Why JoinMyTrip?

10 Reasons to become a TripLeader

You love travelling, exploring new countries and learning about other cultures? Time to find like-minded globetrotters in the JoinMyTrip community to enjoy the next adventure together! Why should you plan your next trip with JoinMyTrip? Here are 10 reasons.

5 Best Travel Instagram Accounts

Top 5 Instagram accounts that inspire your travel

You wanna escape from the boring hustling life? You love to travel but still too lazy to set a plan? Below are the best travel Instagram accounts, which may give you tons of inspiration for travel, then, make you grab your luggage and book a flight immediately! Ready to go?

5 Backpacking Tips for Southeast Asia

5 tips for your travel to South East Asia

Backpacking in Southeast Asia is one of the best experiences you should have in your travel wishlist. Although it seems easy at first but could be dreadful because there are so many options to choose which sometimes create confusion. Choosing the flights, picking an accommodation or planning a route could be a tiring job. Here are some backpacking tips we believe that could help you solve this problem before heading your way to Southeast Asia.

Top 10 Vietnam Travel Tips

Tips for your best backpacking trips in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations for backpackers with stunning coastlines, hundreds of historical attractions and especially excellent traditional food. Here are 10 Vietnam travel tips which you may find helpful, so that the huge difference in culture and living styles no longer drag you into big trouble during your visit!

18 Cheap Travel Tips

How to travel on a budget

Travelling can be expensive, but it doesn't always have to be. In fact, it is still possible to have a weekend trip to Switzerland with a small budget of 400 Euro. Here we are to help you with these 18 cheap travel tips, so that you could save money but still have a wonderful trip!