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  • 1. Plan & Offer
    Organize your trip and calculate the Cost per TripMate (accommodation, transportation and other activities). Offer your trip to our community of like-minded travelers. It's free, including our customer support.
  • 2. Publish & Chat
    Interested TripMates ask to join your trip, chat with them and get to know each other. Choose the ones you like and get 20% of the trip cost from them, which solidifies their commitment. Use this money to cover organisation and reservation expenses. You receive the remaining amount 2-6 weeks before departure date, which you set when creating the trip.
  • 3. Travel & Meet

    Travel hassle-free with committed TripMates. Explore the world in a small group, share your experiences with like-minded travelers and collect meaningful memories. Come back home with new friends.
Words from our existing non-professional
  • Michael Miller
    Marketing Consultant
    "My passion? Surfing! Sharing this passion with other like-minded people and being able to fund the trip by planning it myself? Even better! I just love the idea of being able to travel with a bunch of people who share the same interests."
  • Tim Bosler
    Software Engineer
    "JoinMyTrip was always available to support me as a TripLeader. No matter the problem, they were only ever one click away. Whenever I needed guidance or had a question relating to organizing, travel mates or anything else, they were always there for me"

  • Christine Schmitz
    Architecture Student
    "I have been a member for 2 years now. Whenever I organise trips, I get to travel with people from different backgrounds and cultures which I think is exactly what travelling is all about. What I like the most is that you can chat with your travel mates in advance, so you can decide who you would like to take on your trip. This way it is easy to find people who you know you will get on well with."
Our Top TripLeaders
Our TripLeaders are working professionals & students who are passionate travellers, who love exploring the world, like to organise trips and meet new people from all over the world.
  • Max Holden
    11 Trips
    Destinations covered:
    Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, South America, Tanzania, Iceland, New York, Spain, Italy, Norway

  • Eva Stark
    8 Trips
    Destinations covered:
    India, Sri Lanka, Greece, Poland, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan

  • Till Müller
    14 Trips
    Destinations Covered:
    Denmark, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France, Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Burma, Hong Kong, China, Canada

  • Lisa Weber
    9 Trips
    Destinations Covered:
    Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Cambodia

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  • Unique Trips
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    Ready to meet travelers with the same travel interests as you? You're at the right place. Our travel community is full of commited travel buddies looking to share their travel experiences with others.
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