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Who is a SuperLeader?
They are very experienced and trusted TripLeaders, a shining example for our community. With them an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.
min. 3 Trips completed in the past
They have created and successfully completed a minimum of 3 trips in the past.
Guaranteed exclusive and unique trips
They have unique and interesting trips that can't be found anywhere else! They offer something truly special.
min. 10 TripMates have joined their trips
They have successfully guided over a minimum of 10 TripMates on their trips in total.
Fast response rate
They are active in communicating and don't keep TripMates waiting a long period of time for a response.

Meet our SuperLeaders
  • Sail, Surf, Yoga and more!
    Benjamin has been sailing around the world on his sailboat for 5 years and now he just can't stop! He offers sailing trips, with truly unique activities included. Joining a trip with Benjamin is a guaranteed adventure!
  • Morocco Adventure
    Katharina has been guiding multiple number of trips in Morocco, exploring the heart and soul of the country. Our TripMates just can't get enough!

  • Madeira Dream
    Ever since Fabian got a taste of Madeira, he knew he had to share the beautiful island to the rest of the world. Now he offers trips to explore the island of Madeira including coworking trips
SuperLeader exclusive benefits
As a SuperLeader you will be rewarded with several benefits on our platform.
Invitation to Podcast/IG Live
Be a guest on our travel podcast and share what you have to say to the world.
Promotion of Trips on Homepage
Have your trips featured on the JoinMyTrip homepage for increase visibility.
Extra Promotion on Social Media
We prioritise promoting your trip on our various social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Exclusive Backpacks & Masks
Receive exclusive JoinMyTrip backpacks and masks for your TripMates when they arrive.
A landing page to share your story
Get your own exclusive landing page for TripMates to get to know your story
Priority VIP customer service 24/7
24/7 priority VIP customer service at your service always.
Earn your SuperLeader badge
Have you been offering trips on JoinMyTrip for a while now? We want to give back and reward you for your outstanding work and effort you have given our TripMates by offering them a truly unique experience!
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