Best Places to Visit in Albania (for Group Travel)

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Welcome to the land where history meets breathtaking landscapes and hospitality flows as freely as the crystal-clear rivers. Albania boasts the best out of the Balkan Sea. Prepare to get swept off your feet by the picture-perfect landscapes of powdery beaches, ancient architectural wonders, and hidden spots inside the country’s laidback towns. In this blog, we will dive into the best places to visit in Albania. So, grab your passport and get ready to venture to this not-so-hidden gem in Europe! 

Best Places to Visit in Albania – Summary

  1. Berat
  2. Tirana
  3. Durres
  4. Sarande
  5. Ksamil
  6. Himare
  7. Butrint
  8. Gjirokaster
  9. Shkodra


best places to visit in Albania Berat

Bordered by lush mountains and winding hills, Berat looks simply magical. The town is known as the ‘Town of a Thousand Windows’, as so many windows are set in the buildings clustering on the hillside. Moreover, Berat bewitches everyone who visits with its lovely Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. One of them is the Berat Castle, which is perched on the top of a hill and stuns with its sand-colored strongholds. 

Immerse yourself in the dreamy atmosphere of Berat by strolling around. Walk along the series of hillside buildings and admire their staircase-like formation. Stop by the Holy Trinity Church, which offers a stunning town view and looks intriguing with its Ottoman-influenced architecture. Feel yourself traveling to the Middle East in the National Ethnographic Museum, as it is modeled after an 18th-century bazaar. Additionally, say yes to winery tours as Berat is a wine-producing town. Therefore, it is one of the best places to visit in Albania. 


As the gateway of Albania, Tirana is unmissable. The city offers a jubilant atmosphere. It is dotted with sophisticated public spaces and aesthetically pleasing art galleries where youngsters ignite their creativity. Bars, cafes, and restaurants are packed with exciting chats and thrilling events. On the other hand, Tirana keeps its history alive. Buildings with distinctive Ottoman architecture and Italian-styled facades are scattered throughout the city. The blend between the old and the new in Tirana makes it one of the best places to visit in Albania. 

Visiting Tirana means immersing yourself in its slightly chaotic yet vibrant atmosphere. Stop by the museums, like the National Historical Museum and House of Leaves. Also, check out the unique BUNK’ART. It was once a massive government bunker. Now, the building houses fascinating art installations and galleries. Also, take your travel buddies for an awesome party or drinks in the city’s nightlife spots.


most beautiful places to visit in Albania

Do you know what is unskippable in Albania? Yes, beach days! Then, one of the best places to visit in Albania for the beach is Durres. The coastal town is blessed with golden sand beaches, a sparkling aquamarine sea, and a pleasant Mediterranean climate. For that reason, Durres attracts a lot of tourists, especially from all around Europe, in the summer. Nobody can say no to relaxing on the sunkissed beaches and sipping some cold cocktails. 

Besides being a beach destination, Durres is a historical treasure trove. The town keeps a record of Albania’s extensive timeline. Pay a visit to the Roman Amphitheater, which stuns with its 15,000-seat capacity and the fact that it came from Ancient Rome. Additionally, see the Durres Castle. The medieval castle dates back to the 4th century and traces as long as the Byzantine Empire. 


Winding hills cloaked with verdant olive groves, a sparkling coastline with picturesque beaches, and a breathtaking sea tinted in blue-turquoise gradients. Those are what you can find in Sarandë, a municipality tucked in the shores of the Ionian Sea. Despite being off-the-radar, Sarandë leads you to a perfect summer vacation. Yes, we are talking about amazing beach days, relaxing evenings in a seaside cafe, and escaping the hustle and bustle to a laid-back and friendly town. 

Sarandë is mainly famous for its flawless beaches and gentle waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Besides that, the region is shrouded in history. Sarandë houses Butrint, an ancient Greek city listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Moreover, ancient synagogues, museums, and centuries-old castles stand on the Sarandë Town. With all it has to offer, Sarandë is one of the best places to visit in Albania. 


best places to visit in Albania

Another unmissable beach vacation spot in Albania is Ksamil. The beautiful village is tucked in the Albanian Riviera, which means it is adorned with crystal-clear waters, flawless beaches, and astonishing islets. As summer approaches, Albania is packed with tourists. Everyone wants to get their tan on the powdery shores of Ksamil or splash themselves into the turquoise sea. 

We would confidently say that Ksamil is an amazing alternative to Greece. The picture-perfect beaches can rival Santorini or Crete’s shores, meanwhile offering a similar pleasant Mediterranean vibe. Not to mention, the locals in Ksamil welcome you with smiling faces and open arms. Moreover, Ksamil is a budget-friendly destination. Considering Albania is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, vacationing in Ksamil won’t break the bank. 


best places to visit in Albania Himare

Secluded yet alluring, Himare is one of the best beach towns in Albania. Nestled on the southern coast of Albania, Himare has a big chunk of the coast’s powdery beaches, picturesque turquoise sea, and sparkling sunshine. The town is also home to fascinating centuries-old bunkers, well-preserved monasteries, and pretty ancient churches. In a nutshell, Himare has a little bit of everything for everyone. 

Visiting Himare means relaxing beach days when you can laze under the sun and splash into the warm Mediterranean waters. The winding coastline invites you for a hike and sightseeing, in which you can see the breathtaking view of the sea and the small islets. Moreover, make sure to savor some Albanian flavors in the local taverns with your group. Sounds like a great way to bond with each other, right?


Albania Butrint ancient site

See a glimpse of ancient Greece in Albania by visiting Butrint. Tucked in the southern part of Ksamil, Butrint steals the spotlight among other Albanian historical sites. The ancient Greek city encompasses sunflower-yellow stones, well-preserved amphitheaters, and ruins of forums and public baths. Moreover, the complex houses a unique paleo-Christian basilica. Not to mention, Butrint is situated on a sparkling coastline and cloaked with shady woodlands, offering a lovely scene. You can visit Butrint by hopping on a boat from Corfu or the Albanian mainland. Therefore, Butrint is one of the best places to visit in Albania. 


best places to visit in Albania

One opening statement – history buffs will love this city! Perched on the hillside of southern Albania, Gjirokaster stuns with its silvery-grey buildings. They date back as old as the Ottoman period, which explains the simple yet alluring architecture. Moreover, Gjirokaster is often called the ‘City of Stone’ due to the distinctive stone roof that the buildings have. 

Gjirokaster has around 500 homes and buildings dating back to centuries ago. For that reason, it is an Albanian historical gem. Then, one of the must-visit spots is the Gjirokaster Castle. The stone castle sits on the top of a hill, offering an extraordinary view of the Albanian mountains. Moreover, don’t miss visiting the Old Bazaar and the Ethnographic Museum. They paint a picture of Albania’s status as a cultural melting pot. Therefore, Gjirokaster is one of the best places to visit in Albania.

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