Trip to Komodo Island: Pink beaches, Snorkeling, Staying in a Traditional Village in Indonesia and more

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Hi Trip Mates, I am Sonia (38 yo) from Indonesia. I have traveled for work before, but after I resigned from the job, I was crazy to travel again and again. I’m doing my own business now with my husband. Komodo dragons, pink beaches, blue water, and more. Sounds like paradise, doesn't it? Welcome to Flores! Flores Island is one of the thousands of islands in Indonesia. It is part of East Nusa Tenggara Province. “Flores” is a word that comes from the Portuguese language, which means flower. So Flores Island is also known as Nusa Bunga or the Island of Flowers. And the other name of Flores Island is “Nusa Nipa '' which means Snake Island. This is because the island of Flores itself is shaped like a snake that appears above sea level. We will explore popular destinations on Flores island such as spider web rice fields, trekking to see the sunrise at Kelimutu Crater Lake, and Hoping Island at Riung 17 island. Plus, visit Bena Village, and Wologai Village, and stay a night at Wae Rebo Traditional Village plus some other stops along the way that you can discover below in the trip itinerary. ;) The most awaited event is sailing to Komodo Island and trekking to see Komodo dragons up close. Trekking to one of the hills around the archipelago to see the sunrise and playing with Manta Rays just by snorkeling from your Phinisi. 🏠 Accommodation: Mainly hotels with a one-night stay in a traditional village hut in Wae Rebo. 💰 What's included in the price?: - Accommodation (Private rooms) - Transport (including the boat ride) - Entrance to all parks - All activities mentioned in the stops below Do you have a question? Ask in the Q&A below! Looking forward to meeting you soon in Indonesia.
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Tag 1
After celebrating the new year in Bali, we get ready to meet all trip mates to start our adventure to Flores. We set up the meeting point in Ngurah Rai International Airport to fly to Ende, Nusa Tenggara Timur. So, it would be easy for all trip mates to gather. It takes 2 hours 35 minutes to fly to Ende with 1 transit.


Tag 1-2
Arrive in Ende, Flores and get lunch at Edelweiss restaurant. After lunch, we go to the traditional village of Wologai with a distance of 1 hour from Ende. Then drive to Moni to check in. We will get dinner at the Hotel Restaurant.


Tag 2-3
At 4 am we are ready to go to Kelimutu Crater Lake with a distance of 30 minutes from the hotel by car. Then we will trek about 25 minutes to see the sunrise and also to see the beauty of Lake Kelimutu. About 7 am we go back to the hotel, have breakfast and check out. Then continue our tour to Riung and stop at Blue Stone restaurant for lunch (seafood). After lunch, we will continue the journey to Riung with a distance of about 4 hours, upon arrival at Riung, check in at the hotel for rest.


Tag 3-5
After breakfast, we head to the boat in the harbor for sailing and exploring Riung 17 Riung Islands Marine Park. We will have BBQ-style for lunch on the beach. Around 3 pm We return to the port and go straight to the hotel to check out. After checking out we will continue our journey to the city of Bajawa to check in at the hotel "MANULALU" with a distance of 2 hours. Dinner at the Manulalu hotel restaurant. The next day, we will go to the traditional village "Bena". Here we can see the unique construction of houses where residents live and customs, a tradition that is still very strong. After walking around the village, then continue to the Ogi waterfall. After enjoying the view and our Ogi waterfall, we will go back to the hotel for lunch. About 3 pm we will go to a Hot Spring. We can enjoy the uniqueness of hot and warm water that comes straight out from the earth. In the afternoon, we will return to the hotel for the night. Dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.


Tag 5-6
Today we’ll continue the tour to the city of Ruteng with a distance of 4 hours. On the way we stop at Aimere to see the process of making traditional drinks which comes from the water of the arak tree. Continue to Ruteng to check in at the hotel “SPRING HILL” as well as lunch at the hotel restaurant. At 2 pm we go to Liang cave Bua with a distance of 40 minutes. This cave is one of the places where the Florence fossils were found (Hobbit) which was discovered in 2003 by a researcher from the Netherlands, after seeing We will return to this historic place in Ruteng for the night.

Wae Rebo Village

Tag 6-7
After breakfast, we head to Waerebo. We stop at Cancar to see the view of the -shaped rice fields Spider web. Continue to Dintor for 2.5 hours. After Arriving at the Dintor, we will get lunch before trekking to the Village. Trekking to Waerebo village for -+3 hours. Arriving in The village goes directly to the main traditional house and will be accepted according to local customs. After that, the activities are free to take pictures, tell stories and mingle with local residents. Stay in one of the traditional houses in Waerebo and have dinner with other guests (If there is). Night rest.

Komodo Island

Tag 7-9
After breakfast, we are ready for trekking back - +2.5 hours. Arriving at the last post will continue with a Ojek again, continue by car to Dintor for lunch. After lunch, continue to Labuan Bajo for 3 hours. Arriving in Labuan Bajo, drop directly to the Phinisi. Sailing to Kelor Island to see the sunset, and see the surrounding scenery. The ship will sail at night to Padar Island to sleep close to Padar Island. Welcome morning with the Komodo Archipelago view. We are ready to go to the top of Padar Island. Start trekking at 5:30 am to climb to the top of Padar island to enjoy the sunrise and beautiful view for taking pictures. Go down back to the boat for breakfast and continue sailing to Pink Beach for unlimited swimming/snorkeling. We will be spoiled by the beautiful pink beach. Continue sailing to Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragon closer. Trekking will be accompanied by a Komodo ranger/handler. We will return to the boat and continue sailing to Taka Makasar to take pictures on Gusung Island. Continue snorkeling at Manta Point to see giant stingrays. Then move to Siaba for the night. Early morning breakfast before snorkeling around the boat to see turtles, we will see a lot of turtles here. After that, we will sail to Kanawa Island for swimming and relaxing on the Beach. This spot is great for taking photos because of the beautiful beach. After that, we will sail back to Labuan Bajo and will be picked up by the driver to drop us off at the Hotel.

Labuan Bajo

Tag 9-11
Swimming at Rangko Cave, Visit Batu Cermin and do some shopping before the trip ends tomorrow. Relaxing at the Local Collection Hotel with the Cave Spa, cheers with the trip mates and had a good dinner.
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