Which Group Tour Operators: Evaneos vs Journaway vs Tourlane vs JoinMyTrip

by | Jun 12, 2024 | Group Travel, Travel, Travel Guides

Group tours have been the apple of travelers’ eyes for a long time. Travel made sweat-free – group tours offer comfort and convenience for the users. The group tour operators or agencies lift all the heavy weight of traveling, from itinerary designing to accommodation booking. Moreover, joining group tours allows you to meet new people and find like-minded buddies who love traveling. 

If you are looking for the perfect group tour, this blog is for you. We will compare the features of four group tour operators: Evaneos, Journaway, Tourlane, and JoinMyTrip. These fairly new group tour operators might have the deals you’re looking for. 


Are you familiar with these four group tour operators? If the answer is no, here is a brief introduction to their business and what they are offering. 

  • Evaneos: The tour operator was founded in France in 2009. Nowadays, they focus on sustainable travel and empowering local businesses. Evaneos work closely with local communities, especially tour guides, to create their trips. 
  • Journaway: Founded in Germany, Journaway delivers its service to European travelers. They design all-inclusive group tours to different destinations across the globe. 
  • Tourlane: A German tour operator offering packages to over 30 destinations worldwide. The tours are led by experts who have traveled to 100+ countries or trained local guides. 
  • JoinMyTrip: A travel startup connecting 180k+ travelers from all over the globe in tailor-made group tours. JoinMyTrip highlights the excitement of meeting travel buddies and creating lifetime’s worth of memories while exploring new destinations. The tours are solo travel-friendly and flexible. 


The four group tour operators mentioned offer group tours to various destinations across the globe. However, each of them has different best-selling destinations. 

  • Evaneos commits to sustainability, so ecotourism destinations are their top choices. You can find tours to Costa Rica, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. 
  • Journaway offers group tours to more than 100 countries worldwide. Their best-selling trips are quite diverse, but Japan and South Africa are the spearheads. 
  • Tourlane’s group tours are scattered around the globe. They have tours to all five continents as well as the Pacific Islands. Some of the best-selling destinations include South Africa and Canada. 
  • JoinMyTrip features tours to around 7,000 destinations around the globe. The most popular destinations include Europe, especially out-of-radar destinations like Malta and Albania. The platform also offers tours to unique destinations, such as the Faroe Islands and Azerbaijan.

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