Best Digital Nomad Destinations in 2023

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Have you ever considered leaving your 9-to-5 job and living a nomadic lifestyle? This may appear to be a bold life decision, but with the rise of remote workers and digital nomadism, traveling while working is becoming the new normal. Then, you might also ask – what are the best digital nomad destinations you can head to and start an awesome lifestyle?

This is why we have done some research on so many destinations based on their cost of living, digital nomad community, and even internet speed over the years and have come up with over 30 countries that fit the list.

So if you’re looking for a simplified version of it  – low and behold, here is an updated list of 7 destinations that will be your next stop or even entice you to start moving your home office abroad and eventually start a nomad lifestyle. 

Best Digital Nomad Destinations in 2023 – Summary

  1. Greece
  2. Dubai, UAE
  3. Spain
  4. Bali, Indonesia
  5. Mexico
  6. Bali, Indonesia
  7. Madeira, Portugal

Madeira, Portugal

digital nomad destinations madeira portugal

In February 2021, the island of Madeira opened its doors to digital nomads. Moreover, it provides them with a free coworking space and guidance on where to stay. Furthermore, you will also have permission to join the nomads’ Slack group, where weekly updates on events or workshops are held. So, it is one of the best digital nomad destinations you should definitely check out.

The community wants to cater to nomads who are eager and looking for a temporary home on the island. In fact, Madeira and Porto Santo are already home to around 4,000 nomads.  Madeira is also famous for its New Year fireworks display as well as its steep heels and beautiful viewpoints where you can take short hikes to enjoy the sunsets and sunrise. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

digital nomad destinations chiang mai thailand

Chiang Mai is regarded for being a laid-back and pleasant city. The city is also known for its Thai cuisine, which includes numerous vegan alternatives. On weekends, there are many mountains, lakes, and religious temples to visit not far from the city if you want to go exploring.

The weather is cooler than in Bangkok, which may make life simpler for those who aren’t used to living in hotter climates. For foreigners, visa choices are excellent, and this digital nomad hotspot is particularly safe when compared to other places.

The living cost in Chiang Mai is also very reasonable, and the only thing you should keep an eye out for is the common tourist traps (such as pickpockets or market hustlers). This city is safe to live in but still be wary of your surroundings. 


mexico digital nomad destinations

Ay caramba! Mexico has long been a favorite destination for digital nomads looking for a sunny lifestyle where tacos are cheap, and tequila is even cheaper! So, in Mexico, which cities are the best digital nomad destinations? Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum have long been popular vacation spots, and Mexico City has a thriving ex-pat community (and seems to be especially favored by travelers working abroad as English teachers). San Miguel de Allende also has a thriving community of digital nomads.

Furthermore, the benefits of living a Mexican lifestyle are numerous: excellent weather, a rich culture, burritos, and a laid-back lifestyle. Moreover, it was also inexpensive! Remote workers can potentially benefit from some of Mexico’s great visa programs! For a variety of countries, a conventional tourist visa is valid for six months. Alternatively, you can apply for a Temporary Resident’s Permit, which permits you to stay for up to four years.

Bali, Indonesia 

digital nomad destinations bali indonesia

The island of the Gods is a haven for digital nomads, with easy-to-apply visas and plenty of coworking spaces, a huge nomad community, as well as events and workshops specifically hosted for digital nomads by digital nomads – it has always been a popular destination for travelers.

The internet speed is sufficient enough at 25 Mbps at places that have a lower connection range. Furthermore, the cost of living is only around $1000 – $1500 a month, including rent and food.


spain digital nomad destinations

In Spain, 3.2 million self-employed persons practice the autónomo lifestyle, indicating that digital nomadism is growing increasingly prevalent in the country. Moreover, for a variety of reasons, Spain is an excellent destination to be a digital nomad. Specifically, it’s economical, has great weather, and has a growing startup scene. Furthermore, with several co-working spaces and Wi-Fi hotspots, the country has an outstanding infrastructure for digital nomads.

Valencia, Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), Tarifa, Malaga, and Javea are among the most popular destinations for digital nomads in Spain. Valencia boasts a sizable digital nomad population, a pleasant environment, and is far less expensive than Barcelona or Madrid.

Dubai, UAE

digital nomad destinations dubai uae

In October, the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, started its own one-year virtual working program. It allows digital nomads and remote employees to live and work on the beach in their famous desert oasis mega-city. The new remote work visa allows you to travel to Dubai with your family and work remotely while still working in your home country. Individuals in Dubai are not subject to income tax. You’ll also have access to all necessary services, such as utilities and schooling options.



Greece is one of the countries that has welcomed digital nomads with open arms. For its low cost of living, quiet, and comfort, entrepreneurs and remote workers alike are flocking to this historic country. Greece also offers a visa scheme for digital nomads that gives them a 50% tax reduction for seven years since the country hopes to recruit digital nomads who will stay for a long time.

The living cost is also very reasonable compared to other parts of Europe,  the country also has a minimal risk of crime for travelers because tourism is beneficial to their economy, and they would not want to jeopardize that. Not to mention the historic and gorgeous locations, as well as the opportunity to immerse yourself in their rich culture. In general, the country is very welcoming toward digital nomads.

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