Epic 14-Day North Pakistan Expedition: Immerse in Local Culture, Marvel at Nature, and Hike the Karakorum Mountains!

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Are you up for an unforgettable experience in the northern areas of Pakistan? Northern Pakistan is known for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and adventurous opportunities. The region is a heaven for nature and mountain lovers, adventure seekers and those interested in exploring a unique culture. It is one of those experiences of a lifetime! and now you have the opportunity to board on a mindblowing trip with likeminded people. We will start our adventurous journey in the capital city, Islamabad. Our host will pick us up from the airport and will take us to our accommodation in a quiet area of the capital. We´ll visit the huge and impressive Faisal mosque, ranked within the 3 largest mosque worldwide. You can start already preparing your eyeballs for what they are about to witness! We´ll finish the day having dinner at a local restaurant. The day after, we will head to the bus station. Will take a 3 hours bus ride direction to Mingora. Mingora is not the usual travel destination when in Pakistan. It is located in the beautiful Swat valley. We will meet a local family, with whom we´ll have the chance to interact and immerse ourselves in the local culture, as we will be invited for a typical and delicious dinner in the traditional Pashtun way. We will experience the famous hospitality Pakistani people is known for. Then we will keep our journey by car farther north, direction Chitral, close to the border with Afghanistan. We will stop midway for lunch and the following day In Chitral we´ll have a free day, so you can choose whether you want to discover the town or just stay and chill at the hotel. For the adventurous, curious minds and lovers of Anthropology, I have prepared a surprising visit 🧐, which will be only revealed after booking your spot in the trip😎 . This will be optional for the ones interested during the free day. We will spend a couple of nights in the lovely Roomy Indukush Sarai Hotel. Then, the journey will turn more epic. From Chitral, we will be boarding Jeep cars, which will drive us to the other side of the country. As this will be a long drive, we´ll make an easy stop for overnight at a comfortable guest house at the town of Mastuj. Mastuj have some great views over the mountains and probably we will be the only tourist in the village! The day after, we´ll drive through the amazing and iconic Shandur pass, on our way to Gilgit Baltistan. This is a spectacular road trip through the Hindu Kush. We´ll stop for some chai tea, food and witness the local life. Then arrival to Gilgit, the capital city of the area of Gilgit Baltistan, where will spend the night. We will be picked by our host and will be taken to Hunza, through the Karakorum highway, the morning after. Hunza Valley is stunning. Its beauty does not disappoint anyone. Karimabad, the main town of the valley, has a lot to offer. We will spend in Hunza 4 nights , and we will be hosted at Hunza lounge. This accommodation feature rooms with astonishing views over the valley. During this time we will go for a scenic hike to the basecamp of Rakaposhi, in the Karakorum mountains. Rakaposhi is a 7.788 meters peak, and walking to the base camp is a relatively easy hike that can be done in one day but we will split in 2 stages, as we will do one overnight stay in a mountain campsite. The morning after, we will reach the base camp. Professional tour guide and gear, will be provided by a local tour operator. We´ll leave our belongings at the hotel in Hunza. It will be an amazing experience, without any doubt! Back in Karimabad, we will relax and visit shops, markets, caffes and try some delicious local food! One day we will visit the main attractions in the valley, like the spectacular Hussaini bridge, the town of Pasu and the Abotabad lake with its turquoise waters. In the evening, our host will invite us for a musical evening with BBQ at the accomodation roof, where spectaculary scenary over the valley is guaranteed. After Hunza , we will be taken about one hour drive away to Raikot bridge, where we will start a Jeep drive to Fairy Meadows. This is another scenic and thrilling 1.5 hours drive through the mountains. This drive is only allowed to be made by experienced local Jeep drivers. From the drop off point, it is required to walk (over 1,5 hours) to reach the picturesque Fairy Meadows. For the lazy ones😜, there are always local people offering to walk you or your belongings with help of donkeys. We will stay at the nicest accommodation available in the valley, Raikot sarai (mountain huts), with spectacular views over the Nanga Parbat mountain, right in front of you. The food served in the restaurant is one of the highlights! The day after we will make a hike to the base camp of Nanga Parbat. This hike is also doable for average hikers and it is not challenging (located at 3.500m altitude, +- 8 hours round walk). The views over the Himalayas, are absolutely worth! We´ll have the chance to stand at the bottom of one of the world eight-thousander! Nanga Parbat is the 9th tallest mountain in the world. Then we will spend a second night in Fairy Meadows and the adventure will come into an end the day after, when we´ll be transferred back to the capital city, say good bye to each other, enjoy the last coffe together and take for our flights back home.

About Me: I am Manuel. I like to describe myself as a Peruvian born - Spanish raised, resident in the Netherlands. Or better said: world citizen. Passionate traveler, who wants to share unique and differentent experiences with like-minded people. Chill, easy going and willing to help anytime. My trips in Pakistan have been a real experience of a time life! Besides the breathtaking and mind-blowing nature, the hospitality and culture here is something out of the standard. Looking for people interested in both aspects, getting to know the culture, habits and food but also nature lovers as we will boarding some scenic hiking adventures.

Accomodation in hotels, hostels and guest houses will be provided during the whole duration of the trip -14 days/13 nights on a shared basis (2 persons per room), with breakfast included. One night, the accommodation will be a tent in a mountain campsite. Food and all necessary equipment is included. Accomodation Islamabad: Executive galaxy Guest House Accommodation Chitral : Roomy Indukush Sarai Hotel Accommodation Mastuj: Noor Mahal Guesthouse Accommodation Gilgit: Madina 2 hotel Accommodation Hunza Valley: Hunza Lounge Accommodation Fairy Meadows: Raikot Sarai Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. It is located in the northern part of the country. Islamabad is known for its modern infrastructure, greenery, and planned layout. It serves as the political and administrative center of Pakistan, hosting the country's government offices, foreign embassies, and important institutions.


Tag 2-3
Mingora is the largest city in Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. It is situated in the Swat Valley, a picturesque region known for its natural beauty. Mingora serves as the administrative and commercial center of Swat Valley.


Tag 3-5
The people of Chitral are mainly of the Kho people, who have their own unique culture, traditions, and language. The area is also home to various ethnic groups, including the Kalash people, who are known for their distinct cultural practices and religious beliefs. Chitral is a gateway to several mountainous areas and trekking routes in the Hindu Kush range. The region has been a historically significant crossroads for various civilizations, and its cultural heritage reflects a blend of influences from Central Asia, Persia, and the Indian subcontinent.

Shandur Pass

Tag 5-6
Spectacular road trip. Shandur Pass is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and is surrounded by picturesque lakes and mountains. One of the most notable features of the pass is Shandur Lake, which is frozen during the winter and serves as a high-altitude polo ground during the summer.

Hunza valley

Tag 6-11
We arrived to the beautiful and stunning region of Gilgit Baltistan. The main town in the Hunza Valley is Karimabad, which serves as a base for tourists exploring the area. Karimabad is home to historical sites such as the ancient Altit and Baltit forts. The valley is surrounded by numerous glaciers, and it offers access to several high mountain peaks, making it a popular destination for trekkers and mountaineers. We will spend in the area about 4 nights

Fairy Meadows

Tag 11-13
Fairy Meadows is situated at an elevation of about 3,300 meters (10,827 feet) above sea level. It provides a stunning vantage point for observing the immense and majestic Nanga Parbat. The meadows are surrounded by lush greenery, wildflowers, and a variety of plant life. The landscape is dominated by the massive and snow-covered Nanga Parbat, creating a fairy-tale-like setting, hence the name "Fairy Meadows."


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From Fairy Meadows, we will go back to to Islamabad, the capital region. where we´ll spend the last night. it is time to say goodbye to each other, enjoy the last coffe together and pick up our flights back to Europe.
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