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👋 It's a road trip to discover the natural wonders of the Huasteca Potosina. Located north-east of the country, inhabited by the huastec people, this area is a natural wonder, composed of diverse ecosystems that offer stunning views and eye-catching scenery all over. Day 1 Sunday. Queretaro city is the starting point of our adventure, doesn’t matter where you come from, we’ll meet here and spend one night to be ready early next day to start our journey. Day 2. We will drive for a few hours to get to our destination. Located in one of the highest and most spectacular ridges of the Sierra Gorda, and after a small hike, our first stop, Cuatro palos mirador, offers us an incredible view. Then back to the car and another walk to get to Chuveje waterfall, bathing suit required! After a refreshing swim, we’ll head out to our first resting stop, Jalpan de Serra. Day 3 starts early to try to beat the crowds heading to Xilitla where the surreal home garden of Edward James mesmerize us with its stunning odd beauty. After visiting the garden, and the waterfalls nearby, we’ll stroll around the town, get something to eat and head out and descend a lot of stairs to catch the return home of the white-collared swifts at the Cave of swallows. After witnessing this all natural and mesmerizing spectacle, we’ll get to our second rest stop, Ciudad Valles where we’ll set camp for a few nights. Day 4 means visiting the wondrous Mantetzulel cave system. After an invigorating walk in the underworld, we’ll head out to the magnificent Tamul waterfall, that means a little bit of rowing upstream a canoe and swimming on a beautiful turquoise river. After our vigorous visit, we’ll head back on the road and return to Ciudad Valles. Day 5. After breakfast, we’ll start the day going for a nice walk and swim into Salto del agua waterfall, get back to the car and then the real adventure of the day begins. Jump after jump, from waterfall to waterfall, at Micos Waterfalls. It’s a lot of fun in another gorgeous natural setting. After proving your resolve, we’ll head back to Ciudad Valles for a well earned rest. Day 6. Today will be more relaxing, if you consider water rafting to be relaxing… We’ll go down Tampaon river, a class 3 level, while trying not to fall, then after the adrenaline rush, back to our last night in Ciudad Valles. Day 7 sees us hit the road again to get to Puente de Dios, a magnificent natural water hole where, you guessed it, bathing suit once again required. Then it’s back to our trusted metal steed to get to los Chorros waterfalls for more watery bonding time and then our next rest stop, Media Luna Spring, where we will enjoy a scuba diving experience in lukewarm water. Then it’s time to relax end enjoy our possibly last evening together in Rio Verde. Day 8. Our last day, how time flies, back for the last time to the vehicle to get to our last natural stop, Puente de Dios. After the walk and the swim, we’ll head back to the car to finally head back to Queretaro city. You can choose to stay there or head to your final destination. We will be there around 3-4 pm. 🏠 About the accommodation: Throughout the trip, we’ll be staying at 3-4 stars hotels, because that’s what’s available in that area. Shared rooms with double beds is what we will be staying at. Also, we will have little to no time to cook, so most of our food intake will be at local restaurants. The Huasteca is very rich and proud of its culture and traditions, so be ready to try out some new flavours. Everyone will pay for their food at the moment. To enjoy the trip in its fullest, you need to be physically fit as we will be walking for long distances, swimming and rowing on rivers, jumping waterfalls, climbing stairs, going in and out of caves all in warm weather. Don’t need to be an olympian athlete, but if you exercise regularly you should be good. Depending on how many we turned out to be, we will be renting a tall vehicle capable of conquering dirt roads, capable of sitting from 5 to 7 of us. Driving skills and valid driving permit would be very helpful. Some of the sites are managed by locals, some have an entrance fee, some don’t. The entrance fee goes from 3 to 7 € paid on the spot. The rafting and scuba diving activities will be paid in advance. 💰 What is included in the price? - 7 night of accommodation in 3-4 star hotels in double bed shared rooms - Transportation from Queretaro City and back. (Car, fuel, toll fees) - Rafting in Tampaon River - Scubbadiving at Media Luna Spring - Entrance fee to Cuatro Palos, Chuveje waterfall, E. James garden, Cave of Swallows, Mantetszulel caves, Tamul waterfall, Micos Waterfall, Puente de Dios SLP, Puente de Dios Qro. ❌ What not included in the price? - Meals and drinks - Personal expenses (souvenirs, tips etc) - Transportation to Queretaro city. See you in Mexico! Send me a message if you have any questions 💬
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Santiago de Querétaro

Tag 1-2
Meeting point. After everyone arrives, we will have a get together dinner and hold introductions. We are at the doorsteps of the Huasteca Potosina, so after one hotel night here we'll leave early the next morning.

Mirador Cuatro Palos

Tag 2
Located in one of the highest and most spectacular ridges of the Sierra Gorda, we need to ditch the car and walk for a couple of minutes to get to the Mirador Cuatro Palos offering us an incredible view of colliding ecosystems.

Cascada Chuveje

Tag 2
Chuveje waterfall is a spectacular sight to behold and a very refreshing opportunity to bathe in an all natural setting. After parking the car, we'll make our way to the site. Our fresh reward will be waiting patiently.

Jalpan de Serra

Tag 2-3
The conclusion of our first busy and productive day, Jalpan de Serra is our first rest stop. After dinner we can stroll around in the local square and then it is bedtime at the hotel. We'll leave early in the morning.

Surrealista Sir Edward James Garden

Tag 3
Edward James, a British poet known for his patronage of the surrealist art movement built Las Pozas, a surrealistic group of structures in a subtropical rainforest in the Sierra Gorda mountains of Mexico. It includes more than 80 acres (32 ha) of natural waterfalls and pools interlaced with towering surrealist sculptures in concrete.

Cave of Swallows

Tag 3
We have to climb down a lot of stairs to get to The Cave of Swallows.The elliptical mouth, on a slope of karst, is 49 by 62 m wide and has a 370 m free fall drop, making it one of the largest cave shafts in the world. It is home to hundreds of birds that each morning exit the cave by flying in concentric circles, gaining height until they reach the entrance. In the evenings the large flocks circle the mouth of the cave and head straight down towards the opening. A sight to behold.

Ciudad Valles

Tag 3-7
The conclusion of our third busy and productive day, Ciudad Valles, is our third rest stop and will be so for 4 nights. Because it's bigger in size, there are more possibilities, after dinner we can go to a local bar and then it is bedtime. We'll leave early in the morning.

mantetzulel Caves

Tag 7
Time to go underground! We will drive, park and then it's a 2/3 hours walk, on a lush and humid setting. We will be going in and out inside a cavernous system as old as time through a variety of entrances. Our resolve and speed will determine how many caves we can visit.

Cascada Salto del Agua (El Naranjo)

Tag 7
After driving to the northernmost point we'll go, we park and once again walk to get to this stunning waterfall. Because it’s far, chances are we will have the place to ourselves. Enjoy the view, the fresh water. When we are ready, we’ll hop once more our vehicle to get to our next stop.

Cascada de Tamul

Tag 7
This is a real treat. We have to park the car and then hop on a canoe to row upstream to get as close as we can to one of the most stunning waterfalls we'll see on the trip. Then we will be allowed to float back and visit a secret cave. A full day to be sure.

Cascadas de Micos

Tag 7
This is it! The moment we have all been waiting for, the main event of the day, Micos waterfalls. Not as big as others, but they make it up being a series of them, that we will first climb and then jump, waterfall after waterfall. Endurance, resistance, temple, will, delight, fun, adrenaline, all mixed together.

Río Tampaón

Tag 7
Today is all about, taking it slow, relax, enjoy the sun, the views and, is that a huge boulder that we are sailing straight at? Row, row, row! The Tampaón river with its amazing turquoise colors is a class III. So strap on, be alert as we navigate it downstream, on a raft, thought its unbelievable scenery.

Puente de Dios

Tag 7
This is getting ridiculous, each place is as incredible as the one we visited before. Here at Puente de Dios, you need to take, a literal, leap of faith as you are slowly pushed into God's bridge, an all natural rock formation caved by water throughout eons of time.

Manantial Media Luna

Tag 7-8
The conclusion of our seventh busy and productive day, Rio Verde, is our fourth rest stop. After dinner we can stroll around in the local square and then it is bedtime at the hotel. Early rise to go scuba-diving in this marvelous natural huge spring.

Puente de Dios

Tag 8
Really? another one of God´s bridges? Yes and this one requires a good hike to get to, but don’t fret it is so so worth it. Besides, it is our last stop before returning to boring civilization. So dig deep, and take it all in as we make our way to the last hidden treasure..

Santiago de Querétaro

Tag 8
WOOOH! Who would at thought that after 6 days we would be back were we started? But as Joseph Campell wrote on the hero's journey, we won’t be the same coming back. Hopefully you had a great time, learned something new and changed for the better. Here we will say our final goodbyes. You can choose to stay one more night here or get to your final destination.
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