We at JoinMyTrip have partnered up with Ordios so you can earn money while traveling and at the same time support our environment. Take advantage of our collaboration and discover how you can help save the planet!
What is JoinMyTrip?
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What is Ordios?
Ordios is an Eco-friendly Start up that created a platform where travelers are connected to shoppers from all over the world. Products don't need to be sent around the whole globe anymore, causing Co2 emissions – in fact you have to only fill the empty space of your luggage.

Get whatever you wish, from wherever you wish by travelers from 249 countries.
Exclusive Discount!
Discount code: JMT10
Get a 10% discount when purchasing goods from abroad through Ordios's services
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Ordios Benefits
Support The Environment
By bringing these products with you on your route you are not only earning money for your offered service, moreover you are supporting the environment.
Easy And Secure
Using Ordios is easy and Your money is safe with Ordios every step of the way. Ordios uses a secure payment system and you have a money back guarantee.
Traveler Reward
For the items you are bringing with you, you are paid a Traveler Reward by the Shopper. Isn't that a great way to get the costs of your ticket?
Plant A Tree

For every match between a traveler and a shopper a tree will be planted in Ethiopia – you'll receive a plant a tree certificate.
Why did we partner with Ordios?
Help support the environment
Whether we like it or not, traveling and transportation causes Co2 emissions and we can do our part to help reduce it along the way. This is why we are more than happy to support an Eco-Friendly Start Up.
Enhancing your experience
We are constantly trying to partner with companies that will make your experience with us that much better. We believe Ordios will add that extra sparkle to your trip!
Growing community
We love to welcome new partners to join our lovely community of like-minded travelers, to continuously grow together as a community and share their passion for traveling.
How It Works
You are either a Traveler or a Shopper on the Ordios platform
Why become a Traveler?
- Make money out of your extra luggage space
- Shopping for others reduces CO2 emissions!
- Let Ordios handle the tricky payments
Why become a Shopper?
- Your money is safe with Ordios
- Say goodbye to shipping fees
- Get local products that aren't available online.
How it works
Create a new trip; help Shoppers purchase items from abroad!
1. Post a trip!
2. Make an offer
3. Purchase item
4. Deliver item
How it works
Create a new shopping task; let travelers make you an offer!
1. Post a request
2. Traveler offers! Choose to accept or decline the offer.
3. Secure deposit
4. Receive your item
Exclusive Discount!
Discount code: JMT10
Get a 10% discount when purchasing goods from abroad through Ordios's services
*Enter discount code at check out
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