10 Impressive Hidden Gems in Los Angeles

by | Oct 23, 2022 | Destinations, Travel Bucket Lists, USA

Los Angeles is not just a big city packed with traffic jams and skyscrapers. This city has a lot of unique places to explore. However, most people do not even know or hear about them. Therefore, some places remain as hidden gems in Los Angeles, wanting you to discover the unique sides of these treasures. So, check these places out and discover a truly different experience of visiting Los Angeles.

Explore these hidden gems in Los Angeles!

  1. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook
  2. Box Canyon
  3. Bubble House
  4. California Institute of Abnormal Arts
  5. Mosaic Tile House
  6. Museum of Neon Art
  7. Sunken City
  8. The Korean Bell of Friendship
  9. The Museum of Jurassic Technology
  10. The Old Zoo

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

baldwin hills scenic overlook
Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

The first hidden gem in Los Angeles that you must visit is Baldwin Park Scenic Overlook. Sometimes, the locals call this place the Culver City Stairs due to the location. Situated in the southwest of downtown Culver City, you can look at the beautiful view of Downton Los Angeles, the Pacific Ocean, and the Hollywood sign. You can also closely observe the local animals there, such as rabbits, snakes, and birds. So, you have to keep an eye out!

Box Canyon

Box canyon hidden gems in los angeles
Copyright: janiegreen23

There are absolutely a lot of Box Canyons around the USA. However, there is a Box Canyon that is genuinely one of the least visited hidden gems in Los Angeles that still retains its natural beauty. The location of this Box Canyon is quite remote and not easy to access; hence many tourists do not go there. Even so, the hills surrounding this canyon have a lot of narrow ravines, oases, slot canyons, and strong-colored badlands. This is perfect for you to capture some nature photography.

Bubble House

bubble house hidden gems in los angeles
Copyright: Architectural Resources Group

The masterpiece of architect Wallace Neff, the Bubble House is the only persisting Airform house in the United States of America. The uniqueness of this hidden gem in Los Angeles is that the foundation of this building was erected by inflating a giant balloon that covers the sprayed concrete on its facade. Later, the balloon was deflated. Hence the quirky architecture was established as it is today. For sure, this is one of the most iconic architectural buildings in Los Angeles.

California Institute of Abnormal Arts

California Institute of Abnormal Arts hidden gems in los angeles
Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

Do not think that CIA is the only abbreviation for Central Intelligence Agency because this is also the California Institute of Abnormal Arts acronym! This institute is actually a nightclub or a museum that hosts several exhibitions, live events, musical performances, and many more. You can expect quirky displays such as preserved stuffed animals, a mummified clown, and basically many other weird kinds of stuff, making a lot of people curious about what is on exhibits.

Mosaic Tile House

Mosaic Tile House is probably one of the most unique hidden gems in Los Angeles. Why not? Covered with fractured glass mosaics and colorful tile, this quirky mosaic house offers visitors the beauty of contemporary architecture. Designed by Pann and Duran in the 1940s, this house was made to express their romantic relationship with the philosophy of art and earth. So, what do you think about this unique yet spectacular building?

Museum of Neon Art

museum of neon art hidden gems in los angeles
Copyright: Museum of Neon Art

As the name suggests, the Museum of Neon Art has a lot of art installations related to neon lamps. This unique museum is truly one of the best-hidden gems in Los Angeles due to its small size, yet it is worth visiting. Some beautiful neon art installations in this museum are the Brown Derby rooftop and roadside-Americana neon signs. Besides many other neon exhibitions you can enjoy, this museum also offers night-time bus tours to Glendale, visiting the historic neon sights there.

The Korean Bell of Friendship

The Korean Bell of Friendship hidden gems in los angeles
Copyright: Ladycstyle

The Korean Bell of Friendship clearly depicts the beauty of harmony among differences. Los Angeles received this giant monument from the Republic of Korea in 1976. The intricate design is full of traditional imagery and symbolism, a perfect example for people to learn about respect and tolerance among diversity. Moreover, this monument is also Instagrammable, and many people come to take pictures of the beauty of this massive monument.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

the Museum of Jurassic Technology
Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

When you hear about the Museum of Jurassic Technology, you probably think that this museum is about something related to dinosaurs and how to resurrect them with technology. However, this museum is about neither dinosaurs nor technology. Instead, this odd museum exhibits peculiar and obscure scientific achievements which many people have not heard about. Some collections in this museum include ethnographic, scientific, and historical pieces of unclassifiable stuff.

The Old Zoo

the old zoo
Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

The next hidden gem in Los Angeles to visit is the old zoo, which was abandoned in 1966. Since then, the old zoo has become one place where locals spend time for picnics and enjoy the day. There are also some animal cages covered with colorful graffiti everywhere. You can still see some remains of the old zoo structure, providing a unique view of the zoo from the animals’ perspective. Is it not interesting to explore?

The Sunken City

the sunken city los angeles
Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

The Sunken City was actually a neighborhood that sunken into the ocean due to a landslide in 1929. Many people also call this sunken neighborhood the Atlantis of Los Angeles. Today, the land in Sunken City is still moving 11 inches a day! Hence, the only thing still in this hidden gem in Los Angeles is the broken foundations of the remnants of buildings and vehicles. With this uniqueness, some movies and TV shows have featured this place several times.

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