What are our newest features?
Here you'll get all the latest information on our newest features available on the JoinMyTrip platform. We at JoinMyTrip have been working hard to continuously release new and better features to give you a smoother user experience on our platform!
Coworking release & type of trips
TripLeaders can now specify what type of trip they're making; whether it be a guided, a collaborative, or a coworking trip.
20 October 2020
With our new handy share button, you can now share trips across all social media platforms!
Share trips
20 October 2020
Pay with Giropay
20 October 2020
To use Giropay, TripMates must first be approved by the TripLeader before making a payment
7 October 2020
TripMates can now leave reviews for trips they've been on and rate their TripLeaders!
Order by cost: Low
7 October 2020
We now have a search button that can be found in the header.
Search button
7 October 2020
Now you can find the cheapest trips available with our new 'Order by' options.
7 September 2020
TripMates are no longer required to request to join a trip to start a conversation with the TripLeader.
Chat Icon
Accept & Reject
7 September 2020
TripMates have now been given the ability to either accept or reject a trip.
7 September 2020
TripMates no longer have to wait as they now have the option to choose to pay themselves without waiting for the TripLeader's request. When paying, TripMates also gets the option to choose between paying the full amount at once or paying 20% as the deposit.
New Payment System
JoinMyTrip Travel Insurance
19 November 2020
Travelers who are lucky enough to be German or Austrian are now insured with our JoinMyTrip Travel Insurance (powered by Allianz)!
Discount codes
26 November 2020
When checking out, you now have the option to enter discount codes. When you enter a valid code, you are now able to get a certain percentage off your trip!
SuperLeader badge
12 December 2020
SuperLeader badge was created to reward outstanding TripLeaders.
New drop-down menu!
We have updated our new drop-down menu with new icons which also now includes our Partners, exclusively for JoinMyTrip users.
23 December 2020
Report Profile Button!
5 March 2021
See a profile page that doesn't comply with our terms & condition? Report it!
Keep chatting
5 March 2021
After a trip takes off, TripLeader's can restart the chat with travelers who did not make it to have them join their next adventure!
1 August 2021
Community members can save money while making sure that more people have the chance to travel
Launch of JoinMyTrip App
15 August 2021
Our App is live!
Our users now have chats and messages in one place, get notifications and never miss a message from a potential TripMate

Launch of JoinMyTrip Referral System
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What is JoinMyTrip?
JoinMyTrip is a platform where everyone can offer their planned trip by creating a trip page and share it with others as a TripLeader. Fellow TripMates can send a request to join the trip. The most carefully planned and guided trips include an organisation fee for the TripLeader.
    Why should I travel in a group?
    Traveling in a group has so much to offer: from new friendships and lots of fun, to simply having someone to rely on. Not convinced? Then you should continue reading...

    1. Together you experience more and can share your experiences

    In a group, you simply experience and laugh more. But the best part is being able to remember and relive the best moments together with your fellow travelers - this way the trip stays in your memory even longer. Most times you start your journey with a group of strangers and return with friends.

    2. You see the bigger picture

    Where else can you meet such open-minded people with completely different backgrounds and experiences? The more diverse your TripMates are, the more interesting your trip is going to be. Everyone has something to contribute to an exciting story. For instance solo travelers, couples and friends all team up too, to always feel comfortable no matter what.

    3. Share costs and save

    You can share a room with a TripMate, you can rent a car or even hire a private tour guide - no matter what you do, the costs will be lower when they can be shared.

    4. Sit back and relax or earn money with your trip

    Why would everyone have to take care of transport, accommodation, sightseeing and so on independently? It's much easier when only one person undertakes these tasks - that's what TripLeaders are for. As a TripMate you don't have to worry about transport and accommodation. If the TripLeader also offers a sightseeing program, you pay a little more, but have absolutely nothing to think about for your trip.

    5. Finally an individual trip that can be experienced in a group

    Unlike with normal group tours, JoinMyTrip gives you the freedom and space you need! No annoying tour guide that drags you from one shop to the next or has a strict 24 hour program for the day. With JoinMyTrip, everyone has the desired freedom but also the advantages of travelling in a group!

    6. You are not alone

    Walking alone through a foreign city at night? Not always a good idea. It's a much better feeling walking around with a group of friends and arriving to the hostel together.

    If these 6 points didn't convince you yet - all we can say is: give it a try!
      Is JoinMyTrip a tour operator?
      No, JoinMyTrip doesn't arrange trips. We are a booking platform that allows everyone to offer and join group trips.

      We are happy to support TripLeaders with the planning and organisation of their trips, but in the end it is the TripLeader's trip. As a TripMate, you travel with your TripLeader and not with JoinMyTrip.
        How much does JoinMyTrip cost as a TripMate?
        Creating a profile and chatting to TripLeaders is completely free for TripMates. As soon as you have found the right Trip for you, you contact the TripLeader. Once they have accepted you, you pay them a 20% deposit of the trip cost to secure your place. The rest of the balance is paid before departure. The trip cost includes the cost of transportation and accommodation on site; flights are not included in the price. Depending on the trip, local activities may also be included in the price. The exact costs can be listed in the description of the trip. Otherwise, just ask your TripLeader they'll be more than happy to help!
          Can I ask questions before I book?
          Yes of course! When you have found a suitable trip, you can send the TripLeader a request. Here you can ask your questions directly, the TripLeader will answer them before they confirm your request.
          How do I book a trip?
          Send a message to your TripLeader with some information about you and any questions you might have. They can then either ask you questions to get to know you better or directly accept you. Once they have accepted your request, you will pay a deposit to the TripLeader to reserve your place on the trip. The TripLeader uses this money to cover the cost of reservations.
          How safe is it to travel with JoinMyTrip?
          Each TripLeader must verify their phone number and identity card with us. Furthermore, we screen each TripLeader in advance (see FAQ "Who can become a TripLeader"), check each trip individually before it goes online and are in direct contact with the TripLeaders.

          Furthermore our community protects you. You travel together with others in the group and of course we can always intervene remotely. If you have any doubts, please contact us via WhatsApp, Facebook or E-mail