Workcation in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Japan with weekend adventures

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This Workcation is focus mainly in Shimonoseki city within Yamaguchi Prefecture of Japan. A wonderful city along the Kanmon Straits. Where historical battles been fought, exciting trading happened and oceanic theme events. Plus, we will visit the surrounding area of nature and culture. Office Space is provided at many locations. There are least "three" paid-able Share Office Spaces in the city near the accommodations. There are many public spaces that are quite useable and has free-WiFi. Lastly, the accommodations do have a business center or community space with guarantee internet. ✈️ Looking for flight deals to Japan? I could assist in research; but contact me the soonest after joining this trip. Here are some of highlights for the weekend adventures: ✔️Shimonoseki City area ✔️Kaikyō Yume Tower ✔️Mojiko City Port ✔️Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel ✔️Akiyoshido Cave ✔️Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park ✔️Archaeological, Historical and Arts museums ✔️Taian-den Shinto Shrine ✔️Seafood Market ✔️Kaikyokan Aquarium 🔴 If you have a certain places you want to visit? Please ask me beforehand. We can rearrange or add places for the weekdays and Sundays. 💰 The trip price will cover the following: - All the Hotels (Please let me know on your preferences or concerns.) 🛏️ - The traveling cost by trains and buses to Weekend adventures. 🚌 - Office space/Work area for weekday working. - Possibly some group admission to some venues. (This has researched: but not priced out.) - The guide's WiFi hot-spot. - The guide's counseling and accompanying services. 🔴 There is no current Covid-19 travel restrictions. But, please have masks available in crowded indoor areas and around the elderly.

👋 Dear JoinMyTrip travelers, I'm Russell, a Japanese guide enthusiast, I've being traveling to Japan for many years and very familiar with the local culture. If you want advice on anything? I'm welcoming to assist you on your journey. I'm bit a night owl and can take you to wonder night sightseeing of the city lights or that starry night skies. I'm not shy to leave the city and enjoy nature as to climb a mountain top! I'm a historical buff and Japanese media culture fan. I will try my best to be a fun and helpful host on your trip.

Accommodation: Depending on local availability; Business Hotel is a guarantee with likely breakfast service and relaxing community space. Amenities will include Microwave and Laundry machine. Privacy is guarantee if available depending on the size of the Workcation group. We will avoid any bunk bed lodging if not prefer.

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| Japan Scholar 🇯🇵 | Media Otaku 👾 | Urban and Nature Explorer 🌅 | Budget Planner 💻|

Du kannst mit Russell chatten, sobald du deinen Platz reserviert hast.

Shimonoseki Station

Tag 1
I will welcome everyone who are arriving at the station and then guide you to your accommodations for the next two weeks. After, we will have a short gathering about your next two weeks in the area. Plus we will talk about weekday and weekend adventures.


Tag 1-4
Afterwards I will show your Office/Work Space area to conduct any work you wish to complete for the rest of the day. I could delivery lunch on some-days if necessary. Depending on how long you wish to work? After I could guide people to shopping areas, local sights, gaming arcades and evening places to eat. If you wish to take a day-off during the week? My guide services are available to go to anywhere in the city.


Tag 4
First planned weekend adventure is exploring the Kanmon Straits. We will walk along the ports to take a ferry across the strait, and we will visit the city on the other side. It is a wonderful walk and able to see many kinds of ships using the strait.

Kanmon Strait Museum

Tag 4
This wonderful museum has a grand history and culture of Kanmon Strait. It shows the development of the area and the local seaside culture. It was also a lot of naval theme activities and exhibitions. Outside the museum has many Japan Coast Guard in dock at the port.

Mojiko Station

Tag 4
Mojiko Station is an end station with a wonderful Meji design architecture. There are many Cafés and Restaurants to have decent lunch. With possibly views of the Mojiko Marina while we eat for lunch.

Mojiko Retro Observation Room

Tag 4
On the other side of the marina, we will see many other historical buildings and interesting museums. Then we will end up at the Mojiko Retro Observation with breathtaking overview of the city and the Kanmon Strait.

Kanmon Tunnel Moji Pedestrian Entrance

Tag 4
We will travel to the the narrowest point of the strait. This is where the Kanmon Bridge connects traveler from Kyushu and Honshu islands. You can see many large ships traveling under the bridge. But we will travel under the strait back to Shimonoseki city.

Kanmon Tunnel Pedestrian Walkway Shimonoseki Exit

Tag 4
Kanmon pedestrian tunnel overall length is 3,461 meters (11,355 ft) meters, and it is 58 meters (190 ft) below sea level at the deepest point. A excite walk underwater of the strait. On the other side of the shore is the site of the Dannoura Battlefield.

Kaikyō Yume Tower

Tag 4
We will include the day with a evening/night view of Shimonoseki City from Kaikyō Yume Tower. It is the tallest tower in western Japan by 153 meters tall. It was a 360 view of the city and the strait in full to end to end.


Tag 4-11
That evening of Saturday, you have the freedom to do what you want tomorrow and the weekdays. I will be available when you wish to take afternoon and evening adventures in the throughout the week. As there are many sight to visit within the city. Revisits across the strait are also welcome.

Akiyoshido Cave

Tag 11
This 2nd weekend adventure involves taking a train trip and then a bus ride to our next place. Akiyoshido is a break-taking system of caves under the Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park. A variety of large and colorful speleothems can be seen in these caves.

Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park

Tag 11
In the cave, we will take an elevator up to a plateau. Which was an uplifted reef of limestone from Paleozoic age. On the plateau you see oddly plain of grassland cover with limestone mounds. We will hike to one of the summits to see a central view that grass plains. Later, we will travel back via the cave to exit the park.

Shimonoseki Station

Tag 11
After returning to back from our trip from Akiyoshidai. We could relax from our adventure or go out during that night. Maybe for some entertainment or wholesome dinner. The choice is yours what you want to do.


Tag 11-15
The Office/Work Space area will be available till Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. (I will confirm after booking.) If you wish to take a day-off during the remaining time? My guide services are available to go to anywhere in the city. But, we will say farewell on Wednesday afternoon. I hope that your workcation was for-filled by then.
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