2 Days Trip Exploring Kakum National Park, Ghana

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Ready for a unique adventure in Ghana? This is an amazing trip where it is unforgettable you will experience an amazing Kakum National Park (Ghana) and I can't wait to be a Tour guide and also to experience this together with you. I have had the opportunity to have visited this amazing destination before and I look forward to sharing this amazing Ecosystem I will be very glad to have you join my trip and share this amazing experience together. should you need any information I am at your service. WHY Kakum National Park? Exploring Kakum National Park in Ghana offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region. The park is famous for its lush rainforest canopy walkway, offering stunning views and a chance to observe wildlife from above. Visitors can also visit the nearby Cape Coast Castle and learn about Ghana's history and culture. Additionally, the local communities offer a rich cultural experience, with opportunities to learn about traditional customs and crafts. Overall, exploring Kakum National Park provides a chance to connect with nature, learn about Ghana's culture and history, and create unforgettable memories. What is included? - Bed and Breakfast (Shared rooms) - Transportation - Guide (me) What is not included? - International flights, visa fees, laundry, drinks & tipping For other locations around the city, we will mostly walk or you can let me know so we can make sure to have it on our itinerary. About me: My name is Kingsley and I am an ambitious and energetic gentleman, highly motivated, Friendly, humble, and love to travel and meet new people. Are you as excited as me? Send me a message and let me know 📬 .
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Trip Itinerary

Fiesta Royale Hotel

Day 1
During your two-day trip to Kakum National Park, our pickup location will be at the Fiesta Royale Hotel, located on the George W. Bush Highway in Accra, Ghana. The exact location and pick-up time will be communicated to you a few days before the trip, ensuring a smooth and stress-free start to your adventure. Get ready to explore the wonders of Kakum National Park and create unforgettable memories in Ghana's central region.

Kakum National Park Entrance Gate Ghana

Day 1-2
The Kakum National Park, located in the Cape Coast hinterland, covers an area of ​​375 sq. Km and protects a large stretch of virgin rainforest in Ghana. Originally intended as a forest reserve, in 1931 the Kakum area was not open to the public. A part of it was used for timber and deforestation, but was threatening to deface this stretch of coastal rainforest irreparably. Subsequently, the area of ​​Kakum was declared protected and was joined to the contiguous Assin Attandaso Reserve, to form the wide Kakum Conservation Area. The area of ​​Kakum, at a later time, with the intervention and support of local communities, was declared a national park in 1992. The deforestation of the '70s and' 80s, fortunately, has compromised, not irremediably, only partially the forest, that remains, even today, for the most part in pristine conditions; the predominant type of vegetation is the humid rainforest, both virgin and semi-deciduous, and characterized by high rainfall and high humidity, with an average of 90%. The diversity of Kakum flora is such that the number of registered plant species exceeds 200 units per 1 square hectare. The forest in the Kakum National Park is both primary and secondary, the difference being that the primary forest is pristine and virgin, while the secondary forest has been somehow "disturbed" by natural or human events and is recovering from these events. Usually, the primary forest has a covering, or canopy or canopy, complete that makes little light filter down to the ground, the secondary forest does not have complete coverage but is characterized by smaller trees, and the light filters through to the soil, allowing the growth of numerous pioneer species.

Fiesta Royale Hotel

Day 2
We will return to our pickup location which is (Fiesta Royale Hotel, George W. Bush Highway, Accra, Ghana and end the trip. This designated location will be communicated respectively again a few days before the trip.
Trip Summary
2 days trip
Fiesta Royale Hotel, Kakum National Park Entrance Gate Ghana & 1 more
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