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The 10 Best Snorkeling Spots in Europe

Top places to dive into this summer!

What could be better than diving into the cool blue water on a hot day and exploring the world below sea level? Nearly nothing! We believe snorkeling is a must-do activity on your travel itinerary. That's why we think it's important to let you discover with us the most beautiful spots for your summer 2020 in Europes. This blog will give you a wide insight into spots from the gorges of Iceland to the hidden bays in Greece.

10 Tips on How to be the Perfect TripLeader

So, do you want to become a great TripLeader?

We are going to show you how to exactly do that! This Blog gives you 10 tips that will pave your way to a wonderful adventure, follow these tips and your trip will be exactly as you imagined it. At times the planning process can be overwhelming and you may not understand where you are going wrong, that's why it's best to follow our tips to keep everything straightforward and have everything go to plan. This way, both you and your TripMates will have a wonderful experience!

7 Best Travel Apps

To help you plan your next adventure!

When traveling, there can be a bunch of mixed emotions, extremely excited, anxious and overwhelmed. That’s why it’s essential to download the top travel apps of 2020 to make the new adventure easier.

You are sure to have your luggage, passport and phone; more often these days travellers are relying on their smart phones to make planning more convenient but there are so apps many to choose from. That’s why we have given you a list of the best travel apps to make it easier for you.  

How to track costs while traveling in a group

TravelSpend is the answer

If you ever faced the problem of splitting up all the travel costs on a trip with other people, you are in luck: We've found this cool startup that created an app that will help you. It's called TravelSpend! We wanted to introduce the founders to you and also the general concept of the app. Hop right in!

Go Traveling With a Professional Tour Guide

Three local destination experts who will show you the best time

We at JoinMyTrip believe that anyone can be a tour guide. As long as you’re open-minded, love meeting new people, and have the ability to plan and organize, then you, my friend, can be a tour guide too. But we also think that the people who do this as a profession have a different kind of special touch when it comes to trips. They have turned their passion into work and people who do this, never really work a day in their lives. They love what they do, which is something you can really feel when you become part of their adventures. This is why we want professional tour guides to join our quest at bringing people closer together and making it easier for everyone to see the world and experience moments they will never forget. 

In this blog, we would like to introduce you to three of our top local destination experts. Even though all three of them offer trips in completely different destinations across the globe, one thing that they have in common is their love for traveling and their passion for guiding people on trips they will brag about to all their friends. Carry on reading to feel inspired and really start dreaming - the next adventure is right around the corner!

To find their trips as well as many others, or to create your own unique adventure - head to JoinMy Trip now.

5 Reasons why traveling in a group is more important than ever

Why we love group travel

Picture this; lockdown is a thing of the past, the borders are opening one by one and finally, there is hope that the world of travel will go back to normal. We might not be there yet, but that time will come for sure. The question you might have is: What will traveling look like, once this pandemic is under control? No one knows the answer to this yet but what we do know is, now is not the time to venture out into the world by yourself. We are sure: Traveling in a group has never been so important and we want to tell you why. 

Ten must-sees that beat the winter blahs

Cure coronavirus' cabin fever with some winter travel planning

Right now, we’re all doing the right thing — staying home to “flatten” the coronavirus curve. Hopefully, we’ll soon be back to exploring the world like we did before. Until then, fight off boredom by making some winter travel plans. Here are ten ideas to kickstart your imagination.

Is Campervan Travel Right For You?

5 questions to consider before Campervan Travel

Travelling in a van is one of the best and inexpensive ways to discover a new land, and allows travellers to experience it at their own pace, own itinerary, and own essentially exactly how they want to. But as easy as it looks, there are things to consider before jumping in the van and setting off. You need to ask yourself whether campervan travel right for you. Here’s our top 5 questions to consider.

5 Backpacking Tips for Southeast Asia

5 tips for your travel to South East Asia

Backpacking in Southeast Asia is one of the best experiences you should have in your travel wishlist. Although it seems easy at first but could be dreadful because there are so many options to choose which sometimes create confusion. Choosing the flights, picking an accommodation or planning a route could be a tiring job. Here are some backpacking tips we believe that could help you solve this problem before heading your way to Southeast Asia.