Embark on an Unforgettable Namibian Odyssey: A Journey Through Dunes, Deserts, and Wildlife

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Join me on an unforgettable dream trip to Namibia, a land boasting one of the world's largest canyons. Experience the stark beauty of deserts, rich cultural heritage, and thriving wildlife during this excursion. Highlights include a Windhoek City tour, camel rides/walks, quad biking adventures in Swakopmund, a thrilling Sandwich Harbor Tour, a visit to Dune 7, exploration of Sossusvlei, an unforgettable Adventure at Spitzkoppe and more. Share these moments with a lively group of fellow adventurers who, like you, have a passion for exploration

About Me! My name is Sherry I’m a travel vlogger and i have been traveling for 10 years now, i love everything about travel, trying out different foods, meeting new people and learning new cultures, i love planning and hosting trips as i get to meet with other travelers and network while at it. I went to Namibia once and what a dream. I can’t wait to show you namibia

During our Namibian expedition, we will be immersing ourselves in the diverse landscapes by staying at three distinct accommodations. Our journey begins in Windhoek city, a vibrant urban hub that serves as our initial base. Here, you'll experience the unique blend of modernity and cultural richness that defines Namibia's capital. The highlight of our accommodation selection unfolds in Sossusvlei, nestled within the captivating desert. This location stands out as the pinnacle of our stay, offering an unparalleled experience surrounded by the mesmerizing dunes and arid beauty of the desert. It promises a serene escape into nature's wonders, providing an opportunity to connect with the stark, yet breathtaking, landscape of Sossusvlei. Moving along the coastal wonders of Namibia, our journey takes us to Swakopmund, a picturesque town situated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, you'll enjoy the coastal charm and engaging activities unique to this region. The accommodations in all these locations are designed as double rooms for shared occupancy, fostering camaraderie and shared experiences among our fellow travelers. Should you desire a more private retreat, please inform me, and we will gladly organize a private room tailored to your preferences. Our diverse accommodations reflect the essence of Namibia, providing a well-rounded experience that encapsulates the cultural, desert, and coastal facets of this extraordinary destination. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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My name is Sherry , i love everything about travel, different foods , meeting new people and learning about new cultures.

Du kannst mit Sherry chatten, sobald du deinen Platz reserviert hast.


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Arrival in Windhoek city and welcome Dinner. Arriving at the airport, a warm welcome awaits you in Windhoek, the vibrant capital. Join us for an evening welcome dinner to meet your host and connect with fellow travelers.

Windhoek City Museum

Tag 3
DISCOVERING WINDHOEK Embark on a journey through Windhoek, delving into its history and culture through iconic landmarks. Lunch awaits at a celebrated eatery featuring Namibian favorite, Kapana. In the evening, unwind or venture into the lively entertainment scene.


Tag 3-4
SOSSUSVLEI ADVENTURE Start the day with a delicious breakfast before embarking on our journey to Sossusvlei, renowned for its colossal dunes. En route, we'll pass through Solitaire, savoring the famous apple pie. Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn, the southernmost point, our route unfolds through diverse landscapes, offering breathtaking views and chances to spot wildlife along the way.


Tag 4
EARLY START FOR DEADVLEI Embark on an early morning journey to witness the renowned DeadVlei, a centuries-old claypan adorned with ancient trees. Climb Big Daddy, Namibia's tallest dune, for breathtaking views before descending to DeadVlei. Following this exhilarating morning, we will have late breakfast and we'll leave Sossusvlei for a scenic 5-hour drive to Swakopmund, reveling in Namibia's captivating landscapes.

Walvis Bay

Tag 4-7
Embark on a morning journey to Sandwich Harbor, where the Atlantic meets the Namib Desert. Pass pink salt lakes, spot flamingos, and indulge in dune bashing before a picturesque picnic overlooking the breathtaking views of Namibia. Day 2 In the morning there is an option of doing the catamaran cruise to experience the marine cruise and Later we will enjoy quad biking in the desert and later have a walk to the Jetty to watch the sunset


Tag 7-8
Experience the wonders of Spitzkoppe on this immersive day tour in Namibia. Departing in the morning, we'll journey through the vast Namibian landscape to reach the iconic Spitzkoppe, known for its striking granite peaks. Our day unfolds with guided hikes, unveiling ancient rock formations, and exploring unique geological features. Marvel at the captivating landscapes, where colossal granite boulders seem to defy gravity. A visit to the famous rock arch and Bushmen paintings adds a cultural touch to the adventure, offering insights into the area's rich history. As we traverse this natural wonder, there will be opportunities for photography, capturing the dramatic contrasts of the desert scenery. Lunch is served amidst the breathtaking surroundings, providing a moment to relax and absorb the tranquility of Spitzkoppe. The tour also includes expert commentary, sharing geological and cultural insights about this remarkable destination. Whether you're drawn to the geological marvels, cultural heritage, or panoramic views, a day tour to Spitzkoppe promises an enriching adventure in the heart of Namibia's stunning landscapes. Later drive to Windhoek

Hosea Kutako International Airport

Tag 8
Post-breakfast, we bid Windhoek farewell, concluding our dream trip to Namibia, flying back home with cherished memories. Depending with the time of your flight you have the pleasure to leave at your convenience
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Windhoek, Windhoek City Museum & 5 weitere
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