heart -horse assisted self-discovery Introspection / Cranio session 6pm – Dinner 7:30pm - Cacao ceremony / Ecstatic party

Dent Village Heritage Centre & Museum

Day 7-8
DAY 7 - INTEGRATION/ EXPLORATION DAY 8:00 Check in within. Meditation 9:00 Breakfast 10:00am Discovering Yorkshire Dales: Dent village. With its narrow, cobbled main street, white-walled cottages and ancient village church, set in a deep, narrow valley, Dent, in Cumbria, is one of the loveliest of Dales villages. Lunch Ribblehead viaduct Yordas cave Dinner in the pub


Day 8-9
DAY 8- SOUND ISLAND 8:00am Mantra Meditation Sound healing 10:00am – Brunch 11:00am -Hero’s journey map 12:00pm - Tea 12:30 pm Introspection/ Cranio 3:00pm – Drumming in the wild. 6pm – Dinner 7:30pm-Hero’s journey sharing circle


Day 9-10
DAY 9- Treasure hunt- Seizing the sword Be prepared for the unexpected. The hero grabs the treasured item and attempts to defeat the inner villains. Using the papers and pen in your packet, seize the pen (it’s mightier than the sword anyway) and create a superlative for each group member based on this scavenger hunt. Some examples: Most Positive; Most Creative; Most Encouraging. The key is to be creative and accurate. Film yourselves holding these signs outside the stables. More details in the Inner Map.


Day 10-11
DAY 10- The return with the elixir 8:00 Silent morning Help yourself breakfast 11:00am Sharing your inner map 8:00 Silent morning help yourself breakfast 11:00am Sharing your inner map The hero returns from the journey with a deeper knowing of himself and of the world. For the final stage, sharing our stories can be an inspiration and a motivation for the ones around us 14:00 Lunch at the Pantry Free time 6pm The farewell dinner
Trip Summary
Bed & Breakfast & Apartments
11 days trip
Gayle, Gayle & 8 more
What's excluded?
Flights to and from the UK
Visa (if needed)
2 x Dinner in the exploration days
Tavel insurance ( recommended)
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