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How much can I earn by sharing my trip ?
How it works
1. Plan and offer
Create your trip on our platform. Add your destination, stops, number of travellers you want to travel with, and trip costs.
2. Publish & Chat
Publish your trip, we will share it with our 125.000 community members, who would request to join. Chat with your potential travelmates and select the ones you want to travel with.
3. Travel and enjoy
Your tripmates would pay you for organizing the trip. Travel together and enjoy a unique experience.

Words from our existing non-professional
Michael Miller
Marketing Consultant
"At first I thought I would have to plan every little detail which I was really worried about, but then I realised I only have to plan the accommodation & transport between the stops and thought - ok that's easy! You decide how much you want to organise and no-one expects you to arrange the entire trip back to front so there's no pressure."
Tim Bosler
Software Engineer
"JoinMyTrip was always available to support me as a TripLeader. No matter the problem, they were only ever one click away. Whenever I needed guidance or had a question relating to organizing, travel mates or anything else, they were always there for me"

Christine Schmitz
Architecture Student
"I have been a member for 2 years now. Whenever I organise trips, I get to travel with people from different backgrounds and cultures which I think is exactly what travelling is all about. What I like the most is that you can chat with your travel mates in advance, so you can decide who you would like to take on your trip. This way it is easy to find people who you know you will get on well with."
Our Top TripLeaders
Our TripLeaders are working professionals & students who are passionate travellers, who love exploring the world, like to organise trips and meet new people from all over the world.
Max Holden
11 Trips
Destinations covered:
Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, South America, Tanzania, Iceland, New York, Spain, Italy, Norway

Earned: 5,200 Euros
Eva Stark
8 Trips
Destinations covered:
India, Sri Lanka, Greece, Poland, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan

Earned: 3,800 Euros
Till Müller
14 Trips
Destinations Covered:
Denmark, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France, Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Burma, Hong Kong, China, Canada
Earned: 6,750 Euros
Lisa Weber
9 Trips
Destinations Covered:
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Cambodia

Earned: 4,300 Euros
About us
Unique Trips
Bored of usual tours? We know how you feel. Our trips are planned by experienced, real travellers like you, called TripLeaders. This makes each trip personal and unique. Secret spots and incredible travel buddies included.
Real like-minded travelers
Ready to meet travelers with the same travel interests as you? You're at the right place. Our travel community is full of commited travel buddies looking to share their travel experiences with others.
Free Community & Support
Love free things? So do we. That's why using JoinMyTrip is free, including our Community Support. What´s even better: you can actually earn some money while travelling with us.
What is a TripLeader?
Members who offer planned trips on joinmytrip.com are called TripLeaders. They plan the trip, book accommodations, transportation in advance and support the TripMates during the trip.
Do I, as TripLeader, have to plan the entire journey myself?
No! As a TripLeader, you should primarily only book accommodation and transport for everyone. For this, you can charge a TripLeader fee to cover your own travel expenses or to earn money for organising the trip.

An advance payment from trip mates creates commitment - This way you can make sure that nobody backs out.
How does JMT earn it's money?
The answer may surprise you at first: at the moment we don't earn a single penny! That's why the service is completely free for everyone. This is the hard startup life :)

We are passionate travellers ourselves & to keep the travellers spirit alive forever, we don't want annoying advertisements on this site. However, we know that at some point, we wont be able to pay the bills out of our own pocket anymore. Which is why we will have to take a small service fee from the Trip Mates & Trip Leaders in future. But of course, this fee will not be as high as with Airbnb or BlaBlaCar.
Will JMT support me if something goes wrong
We are here for you! If something goes wrong, Let us know by dropping us an email at info@joinmytrip.com and we will do our best to help you out. Our community is big & growing. Members support each other in difficult times, as we all know; when travelling, we can sometimes be faced with unexpected situations.
How do I create a trip?
Within a few minutes, you can put your trip online using our trip editor. Our trip editor enables you to add a day by day itinerary, activities, things to do etc. It's super easy & fun to use.

Customise your trip to your travel style - this personal touch makes your trip more interesting for the TripMates.
How do I find TripMates?
JoinMyTrip helps you in finding suitable TripMates. We are a strong and ever growing community of 125.000 trustworthy members, who are always looking for interesting trips. The moment your trip is reviewed by our team & goes online, we inform everyone on our platform about your plans & within a few days, you will find people requesting to join your trip. You can chat with them to get to know them better, decide who you would like to travel with & ask your trip mates to pay you in advance.

When you post your trip on our website, you'll also get your own trip-link which you can share anywhere on social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, in forums or anywhere else. Your journey always looks good, no matter if it's on iPhone, Android device or a laptop.