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World Bycicle Tour


David vor 7 Monaten

Hello , since I came back from a six months backpack journey from Germany to India and Nepal without using an airplane, I have the idea in mind to travel the world by bicycle. I have plenty of reasons, why I prefer traveling by bicycle now. One reason is for example that I can't feel the nature and landscapes of a country, when I travel by bus, train or even by hitchhiking. Another reason is ... Traveling by bicycle means being completely independent, a much bigger feeling of freedom, as I ever could experience as backpacker and ... You can stop at every place and spot you like (at least if you manage to get there with your own physical strength ;P). Who also likes cycling and nature as much as I do and can imagine to be on the road with a bike for at least one year, is warmly invited to join me on my adventurous journey around the world :D! By the way ... Just to mention it ... I have already travel experience in Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal. Maybe that helps you with your decision ;). The route I'd like to travel is as follows: Germany--> South East Europe (Balkans) --> Bulgaria --> Turkey --> Georgia --> Azerbaijan --> Iran --> Turkmenistan --> Uzbekistan --> Kirghistan --> Tajikistan --> Pakistan --> India --> Myanmar --> Thailand --> Laos --> Kambodscha --> Vietnam --> South Korea --> Japan --> open end :D Would be happy, if someone feels ready to do this adventure together with me ;)!



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