8 Days Female-Only Luxury Yoga & Life Coaching Live Your Best Life Retreat in Bali

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special Unique combination of wellness and Bali
Join us on this unforgettable trip to Bali, the island of the gods in Indonesia where you will not just experience the beauty of Bali, but also see the beauty within yourself. This trip is uniquely designed to let you both enjoy the adventure and beauty that Bali has to offer but also to experience healing and self discovery through our daily coaching and yoga practices. With our small group of women we will share this unique discovery of both Bali and our true selves. Holistic Wellness Coaching During seven transformative days we will explore self-discovery and self-healing by contemplating what true wellness means to you. Only through investing and caring for all aspects of wellness can we live a truly well-rounded and fulfilling life. That’s why we touch upon eight distinct categories of wellness to help you self-reflect and most importantly act so you move forward. Yoga During these seven days, yoga classes are offered daily. They offer you the perfect opportunity to find stillness in yourself and let the entire retreat experience sink in. Would you rather have some extra me-time instead of joining a class? No problem, all classes are optional. Exploring Bali As a beautiful contrast to the inner journey through daily coaching and yoga, we also make space for an outward journey, so that you get to see a different side of Bali, everyday. We will experience local Balinese culture, enjoy delicious food and soak in the sun and the gorgeous nature.

About Me! Hi all, I am Jacintha, I am Dutch-Indonesian in my thirties and I’m an avid Bali-lover with a strong passion for self-development and spirituality. I have a yoga teacher training certification and I work and live in the Netherlands. I invited my friend Lystia who is a certified holistic wellness coach for the coaching part of this trip. I cannot wait to show you around Bali and have a great time!

Both in Ubud and Canggu we will stay in 4-star accommodation rented villa's with shared bedrooms, air conditioning, wifi, with a common space for coaching sessions and yoga. Pictures of the booked accommodation will be shared once the trip is confirmed. Please note that the price is based on shared bedrooms. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Daily breakfast and lunch
Yoga sessions
Coaching sessions
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-5
Day 1: Welcome to Ubud 16:00-18:00: Join us for a warm welcome ceremony as we kick off our journey towards holistic wellness. 18:00-21:00: Indulge in a delightful dinner, savoring delicious plant-based cuisine. 21:00 onwards: Enjoy some free time to explore Ubud at your leisure. Day 2: Embrace Holistic Wellness 08:00-09:00: Start your day with a rejuvenating morning yoga session. 09:00-10:00: Introduction to Holistic Wellness coaching to set the tone for our transformative journey. 10:00-11:00: Fuel your body with a nutritious breakfast. 11:00-13:00: Dive into a coaching session focused on holistic well-being. 13:00-14:00: Enjoy a wholesome lunch. 14:00-19:00: Participate in an immersive cooking class, exploring the flavors of Ubud. 19:00-21:00: Gather for a delectable dinner. 21:00-22:00: Wind down with an evening yoga session, promoting relaxation and inner peace. Day 3: Adventure and Wellness 07:00-08:00: Enjoy a nourishing breakfast to start your day. 08:00-08:30: Connect with your inner self through yoga and morning meditation. 08:30-12:00: Opt for an exhilarating wildwater rafting experience or explore the iconic Monkey Forest and Ubud Art Market (optional). 12:15-14:15: Engage in another empowering coaching session. 19:00-21:00: Relish a sumptuous dinner. 21:00-22:00: Unwind and reflect during your free time. Day 4: Discover Tirta Empul and Beyond 08:00-09:00: Delight in a wholesome breakfast. 09:00-15:00: Explore the sacred Tirta Empul temple or embark on a scenic hiking adventure. 15:00-19:00: Immerse yourself in another enriching coaching session. 19:00-21:00: Conclude the day with a flavorful dinner. 21:00-22:00: Wrap up your journey with an evening yoga practice, embracing serenity and gratitude.


Day 5-8
Day 5: Arrival in Canggu 08:00-09:00: Start your day with a revitalizing morning yoga session. 09:00-10:00: Engage in a coaching session focused on personal growth and development. 10:00-11:00: Enjoy a nutritious breakfast to fuel your day. 11:00-13:00: Travel to Canggu, soaking in the scenic views along the way. 13:00-14:00: Refuel with a delicious lunch upon arrival. 14:00-19:00: Embark on an afternoon excursion to Tanah Lot, a picturesque sea temple offering stunning sunset views. 19:00-21:00: Gather for a delightful dinner with your fellow travelers. 21:00-22:00: Wind down with an evening yoga session, promoting relaxation and inner peace. Day 6: Exploration and Self-Reflection 08:00-09:00: Awaken your body and mind with a morning yoga practice. 09:00-10:00: Participate in a coaching session aimed at self-discovery and empowerment. 10:00-11:00: Enjoy a leisurely breakfast to start your day on a positive note. 11:00-13:00: Engage in another enriching coaching session, focusing on personal growth. 13:00-14:00: Refuel with a nourishing lunch. 14:00-19:00: Explore the iconic Uluwatu Temple and indulge in fresh seafood at Jimbaran Bay. 19:00-21:00: Come together for a delicious dinner, sharing stories and experiences. 21:00-22:00: Conclude the day with a relaxing evening yoga session. Day 7: Adventure and Relaxation 07:00-08:00: Embrace the morning serenity with a yoga practice. 08:00-12:00: Embark on a scenic cycling tour through the picturesque landscapes of Canggu. 12:00-13:00: Enjoy a leisurely lunch, savoring the flavors of local cuisine. 13:00-18:00: Spend the afternoon at your leisure, exploring Canggu's vibrant culture or simply relaxing by the beach. 18:00-19:00: Reconnect with your inner self during a rejuvenating yoga session. 19:00-21:00: Join us for a memorable closing ceremony and dinner, celebrating our journey together. 21:00-22:00: Reflect and unwind during your free time. Day 8: Farewell to Canggu 08:00-09:00: Start your day with a final morning yoga session, cherishing the moments of tranquility. 09:00-10:00: Conclude our journey with a final coaching session, reflecting on our experiences and insights gained.


Day 8
Day 8: Departure from Canggu 10:00: Check out of your accommodation in Canggu, bidding farewell to the serene coastal town and your fellow travelers. Travel back to Ubud: Transportation costs for the journey back to Ubud are included in the trip. Whether you choose to return to Ubud or extend your stay in Canggu, rest assured that arrangements have been made for your convenience. Please note: Staying in Canggu for additional days is optional, and the transportation costs for returning to Ubud are covered regardless of your choice.
Trip Summary
8 days trip
Ubud, Canggu & 1 more
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