Greece 🇬🇷 & Italy 🇮🇹, the best of two countries, great food, wine and amazing landscapes

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We will visit Rome, Athens, Palermo, Napoli, Creta & Santorini, the best cities in those countries. Get to know two of the oldest cultures in the world, where the origins of modern civilization began. History, art and culture everywhere. Fantastic food, wonderful natural scenery, temples, ruins, extraordinary people, friendly people, wine, ancient cities, stunning architecture - Italy and Greece have it all, and we will explore them on this beautiful journey through two of the oldest countries in the world.

About me! I am Rodrigo, a young traveler, expert travel guide, filmmaker and historian by nature, I am fascinated by learning and discovering the ancient origins of our past, the history, and that's why I want to take you to Italy and Greece, so that we all learn about two fantastic cultures, with a lot of tradition. I am also passionate about art and food; believe me, both countries are beautiful in every way, and the food is excellent.

Details about the accommodation: We will stay in hostels as they are cheaper, and it is an excellent option to meet other travelers passionate like us to discover the world and the culture; it is a good idea to make friends and go out at night. But I am not close to the option of staying in a hotel or private rooms in a hostel. If you have any questions about the trip, you can let me know in the Q&A section in this trip!

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I am a young man who wants to learn from all the countries that I visit and also want to transmit the same love and passion on every trip.

You can chat with Rodrigo once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
You can't go to Italy and not visit the capital of the ancient empire and current capital of the Italian country. Historic and beautiful, that's how I would define it. Let's go and get to know the old, bohemian and historical quarters. Eat delicious food, but in local places, drink good cocktails and go to small bars. And of course, we won't miss the tourist attractions, the Colosseum, the Thermae, the Roman Forum and the Villa Borghese.


Day 3-7
The most football-loving city in Italy, the eternal city where Diego Maradona was an Idol. It is a different place from the rest of Europe, and even from Italy, it could be a South American city. The people are wonderful, friendly and kind, but also noisy and messy, but it's a nice mess. We will go and see all of Naples, plus Maradona's stadium and you can't miss eating Neapolitan pizzas like a true local. On our last day we will go to Capri & Positana, very close to Napoli, as well as going to Pompeii.


Day 7-9
We will get to know a historical and not so touristy city, but beautiful, with incredible food and beautiful landscapes. It's a cheap city for Italy, with ruins and a lot of history, but the good thing is that it's not crowded, which makes it even better.


Day 9-12
Capital of Greece, cradle of ancient civilisation, it is a beautiful city, and best of all it is not so touristy, not as much as the Greek islands. You will love Athens, there is plenty to do and plenty to eat, as well as wine and beer to drink. We will go to the Acropolis, of course, as well as to the centre of Athens, and to the most bohemian districts of the Greek capital. You're going to enjoy it, I know you will.


Day 12-14
It is one of the most important and best known islands in Greece, as well as the most famous and most touristic. Fira is the capital of Santorini, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. The Museum of Prehistory of Thera displays artefacts from the destroyed Bronze Age settlement of the Akrotiri, including paintings and ceramics. Nearby, the white-fronted Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral has paintings by local artist Christoforos Asimis. The cliffs of Fira offer views of Nea Kameni, an active volcanic island in the west.


Day 14-16
Crete is one of the most popular European destinations, both for its natural beauty, and for the historical importance of the island, which was home to the Minoan civilisation, with important archaeological finds at Knossos, Festos and Gortina.


Day 16-17
We will return to Athens and end our trip here. You can decide if stay one more night or the moment we arrive to the capital, you can go, but is our last night together in this wonderful and historical trip.
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