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Are you ready to discover the insider tips for Munich? Forget about the mainstream spots and explore cities like a true local on our new “Insider Tips” series. Discover places only locals know about, and we guarantee your experience will be a whole lot better! For the first article, we will be giving you insider tips for Munich, the capital of Bavaria, and home to the infamous Oktoberfest.

6. Authentic Bavarian food

Being in the state of Bavaria you can’t miss out on the traditional Bavarian food, Haxn. Haxn is a traditional pork dish that has been roasted for hours until the skin turns crispy golden brown. The dish is commonly found in the southern part of Germany as it is their traditional dish after all. The only right place you should go to try Haxn in Munich is at Haxnbauer restaurant. Every local will agree that Haxnbauer Restaurant is the best in the city for Haxn. Don’t forget to try their delicious apple strudel for dessert either! However, the restaurant is more on the pricier side, but it’s definitely worth the splurge. Haxnbauer Restaurant is hands down one of the best places for food in Munich that you won’t find anywhere else. 

hoax roast pork, an insider tip for Munich
Authentic Bavarian food

5. Colorful Munich

If you have never been to Munich before, you would be surprised by how colorful Munich actually is. You see it in the streets and the city was actually the place for street art here in Germany in the 80s, producing some of the greatest street artists to this very day. Walk around Munich for a bit and admire the street art and graffiti from various artists. The best place to see this is at Schlachthof quarter, and start walking along the walls on Tumblingerstrasse where you will be faced with some incredible colorful artworks. 

street art in Munich
Colourful Munich

4. The best fish in town

This is a true hidden gem of the Victuals Market (Viktualienmarkt) in Munich. Within the market, there are plenty of local delicacies you can find, but the real insider tip here is Fisch Witte; a small cute restaurant that serves fresh fish daily straight from the Danube. Here you can find a large range of fishes catered in many different ways, whether it be sushi, in pasta, or in a sandwich. After walking around the market, go check it out and make sure you grab a glass of wine to pair it with your delicious fish dish.

Insider Tip: On Sundays here in Germany all stores are closed, except for restaurants, bakeries, museums, and gas stations. Make sure you get everything you need for Sunday on Saturday, or you might find yourself in a tricky situation! 

a bunch of fish laid on top of each other in Fisch witte which is an insider tip for Munich.
The best fish in town

3. Watch the sunrise from St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church is found in the middle of Munich, which cannot be missed, It is practically the highest building in the city. St. Peter’s Church has to be one of the best places to see the spectacular city view of Munich for only 2€. However, the greatest insider tip is to go in the morning and watch the sunrise when it’s not overly crowded with people during the day. What better way to start your day early in the morning with the beautiful morning sun shining through the city

a view of the st. Peters church in Munich.
Watch the sunrise from St. Peter’s Church

2. Kebab ice cream

This might sound a little bit weird, but if you have been in Germany long enough you will know kebabs are quite a huge thing here, you can find kebab stores on every corner. So, are you brave enough to try some kebab ice cream? There is a place called Der Verrückte Eismacher which is popular amongst students and locals to come here and try weird flavored ice cream during their lunch break. Why be basic when you have all these flavors to choose from? If kebab isn’t quite up to your alley, they also have beer-flavored ice cream and many other weird flavors to try. Although, many have said the ice cream tastes scarily accurate, so you have been warned!

different colourful ice cream flavoured on displayed, it is a insider tip for Munich
Kebab ice cream

1. Hangout at the Tiergarten

This is a true insider tip as only the locals really know where it is. The Tiergarten is located outside of the Hellabrunn Zoo where you will find a secret spot by the Isar river that runs from the south to the north of the city. If you are here during the summers you will notice that many locals flock here to go swimming, have a barbeque and a couple of drinks with their friends, or if they simply just want to get out of the city for a while. You won’t find any tourists here either, as it is kind of hidden so no one else but the locals truly know about this spot. Plus, when you’re done relaxing at the Tiergarten you can continue your journey to explore the Hellabrunn zoo at the same time. 

a view of the tsar river in Munich during the day time with clear blue sky and green grass.
Hangout at the Tiergarten

With these 6 insider tips, we hope you explore Munich to the fullest. Let us know if you have tried any of these tips before and how you liked them. In case we have inspired you to discover Munich, start planning or joining unique trips with JoinMyTrip to share the costs and experiences with other like-minded travelers in Munich!

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