In case your TripMate decides to drop out, JoinMyTrip guarantees payments until you find a replacement.
Find out how JoinMyTrip will guarantee and secure your payments and all the benefits that come with it.
What does our guarantee cover?
All of the 20% deposit payments paid by TripMates to you will be protected, and guaranteed by us. Yes, even if they drop out of the Trip and request a refund. Your funds will not be taken out of your account and you won't have to scramble around to change reservations.
How does it work?
If after a TripMate makes the initial 20% deposit payment and requests a refund or cancels the Trip, we will automatically cover that amount till you find a replacement TripMate. It's that simple.
What happens after?
After you lose a TripMate the funds will remain in your account, which will help you not complicate the reservation and planning process. We will then promote your Trip on our social media platforms, and support you, so you are able to find a replacement TripMate. After a new TripMate joins and pays the 20% deposit, the coverage or guarantee will come to an end, and you will be on your way to embark on your great adventure with your new travel partners.
Payments made simple
Plan the expenses
While planning your trip, plan all the expenses that may occur. For example, accomodation, transportation between stops, activities, and make an overall calculation.
Choose your Travel Mates
Receive requests and chat with potential Travel mates. Decide who you would like to travel with and they will pay for your planning and their expenses.
Pay low fees
There's no costs to sign up and to create your trip. We will charge a fee of 8% per reservation (based on the total cost of the trip) paid by the joining travelers.
Get paid quickly
Once your travel mates and trip details are confirmed we will send your money by Paypal, direct deposit, or other available payment methods.
What is a TripLeader?
Members who offer planned trips on are called TripLeaders. They plan the trip, book accommodations, transportation in advance and support the TripMates during the trip.
Do I, as TripLeader, have to plan the entire journey myself?
No! As a TripLeader, you should primarily only book accommodation and transport for everyone. For this, you can charge a TripLeader fee to cover your own travel expenses or to earn money for organising the trip.

An advance payment from trip mates creates commitment - This way you can make sure that nobody backs out.
Will JMT support me if something goes wrong
We are here for you! If something goes wrong, Let us know by dropping us an email at and we will do our best to help you out. Our community is big & growing. Members support each other in difficult times, as we all know; when travelling, we can sometimes be faced with unexpected situations.
How do I create a trip?
Within a few minutes, you can put your trip online using our trip editor. Our trip editor enables you to add a day by day itinerary, activities, things to do etc. It's super easy & fun to use.

Customise your trip to your travel style - this personal touch makes your trip more interesting for the TripMates.
How do I find TripMates?
JoinMyTrip helps you in finding suitable TripMates. We are a strong and ever growing community of 125.000 trustworthy members, who are always looking for interesting trips. The moment your trip is reviewed by our team & goes online, we inform everyone on our platform about your plans & within a few days, you will find people requesting to join your trip. You can chat with them to get to know them better, decide who you would like to travel with & ask your trip mates to pay you in advance.

When you post your trip on our website, you'll also get your own trip-link which you can share anywhere on social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, in forums or anywhere else. Your journey always looks good, no matter if it's on iPhone, Android device or a laptop.