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I'm Russell, a Japanese guide enthusiast; let's appeal to your anime and gaming fandom. We will pilgrim to real-life anime scene sites and gaming all night at the arcades. Witness the pop-culture of the largest metropolitan in the world. Then join in the undiscovered adventure where few has gone too. If you have a certain place you want to visit, please ask me beforehand. ✈️ Looking for flight deals to Japan? I could assist in research; but contact me the soonest after joining this trip. - This trip will include sightseeing in the follow city districts. ✔️ Chiyoda ✔️ Minato ✔️ Shinjuku ✔️ Shibuya ✔️ Toshima ✔️ Suginami ✔️ Nerima ✔️ Koto ✔️ Sumida ✔️ Taito - What Anime real-life sites to be seen during the pilgrim? ✔️ Weathering with You ✔️ Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend ✔️ Your Name ✔️ Love Live ✔️ Haikyū!! ✔️ Rent-A-Girlfriend ✔️ Gundam ✔️ Phantasy Star Online 2 ✔️ Astro Boy ✔️ Rail Wars! ✔️ Sailor Moon ✔️ Kaguya-sama Love is War ✔️ Death Note ✔️ Great Teacher Onizuka ✔️ Food Wars! ✔️ PreCure ✔️ Dragon Quest ✔️ Evangelion ✔️ Steins;Gate ✔️ Sarazanmai ✔️ Mitsuboshi Colors and more..... 👾 Where could we be gaming? Most nights after dinner, we will take you to the nearest arcade, like a Sega (GiGO) and Taito Station. We could visit other arcade businesses and let us know if there is a game you are looking to play… - What are some of the highlights? ✔️ Tokyo Tower ✔️ Akihabara ✔️ Suginami Animation Museum ✔️ Toei Animation Museum ✔️ Small Worlds Tokyo ✔️ Tokyo Skytree ✔️ Sensō-ji ✔️ Ueno Park ✔️ Odaiba ✔️ Harajuku Have a location request? We might be able to fit it in the plan. 💰 The trip price will cover the following: - All the Hotels (Please let me know on your preferences or concerns.) 🛏️ - Most traveling cost by trains, subways and bus. (Traveling outside the plan will cost yourself extra.)🚌 - Possibly some group admission to some venues. (Not in current estimate.) - The guide's Wi-Fi hot-spot. - The guide's counseling and accompanying services. 🔴 --Please contact me in "Chat" and give some feedback. After signing up for the trip.--- 🔴 There is no current Covid-19 travel restrictions. But, please have masks available in crowded indoor areas and around the elderly. Are you looking forward to exploring Japan? Send me a message after payment. As that how we can chat.
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Haneda Airport

Tag 1
We will meet up at the international terminal. Hopefully not a long wait for everyone in the group to arrive. Then I guide everyone on a quick review of where we are staying and how we will get there. After that, we will head to the train station.


Tag 1-2
We will check-in at our stay and square everything away. Then we will review the trip's itinerary together. Afterwards, if someone wants to rest from jet-lag, they can do that. If anyone wants to eat out? I could guide those to someplace nearby.

Tokyo Tower

Tag 2
In the morning, we will travel to Minato City. Where we will visit the famous classical Tokyo Tower. As seen in many promotional, television, movies and animations. It has wonderful views of the center of Tokyo. On good days, you can see Mount Fuji.

Roppongi Museum

Tag 2
Depending on what exhibit is being held here. Normally they have a pop-culture, anime theme, movie, etc. happening at this museum. If the next exhibit is uninteresting to the group? We could take the time to explore Chiyoda City later in the day.

Azabu Hikawa Shrine

Tag 2
This Shinto shrine is famously seen in the Sailor Moon animation series. While we are here, I can guide you in the Shinto customs. If the shrine shop is open, everyone could get blessed charms and other decorative items.

Shinagawa Station

Tag 2
We will stop by the station and have some lunch nearby. Also, this area has anime locations of Love Live and Food Wars! It is a common place that other anime use while traveling to other places in Japan.

Tamachi Station

Tag 2
Near the station there are a lot of city scenes from Kaguya-sama Love is War. Tamachi is also known for having one of the best viewing streets in Tokyo. We could also try to visit the nearby canals that are along Tokyo Bay.

shin Godzilla Statue

Tag 2
Moving on to Chiyoda City, we will see the famous Godzilla Statue. As this is the true downtown of Tokyo. There are a lot of national government buildings, such as the National Diet Building. Also, the Tokyo Imperial Palace is nearby with the Edo Castle ruins.

Tokyo Station

Tag 2
Next we will see another famous Meji building that has been in many Anime and Games. The Tokyo Station has been seen in many series, such as Rail Wars, Haikyū!!, Your Name and even in the Phantasy Star Online 2 game.


Tag 2-3
After this day of sightseeing, we could have dinner someplace nearby or travel to Akihabara. After the meal, everyone is free to explore the area. I would guide those who want to return to stay and those who want to visit the arcades and shops.


Tag 3
In the morning, Nozokizaka is a famous sloping street in Toshima City. It has been featured in the "Weathering with You" movie and seen several times in the anime series "Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend".

Suginami Animation Museum

Tag 3
This museum has a lot of exciting exhibits on the culture and history of animation. Such as ‘Rascal the Racoon’, ‘Crayon Shin-chan’, ‘Doraemon’ and 'Astro Boy'. There are some workshops that allows draw Anime and to even voice over a animation.

Suginami City

Tag 3-4
We will spend some time in the evening exploring the area. There are even some Animation and Game Studios buildings in this area. There are some old-style gaming arcades with classic games like Street Fighter.

Suga Jinja

Tag 4
In the morning, we will travel to another shrine that features in "Your Name" movie. It is very scenic and has a hill that you can see the surrounding area of the city. The shrine is pretty amazing as well, with stone statues and wooden carvings.


Tag 4
This is a very famous area of Shibuya where people cosplay on the weekends. Hopefully, there is a good collection of cosplayers around and you can get pictures of them. Your even welcome to join in if you have your own outfit?

Shibuya City

Tag 4
We will explore Shibuya for sometime and see the famous downtown streets with the fashion stores. Right outside the station, we will see the famous Hachikō Memorial Statue that has appeared in a lot of media around the world.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tag 4
We will travel to Shinjuku and go to the observation floor in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. This building is seen a lot in all kinds of media. We might see a great view of Mount Fuji from there as well.

Shinjuku City

Tag 4-5
The setting of Shinjuku has been in a lot of Anime and games. Such as feature in Great Teacher Onizuka, Durarara!, Your Name, Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul and many more. We will spend the rest of the evening in this area for dinner and going to the arcades.

Toei Animation Museum

Tag 5
Nerima is more well-known for being a Anime and game studio district. Toei Animation is well known for their long-running serial series such as Dragon Quest, PreCure, Digimon, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Mazinger Z, One Piece and end-less more titles. Whether you are a fan or not of these works, it is an interesting place to visit.


Tag 5-6
For the rest of the day, there is some free time in Ikebukuro. There are many things in the area, such as Woman's Animate, Pokémon Center, Cosplay Shops, Duty Free Stores, Evangelion Store and much more. If there is anything else you would like to do during this free time, let me know. Also "Weathering with You" scenes can be seen here as well.


Tag 6
We will travel to a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay. There are many attractions in the area with scenic views. We take some time to explore around the parks and the architecture buildings. It quite different from what we visited before.

Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Tag 6
A real-life backdrop scene in many types of media. We will visit a real television station and be able to view the whole island. There are exhibits and galleys of Fuji Television's current and past programing.

Unicorn Gundam Statue

Tag 6
The famous giant Gundam statue is right outside of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. The mall does have a Gundam store that sells model kits. There is also other stores there to visit. You could choose to explore the mall or the surrounding area.

Small Worlds Tokyo

Tag 6
This is the largest miniature theme park in the world, covering 8,000 square meters. It has real-life locations that have been miniaturized from many places.. There is even a scale model of the famous Evangelion Tokyo-III Area.

Tokyo Big Sight

Tag 6
Even that they might not have any Anime or gaming events during this time. We could witness the area's architecture. Nearby is the Tsunami Evacuation Experience Corner, where you can experience disasters in a simulator. Lastly, there are some more malls to visit. Your welcome to choose what to do.


Tag 6-7
As we travel back closer to our stay. We could stop by any district for dinner. Our group could choose to return to our stay or on another night of arcade gaming. There is a Retro Arcade in Odaiba, if we are still in that area.

Tokyo Skytree

Tag 7
In the morning, we will travel to the Skytree , which is a replacement for Tokyo Tower. It is much bigger and can be seen almost anywhere in Tokyo from afar. If heights are not your thing? There is a nearby Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Postal Museum Japan, shrines and parks.


Tag 7
This is an ancient Buddhist temple that has a market of small shops leading to the temple. It is known for its giant paper lantern on it's southern gate and in the main hall. A few Anime used this location, such as "Weathering with You", "Rent-A-Girlfriend" and "Sarazanmai".

Ueno Park

Tag 7
We will try to get to the park in the afternoon. There should be time to at least visit one museum, the zoo or just explore the park. Also be careful of the "Mitsuboshi Colors!" running around, causing trouble.


Tag 7-8
If we did before? We are returning to Akihabara for our last night of Anime shopping and gaming. I will try my best to find the items you wish to buy and where you have to go. I'm sure everyone can at least find one item you are seeking.

Haneda Airport

Tag 8
Treat your last day before your flight as a free day. I hope everyone has had a wonderful trip by now. I could assist anyone getting back to the airport. I will offer my guiding experience till the end of the day, for those who leaving at later date.
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