Road Trip to Lofoten - Scenic Drives, Views and Hikes - Norway

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special RIB Safari (Boat Tour on the Lofoten)
Hello :D The journey begins at Harstad where we will all meet. Due to the fact, that we are gonna arrive all (most likely) at different times, we will spend the first night in Harstad which is quite near to the airport. (I will collect our car after my arrival at the airport so don't worry about that :D ) The next day we will be heading to Lofoten with multiple destinations on our list like Svolvær, Reine or Å. Once we arrive there, it's time for some hiking, incredible viewpoints and the also incredible fresh air. In Svolvær we will also go on a RIB Safari :D The costs for gas, parking, road tolls and when cooking together will be shared between us.

My name is Samy, i am 28 years old and I've developed a passion for traveling and exploring the world. I've been fortunate enough to visit 32 countries so far. Hopefully we can expand our lists together and create everlasting memories :)

Details about the accommodation: We will be staying in airbnbs, hotels or guesthouses. (But most likely in airbnbs) The rooms are gonna be shared. However, if you have any questions about the trip! Please let me know in the Questions & Answers section! I am happy to answer all your doubts about the trip.

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Accommodation (Shared rooms)
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RIB Safari (Boat Tour on the Lofoten)
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I am Samy, a 28-year-old german globetrotter who has already explored 33 countries and counting! Will we expand our lists together? :)

Du kannst mit Samy chatten, sobald du deinen Platz reserviert hast.


Tag 1-2
We will meet either at Narvik Evenes Airport (where i have also to collect our car) or at Harstad. The first night we will stay at Harstad because it is quite near to the airport and we are gonna all be arriving most likely at different times. In the evening, we could go to a bar for a drink or to a restaurant and get to know each other better before our adventure starts or just stroll around the city and explore it a little bit. Or both :D


Tag 2-4
We will be spending two nights in Reine and go there hiking on one of the trails nearby (Reinebringen or Munken) (or on both). At the afternoon/evening we can explore the village and enjoy the colourful houses there.


Tag 4-5
Å, nestled in the Lofoten archipelago, is a lovely village in Norway. Known for its stunning landscapes, traditional fishing cottages, and vibrant culture, Å offers a beautiful escape. We are going to spend a night there.


Tag 5-6
We will spend a night in Sørvågen and will go hiking on one of the trails nearby. At the afternoon/evening we can explore the village or maybe just relax and enjoy the scenic views and incredible atmosphere.


Tag 6-8
We are gonna spend two nights in Svolvær. On one of the days (probably the second) we are gonna go to a RIB Safari and hopefully see the majestic sea eagles. Don't worry each of us is getting a lifejacket, swimsuit, gloves and safety goggles.


Tag 8-9
The last night we will be staying again in Harstad and therefore near to the Airport. This is simply due to the fact that some of use maybe has flights the next day early in the morning (like me :D )
Appartement & Hotel & Hostel
9 Tage Trip
Harstad, Reine & 4 weitere
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