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This unforgettable 17-day adventure immerses a group of international travelers in the wild beauty of Tanzania, combining the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with an exhilarating safari tour. The journey starts with cultural explorations, leads to the thrilling ascent of Africa's highest peak, and concludes with a wildlife safari in Tanzania's renowned national parks. Perfect for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, this trip offers a blend of physical challenge, wildlife encounters, and breathtaking landscapes, promising a comprehensive and unforgettable African experience.

Hey there, I'm Pedro from the beautiful Madeira Island. Traveling is my lifeblood, and there's nothing I enjoy more than backpacking to new places, seeking adventures, and making connections along the way. I've wandered through many European countries and braved the icy roads of Iceland in winter. My latest escapade was a thrilling 3-month journey across Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It's on these journeys that I've realized how sharing stories and experiences can truly amplify the excitement of travel. That's why I've joined this platform, eager to exchange tales and tips with fellow wanderers. Let's share our journeys and make our travels even more memorable together!

In selecting hostels, I prioritize a good balance between cost and quality, aiming for accommodations that are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. I prefer hostels with a rating above 9 on Booking.com whenever possible, planning for stays in mixed dorms. For those with specific requests, I'm happy to accommodate within the same property for an additional fee. Some destinations will involve camping in secure areas. Guests are welcome to bring their own tents and sleeping bags, though rentals are available for a fee. For the Kilimanjaro segment, using your own camping gear can help reduce costs. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Upon landing at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you'll find several options to make your way to Arusha, by taxi, public bus, or pre-arranged private transport through our upcoming tour (all option are not included in the price). I'll be journeying to Arusha from Nairobi, expecting to arrive by 14:00. Once in Arusha, we'll gather to meet everyone and discuss the exciting adventure that lies ahead. This will be a great opportunity to get acquainted and set the stage for our shared experience. *The tour 6 days (is included on the price you pay), includes everything, accommodation and meals and transportation, except last day only includes breakfast and launch.

Mto Wa Mbu

Day 2-3
Today's journey takes us to the captivating Tarangire National Park, celebrated for its elephant population. Get ready to marvel at the sight of majestic elephants in their natural surroundings. This park is also a prime spot for observing big cats, including lions, cheetahs, and leopards, along with a variety of herbivores. Dive into a thrilling game drive to experience wildlife up close. Midday brings a pleasant lunch break at the scenic picnic site by the Tarangire River, where you might find playful monkeys eager to share your meal.

Serengeti National Park

Day 3-4
After breakfast, we set off towards Ngorongoro, a gateway en route to the iconic Serengeti National Park. Along the journey, we'll make a stop at a picturesque viewpoint, offering a chance to absorb stunning landscapes and snap unforgettable photos. Our journey continues to Serengeti National Park, where we'll arrive by the afternoon. A tasty lunch will be served upon arrival, setting the stage for an exhilarating late afternoon game drive to witness the park's diverse wildlife in action. The day concludes with a serene overnight stay at Seronera Campsite, nestled in the heart of the Serengeti.

Ngorongoro Crater

Day 4-5
After an early breakfast, we set out on an extensive game drive to explore various regions of the park. Upon our return to camp for lunch, we'll gear up for the journey back to Ngorongoro. Our stay for the night will be at Simba Campsite, perched on the edge of the crater rim, offering stunning views. We plan for an early descent into the crater the following morning to make the most of our time in this unique wildlife haven.

Mto Wa Mbu

Day 5-6
After breakfast at dawn, we embark on our journey into the crater, with the hope of spotting the elusive black rhinos. The Ngorongoro Crater's distinctive ecosystem increases our chances of witnessing these rare animals in their natural habitat. Post-lunch, we'll enjoy a game drive across the crater, offering opportunities to observe a variety of wildlife. As the day concludes, we ascend from the crater to Fig Tree Camp, where a session of relaxation awaits us, nestled amidst the serene landscapes.


Day 6-7
After enjoying an early breakfast, we embark on a journey to Lake Manyara National Park, where a thrilling game drive awaits us. As we traverse this beautiful landscape, keep an eye out for the diverse bird life, including the park's famous flamingos, which paint the lake pink. Unique to this area are the tree-climbing lions, an extraordinary sight you won't want to miss. Our exploration will also take us to the hippo pool and the hot springs, offering a closer encounter with the park's vibrant wildlife. Expect to see buffaloes, wildebeests, warthogs, vultures, monkeys, and more. Following our enriching adventure, we'll head back to our accommodation to unwind.


Day 7-8
Our adventure today begins with a visit to the serene Materuni village, nestled in the heart of nature. We start with a refreshing hike to the Materuni Waterfalls, immersing ourselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Following the hike, we delve into the world of coffee at a local farm, exploring the journey from bean to cup. Here, you'll participate in roasting and brewing your own coffee, made from beans you've picked yourself. After embracing the rural charm of Materuni, we'll make our way to a warm-water spring. This natural oasis provides a tranquil spot for a leisurely swim in its inviting waters. On the second day, take advantage of a full day dedicated to rest and recovery following the exhilarating safari tour. This day also serves as essential preparation time for the upcoming Kilimanjaro hike.
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