Best Surf Spots in the World: 10 Places to Visit

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Feeling an exhilarating adrenaline rush as you dance and sway with the waves – surfing is the definition of ‘ecstatic’. No wonder that a lot of people have chosen surfing as their hobby. Summer is a surfer’s friend, when they can spend an extensive time riding the waves. Meanwhile, winter also brings a similar excitement. It is the time to escape the cold and fly to a tropical paradise where the waves are outstanding. Then, where are the best surf spots in the world? In this blog, we list 10 stunning destinations for surfers, whether you are a dedicated expert or a beginner taking your baby step! 

Uluwatu, Bali 

best surf spots in the world Uluwatu

Towering and dramatic cliffs adorn the southern coast of Bali. The aquamarine sea hides the truth about its depth while creating spectacular waves that crash and splash into the stone walls. The powdery coastline keeps the surfers’ footprints as they run to chase the waves. When we talk about Uluwatu, we won’t leave out the Uluwatu Temple and the beautiful beaches. More than that, Uluwatu is a surfers’ paradise. 

Uluwatu has it all – wild to mild waves. You can start from different beaches based on your level. Padang-Padang Beach’s right coast welcomes beginner surfers and everyone who wants to learn how to surf. Other beginner-friendly beaches include Balangan Beach and Bingin Beach. Meanwhile, Padang-Padang Left features a reef break that heightens the waves during high tides. It is a playground for expert surfers. You need the right technique and experience to conquer the waves. Furthermore, Uluwatu levels up your surfing experience with its array of surf camps, villas, and schools. Therefore, it is one of the best surf spots in the world. 

Best Time to Surf in Uluwatu: November to March (Rainy season, middle to high tides) 

Siargao, the Philippines

Siargao Philippines where to surf

Although it is tiny, Siargao houses a lot of wonders. The teardrop-shaped island stuns with its verdant palm jungle, white-sand beach, and turquoise sea. Moreover, it is known as one of the best surf spots in the world. Nestled in the Philippine Sea, Siargao receives a decent amount of awesome waves. Not to mention, it is surrounded by reef breaks that create high tidal waves. However, you might need to plan your trip accordingly to get the best waves, as Siargao has a balanced blend of high and low tides. 

Siargao is truly a paradise for surfers. It has over thirty surf breaks beckoning you to have an adrenaline rush. Beginners can take slower steps at Jacking Horse, Daku, and Guian Island. The waves are generally gentle and perfect for beginners. Meanwhile, experienced surfers can have fun at Cemetery, Pillar, and Quicksilver Island. Furthermore, Siargao has great waves in different spots all year round, especially in General Luna. 

Best Time to Surf in Siargao: May to December

Nazare, Portugal

best surf spots Nazare Portugal

Tucked on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal sits at the top of the list of Europe’s best surfing destinations. Spectacular waves, stretching beaches, and great weather are the building blocks of Portugal. Not to mention, the country has established surf towns, dotted with world-class surf schools and laidback communities. One of them is Nazare, which has stolen the spotlight for years. 

Nazare welcomes all passionate surfers, from feisty beginners to world-class experts. It is home to the Guinness Record’s biggest waves ever surfed. Yes, get ready to be stunned by 20-meter waves that roll in the sea! Nazare’s incredible waves are the byproduct of the deep Nazare Canyon. Expect the waves at Praia do Norte, where champion Garret McNamara got his world record. Additionally, you can surf at Praia do Nazare and Praia do Sol. With its spectacular waves, Nazare is one of the best surf spots in the world. 

Best Time to Surf in Nazare: October to March (winter-spring) 

Canary Islands, Spain

This Spanish archipelago tops the chart for the best winter vacations in Europe. However, they rock another chart. Of course, not other than surfing! The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean climate do the Canary Islands a favor. They create incredible waves and friendly weather that are perfect for surfing. Whether you want to spend your holiday learning how to surf or sign up for an adrenaline rush, the Canary Islands is for you. 

Almost every island in the Canary Islands has amazing surf spots. Gran Canaria invites you to surf at the Las Palmas Beach. It comprises El Confital and Lloret, two spots that are renowned for their dramatic drops. Meanwhile, beginners can start at La Cicer, a black sand beach dotted with surf camps. Furthermore, other islands like Tenerife and Lanzarote also offer world-class surf experiences. 

Best Time to Surf in the Canary Islands: October to March (winter-spring)

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