A well designed itinerary with thoughtful touches will help create a perfect trip. Try featuring elements in your travel that will create a personalised experience.

Design the perfect trip with these simple tips and tricks.
Trip Title

Capture the essence of the trip through an appealing or a catchy trip title that includes the name of the destination. The trip title should be a minimum of 30 characters and maximum of 60 characters. This helps with the content being SEO optimized.
Trip Type

Whether it is sharing a living space with others (CoWorking) or leading and planning the journey yourself (Guided). It is important to define the type of trip.
Trip Style

Trip style requires you to include whether it is exploring the wilderness or a city break. The key is to make it as relevant as possible as users will discover and find trips based on the style.

For example : A weekend trip to the Bavarian Alps. The Trip Style marked will be : Food, nature, Sport and Wellness.
Short Description

A good short description should be a summarization of your trip in around 155 characters. It should be exciting and have important keywords. This is a good boost for SEO and makes Google search results more appealing.
Trip Description

  • TripLeader introduction : Who are you? Why do you want to do this trip? Have you been there?
  • Unique selling point : For example (explore Sri Lanka with a local)
  • Information about the trip : Brief introduction about the city you are exploring, type of accommodation and location of the stay.
  • Information about the accommodation: Where are you planning to stay? Shared rooms/single rooms? Hotel, hostel, villa, airbnb?
  • Information about your expectations : About the trip and about and your TripMates
  • Transparent costs: Inclusion of what is added in the cost (Accommodation, travel expenses, TripLeader fees, food and activities)
  • Free of social media links or websites: to make sure all communications and payments are kept on the JoinMyTrip platform. This provides TripLeaders and TripMates flexibility and security when all payments are handled safely within the platform.

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Adding a YouTube link is an opportunity to show your travel style in an interesting and creative way.

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A detailed description of what is going to happen on this stop? Along with nice pictures to reference to.

If you're planning on staying at the same place, your trip stops can also be day trips or activities. The trip stops will show your TripMates the amazing places you will visit and the great experiences you will have there!

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Image Library

Ideally around 3 pics per itinerary/stops are recommended.

  • Relevance: Images should be as relevant to the trip as possible.
  • Essence of Trip: For example if it's a fun group trip then make sure the fun moments of the tip (like joint activity sessions, fun games, night out or partying etc) are captured.
  • Accommodation: Attractive pictures of accommodation pictures in the gallery is a huge influencer.
What kind of images to choose ?

  • Dimensions : Upload larger images.
  • Size : Few hundred kilobytes but not compromising on the resolution or quality.
  • Focus : Please ensure the images are focused on the best part of the scene.
  • For license free pictures, check out Pixabay or Unsplash.
How relevant should the images be. Click here for the perfect example.
A Reasonable Trip Price

  • The costs of your trip should include accommodation, local transportation, TripLeader fee as well as any group activities or entrance fee depending on the trip.
  • Cost of planning : TripLeaders can add the cost of planning for their valued time in planning and organising their trips. This will help them lead high quality trips continually.
  • If you are uncertain about the costs. We recommend adding a buffer of 8 to 10% of your trip cost to the trip price.