5 Tips for Short Trips

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Tips for Beginners, Travel Bucket Lists, Travel Tips

How to plan a short getaway?

For some, traveling is an overwhelming, expensive, and time-consuming experience. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be? You can get some of the same benefits from jetting off for a weekend getaway, that doesn’t cost you too much time or money. Here are some helpful tips for short trips to make that happen.

1. Book your accommodation smartly

a picture of bunk beds in a hostel in a city which is perfect accommodation for a short trip
Book your accommodation smartly

One of the tips for short trips that you need to keep in mind is to book smart. Choose your accommodation close to the destinations you wish you see. A lot of time, we book a cheaper hotel or Airbnb that is further away from the city which is okay if you have a lot of time. But if you only have a few days in one city, that is not a good solution. spend the extra cash and get a place that is reachable to your top destinations.

2. Do your research before your short trip

a picture of a person holding a pen against a map and a notepad while planning a short trip

Do your research before your short trip

As the famous saying goes “go with the flow”, this motto is only fun if you have extra time to spare. If you only have a weekend, do your research before your short getaway and find out the top spots you wish to see.  It’s worth taking a little time to search dining options, information about closing and opening times, and how to get to your destination. Of course, things will change and you have to prioritize some things over others, but at least you have an idea of the things you want to see.

3. Be Realistic

Filling your schedule full of sights will only stress you out and you will spend half of your day in transit. Choose the things you must see instead of trying to do it all. If you’re traveling with a friend who doesn’t have the exact same interest as you, then split up for the afternoon and meet up for dinner to share what you saw that day.

4. Pack Light and don’t check your bag

Nothing is worse than carrying around a heavy bag if you don’t need to. The fact is that you are only going on a short trip for about one to three days, thus, too many clothes, high heel shoes, or makeup stuff are no longer essential. This will save you time, and money and keep your stress levels in check. However, a pair of sneakers or some medicines are what you should not miss.

5. Rent a bike for your short trip

a person sitting on a cliff edge looking over an amazing city view with a bike next to them

Rent a bike for your short trip

There are several reasons why you should rent a bike for your short trip. Firstly, biking around a new city is one of the most effective ways of getting to know your surroundings quickly. Since you are the navigator, you have the freedom to stop as much as you’d like and explore side streets, shops, alleyways, and hidden gems the city has to offer. Plus, the bike rent is way cheaper than a daily bus ticket. The more you save, the better, right?

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