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This trip will include some sightseeing in Osaka, Kyoto, Hikone, Otsu, and Toyosato. There will be a night in Osaka and another night upon our return on the last night. There will be one-night stays in Kyoto and Hikone. Finally, three nights in a row in Otsu. - What Anime series will we see during our sightseeing tour? Have you heard of Kyoto Animation? We will see some of their anime's real-life locations. Such as K-On!, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Tamako Market and Hibike Euphonium. Plus, other anime such as Rurouni Kenshin, Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness, Chihayafuru and Inari Kon Kon. 🔴 If you have a certain place you want to visit? Please ask me beforehand. ✈️ Looking for flight deals to Japan? I could assist in research; but contact me the soonest after joining this trip. 👾 Where will we go to the game? Most nights after dinner, I will take you to the nearest arcade, like a Sega and Taito Station. We will visit other arcade businesses as well. Let me know if there is a game you are looking for. - What highlights could we do in Osaka? ✔️ Nipponbashi is the Gaming and Anime district. (Possible 1st, 7th, and day 8th) ✔️ Osaka Caste (Possible Day 7) ✔️ Tsutenkaku "Sightseeing Tower" (Possible 1st, 7th, and day 8th.) ✔️ Osaka Tennoji Zoo (Possible Day 7) ✔️ So much more; ask me if there are any other places you wish to visit. - What highlights could we do in Kyoto? (2nd Day) ✔️ Kyoto Imperial Palace ✔️ Kamo River Stepping Stones ✔️ Kawaramachi-Dori Street ✔️ Kyoto International Manga Museum ✔️ Kyoto Tower (Below 7th Day possibilities) ✔️ Kiyomizu-Dera Temple ✔️ Heian Shrine ✔️ Nijō Castle ✔️ Toei Kyoto Studio Park ✔️ Kyoto Railway Museum ✔️ Toji Temple ✔️ Yasaka Shrine (We can swap 2nd day and 7th-day locations.) - What is happening in Toyosato? (3rd Day) ✔️ Former Toyosato Elementary School (The K-On Anime's High school) ✔️ Ito Chubei Memorial Hall -Former Import & Export Family Business, 19th Century- ✔️Ajiki shrine - (Possible) ✔️Okamura Honke -Feudal Lord's sake brewery- (Possible) - What is happening in Hikone? (4th Day) ✔️ Hikone Castle ✔️ Hikone Palace Museum ✔️ Gokoku Shrine ✔️ Genkyuen Garden ✔️ Lake Biwa - What is happening in Otsu? (5th & 6th) ✔️ Miidera Temple (Rurouni Kenshin) ✔️ Omi Jingu Shrine (Chihayafuru) ✔️ Seta River, Bridges, and Parks (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions anime locations.) ✔️ Hiyoshi-Taisha Shrine ✔️ Mount Hiei ✔️ The Michigan Stream Boat Ferry (Possible Ride) ✔️ Lake Biwa Canal ✔️ Ōtsu City Museum of History - The 7th day is meant to be revisited and locations we missed. As long the group reaches Osaka that night, we can pretty much visit anywhere between Otsu and Osaka. 💰 The trip price will cover the following: - All the Hotels/Hostels (Please let me know on your preferences or concerns.) 🛏️ - The estimated traveling cost for trains and subways. 🚌 - Hikone Castle and Genkyuen Garden package price. - Possibly some group admission to some venues. - The guide's WiFi hot-spot. - The guide's counseling and accompanying services. The trip can be extended from 8 to 10 days. Please ask if you are interested in this. More time can be spent in Kyoto and Osaka. 🔴 --Please contact me in "Chat" and give some feedback. After signing up for the trip.--- 🔴 There is no current Covid-19 travel restrictions. But, please have masks available in crowded indoor areas and around the elderly. Are you looking forward to exploring Japan? Send me a message or as a question in the Q&A!

👋 Dear JoinMyTrip travelers, I'm Russell, a Japanese guide enthusiast; let's take you somewhere to appeal to your anime and gaming fandom. We will be pilgrimaging to real-life anime scene sites and gaming all night at the arcades. Witness wonderful views of the landscapes of Shiga and its huge inland lake. Join us in the breathtaking view of the ancient city of Kyoto. Then we will climb to the top of a Japanese castle. Video was given permission by Shiga Prefectural Tourism Office.

Your accommodations are likely to be at a Business Hotel, Airbnb or a Hostel with some amenities. First night stay will include a decent place to sleep after long international flight. Please let me know, if you have any preferences on your accommodations. Be aware we traveling as a group and sharing space might happen.

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Du kannst mit Russell chatten, sobald du deinen Platz reserviert hast.

Kansai-Airport Station

Tag 1
Everyone should arrive at Kansai International Airport. I will pick an easy spot for everyone to see me. Hopefully everyone's arrival time is around the same time. When ready, we will head for the train to Osaka.


Tag 1
Once we arrive in Osaka, hopefully we have time to check-in will where we are staying. If we are too early, then we will find a place for a early dinner or relax at a cafe. This will also be the time when I give a short briefing about our trip. Those who feel jet-leg may relax at lodging for the rest of the day.


Tag 1-2
Those who do not have jet-lag can join us at Nipponbashi. There are many Anime stores and gaming arcades. You could revisit this place at the end of the trip. So no need to shop now and lug it with you for the rest of the trip. Tsutenkaku Tower is near by and we can view the city skyline. I believe we could hang out in the arcades till 21:00.

Namba Station

Tag 2
Before traveling to Kyoto, we will have some breakfast. I like us to take an early train to have more time in Kyoto. The train ride will be over an hour and there is a transfer to switch to another line.

Kyoto Station

Tag 2
When we arrive at Kyoto Station, we will place our luggage in the station's lockers or at our stay if available. The main lobby of the station looks amazing and everyone should take a look at it before we leave. Soon after, we will head to the subway for the Manga Museum.

Kyoto International Manga Museum

Tag 2
The museum's collection consists of approximately 300,000 items incorporating historical materials such as caricatures from the Mid-Edo period, magazines from the Meiji period, and post-war rental books, as well as current popular works and publications from abroad. 50,000 volumes of manga from the collection are shelved throughout the museum on the Wall of Manga, readily available for visitors to read onsite. When we arrive at the manga museum, it could be near lunch time. The museum does have a cafe to get a fine meal.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Tag 2
The Imperial Palace was once the ruling seat of the Emperor of Japan. Today the Imperial family moved to Tokyo's Imperial Palace long ago. After a security check, we are allowed to explore the grounds of the palace. The buildings within the palace's walls show different styles of architecture from the era. There are also gardens dotted around the area as well. After, we do have some time to check out the parks and the stepping stones on the river, as seen in the Anime series.

Kyoto Tower

Tag 2
By this time, our lodging is ready to check in. We will travel back to the station and get our luggage. We should have time to stop by Kyoto Tower for a nice sunset view or a grand night view of the city.

Kawaramachi-Dori Street

Tag 2
After checking-in during our stay, it was time for the gamers to play at the arcades. Before that, we will find a place for dinner. Anyone not up for any game? You could explore Kawaramachi-Dori Street as it has tons of stores and there is a gacha-ball machine near by. As before, we will be in the arcade till 21:00.

Kyoto Station

Tag 2-3
After we check-out our stay and our breakfast. We will try to get on an early morning train to our next location. Today will not be too busy and we might have more free time. Our train ride will be an hour and thirty minutes.

Toyosato Station

Tag 3
Upon arriving at Toyosato, a small town in Shiga, you will start noticing something running around very still and made out of wood. I wonder if you will even notice? But, you get a chance to see small town life while walking to your next location.

Former Toyosato Elementary School

Tag 3
We will go to a former elementary school that was used as the high school in the K-ON anime series. Where you can see all the school scenes that were in the anime. Also, there are a lot of devoted fans collections surrounding the school. The town also has a small museum, library and community center in the complex.


Tag 3
This is the family home and business trading company of the Ito family. Many businesses along the Nakasendo route (a trading road from Kyoto to Edo) became big zaibatsu companies. That they helped modernize Japan during the Meji Era. Chubei Ito founded two big trading companies, such as ITOCHU Corporation and Marubeni Corporation. This home has a Meji Era decor and gives off a traditional style of Japanese culture during that time.

Hikone Station

Tag 3-4
Upon arrival, I believe we can check-in for our stay and then have some free time in downtown Hikone. We could try to have a special mini-party at one of the restaurants with some unique Japanese food. There is a good arcade, a bit away from the downtown area.

Genkyuen Garden

Tag 4
The castle lord's garden, made to recreate the famous Eight Views of Omi (modeled on the Chinese "Eight Views of Xiaoxiang"). Hikone Castle, looks over garden you better get photo yourself of this to send home.

Hikone Castle Museum

Tag 4
We will explore the palace and the castle. The palace is very decorative with artwork and an early Edo feel that you see in movies. Later we will travel up the hill to the castle. Then we will go to the main keep and have a wonderful view of Lake Biwa.


Tag 4-5
The train ride to Otsu is about an hour. I believe we could check-in early during our stay. If there is extra time, we could try checking off one of the planned locations. We also could take a breather and just chill somewhere. Like always, I will take you to the arcades again for Otsu and get back before 22:00 as tomorrow will be a long day.

Karahashi Park

Tag 5
The park and surrounding bridges were commonly featured in the "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions" anime series. The walk along the Seta River is really amazing, even if you haven't watched the anime. I will guide you to the spots that take place in the anime.

Ishiyama Station

Tag 5
Also feature a few times in "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions". This is the station where characters meet up and take the train. After a few days here, we will take the train to view another part of Ostu city.

Otsu Port

Tag 5
The port is lively with ferries and there is even a boat that looks like an American 19th century steam boat; it's named the Michigan. (Let me know if you wish to ride the ferry and it may be a little costly and they do serve meals.)

Onjo-ji Temple (Mii-dera)

Tag 5
Along the way we will see the older traditional buildings of downtown Otsu and the Lake Biwa Canal. The canal to be traveled all the way to Kyoto. Miidera temple had a role in the Genpei and Sengoku Wars in Japan's history. The temple was used as a setting for the Rurouni Kenshin series.


Tag 5-6
Being close to downtown, there are many places we could still visit before the end of the day. There is a wide selection of different types of restaurants as well. Also, one of the arcades is also nearby as well.

Omi Jingu Shrine

Tag 6
Omi Jingu is a special shrine that is dedicated to water clocks and Karuta (card) games. The anime "Chihayafuru" takes place in the event hall nearby. It is a great place to learn more about Karuta games.

Hiyoshi-Taisha Shrine

Tag 6
Hiyoshi-Taisha Shrine is one of Japan's National Historic Sites and one of the oldest Shinto complexes. The shrine is dedicated to Mount Hiei. We could take a cable car up the mount and see Lake Biwa and the temple complex on the mountain.


Tag 6-7
If there is any time left in the day, I could take you to Shinkarasaki Park for a sunset view of the lake and see the city lights of Otsu city reflecting off the water. Since it is our last night in Otsu, we can have dinner at a neat Yakitori restaurant nearby. Afterwards, I could take those who want to the arcade for the rest of the night.


Tag 7
Please review the Trip Description, as the 7th day is meant to be revisited and what we missed during sightseeing. As long the group reaches Osaka that night, we can pretty much can visit anywhere between Otsu and Osaka. Let me know your ideas.


Tag 7-8
As I said before, you can buy products from Nipponbashi during this. You might need to get another carry-on if you have no luggage space? ;) It everyone choice what you want to do on the final night. If you like have a final dinner together with everyone? Please let everyone know beforehand.

Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 Building

Tag 8
Hopefully, everyone's departure flights are in the evening or at night. So we can do one more group activity in the morning. If you need assistance back to the airport, I could guide you there. If your flight is the next day, I could guide you somewhere till the end of the day.
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