#stayathome - 10 things to do under lockdown 

How to keep busy and carry on “travelling” 

Spending your day at home when you’re told you can’t leave, feels different to when you do it in your free time, right?! The spread of coronavirus has led to many countries putting an official curfew on their citizens, leaving people wondering what on earth they could do apart from sitting on the sofa eating crisps. We have come up with 10 fabulous things you can do instead! Because we might not be able to get on the next plane to visit another country, this doesn't mean us travellers have to forgo our passion completely. 

Coronavirus: 5 Tips for travellers

What to do when a virus cancels your plans

Travelling plus Corona equals headache? Not in our books! We've got your back. Not knowing what to do about something, can often be a bigger cause of stress & angst than what is actually happening. With these tips we want to share some useful information that could help you manage your planned or current trip, if these have been affected by the Coronavirus-cancellations.

South India - 3 unique ways to experience Kerala

Tips from a local

Of all the places I’ve been to, Kerala holds a special place in my heart. It’s my home! And most of my summers I have been on road trips to different parts of it. Houseboats in Alappuzha, stargazing in Munnar, trekking in Wayanad...So many wonderful experiences and each one unique in it’s own way. If you are planning to visit Kerala, I want to share all my special recommendations for the most amazing trip to my home state with you. Let’s start exploring.

Best places to travel in 2020

Cities, Countries and Regions

Believe or not, 2020 is knocking on the door! Please don't tell us that you gonna spend all 365 days sitting in the office doing the same task and signing. Instead, let 2020 be a special year of travel, discovery, adventure and beautiful memories. If you still consider whether to start an amazing journey, we show you the 10 best places to travel in 2020. Keep reading and fill yourself with tons of travel inspiration.

9 Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Packing List 2019

Ditch the mundane airplane travel and hop into that parked car in your driveway instead. See what the road really has to offer and plan your next road trip while taking note of our road trip essentials first.

Is Campervan Travel Right For You?

5 questions to consider before Campervan Travel

Travelling in a van is one of the best and inexpensive ways to discover a new land, and allows travellers to experience it at their own pace, own itinerary, and own essentially exactly how they want to. But as easy as it looks, there are things to consider before jumping in the van and setting off. You need to ask yourself whether campervan travel right for you. Here’s our top 5 questions to consider.

Top 10 cheap New Year destinations

Some suggestions for your cheap new year trips

Are you tired of celebrating the new year at the same place every year, with the same people and the same traditions? Instead you want to see something new, discover new New Year's Eve customs and celebrate cool parties? Here we've picked out some cool but extra cheap New Year destinations for you and your travel buddies that completely suit your tight budget (after Christmas!)

Solo travel as a female to East Africa

Tips for solo female travellers in East Africa

Setting off on a solo travel as a female can seem like a far off idea that most of us would put to bed rather than considering the “I can do that” possibility. We get it, it sounds scary, intimidating and unfamiliar, but setting off in the unknown and testing our boundaries can have more positive effects, more rewards and more surprises than we could ever even imagine. Here are our top tips for having a solo travel as a female to East Africa.

Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

Best Caribbean Islands for Vacation

If you’re like us, and dreaming of warmer days, you might also be thinking about heading to the Caribbean. Winter months can be so unforgiving and everyone deserves a little sun on the back and a fruity cocktail in hand. But with a dozen of beautifully vast islands scattered across the Caribbean, it could be difficult to decide on just one. Which should be the most beautiful Caribbean islands to visit? Here are some choices for you!