Artic Aurora 🌈 and Reindeer Glides 🦌 in Norway: Tromsø's Winter Wonderland ❄️

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special 🌈 Aurora Borealis
special 🦌 Reindeer Sledding & Sami culture
special 🗻 Fjords cruise
Hey there! 👋 Do you want to see Aurora borealis 🌈, immerse yourself in Sami culture, meet 300 reindeer 🦌, breathtaking arctic wilderness 🌳, colossal fjords meeting Norwegian sea 🏔️ and much more? Learn more about this Arctic Circle adventure below! Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime Arctic 8-day experience as we venture into the pristine realms of Tromsøya and Kvaløya islands, where enchanting traditions meet untamed natural beauty. This immersive journey is not just a trip, it's a symphony of experiences orchestrated to captivate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your soul. Our adventure includes: 🏙️ Visit Tromsø city centre 👙 Tromsøbadet - the municipal sophisticated pool ⚓ The Polar Museum 🦌 Reindeer Sledding and Sami traditions 🚢 Fjords cruise & breathtaking views. 🛣️ Small road trip to our beautiful cabin in the woods 🌈 Wait for nightfall, when the real magic begins! 🧳 Trip planning and packing list 🛄Travel Insurance for Austrian and German residents 🚗 For a smooth journey we'll have a rented car. I'm a licensed driver, but other drivers are always warmly welcomed.

🤝 The activities are a mix of cultural and natural experiences that stimulate the use of all your senses. I'll go into more detail about each one in the day's description. I do have some others under my sleeve, depending on the preferences of the TripMates I'll be sharing this trip with. 🫰 For expenses like groceries or other activities, we'll be using the app Sliptwise to help us sync with our responsibilities.

🥺 In the unfortunate case of not finding 4 TripMates, we'll have to share a higher price on accommodation and transportation. 🫶 Friends and couples are welcome! ❤️ Great memories are guaranteed! I'm a very open-minded and active person who planned this trip and will live the journey with you! 🏡 Accommodation: airbnb rentals, guesthouses, shared rooms Join me on this extraordinary journey, where each day unfolds as a chapter in a story only the Arctic can tell! See you in the Tromsø! ❄️

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🏡 Accommodations
🚗 Rental car (gas included)
👙 Tromsøbadet - Pool ticket
⚓ The Polar Museum ticket
🦌 Reindeer Sledding, Feeding & Sami
🚢 Fjords cruise ticket
🧳 Trip planning and packing list
🛄Travel Insurance for Austrian & German
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Human from Portugal, on her 25th trip around the sun 🔆.Dedicated to learn the wonders of the world and explore human potential.

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Tag 1-4
Arrival and meeting day! 👋🏼 Day 1 - 08 Oct ✈️ This is the day we'll arrive in Tromsø, check into our 3-night accommodation 🏡, get to know each other and our surroundings. ❗ WE'LL MEET IN Tromsø - Langnes AIRPORT (TOS) OR OUR HOUSE❗ Depending on everyone's arrival we might enjoy some local cuisine 🍴 all together in the city! Tromsø city exploration 🌆 Day 2 - 09 Oct We'll embark on a captivating journey through Tromsø's heart 🫶🏼. Wander the charming streets adorned with colourful houses 🏘️, breathing in the crisp Arctic air and delve deeper into Tromsø's history: Visit the Polar Museum ❄️, and see the modern elegance of the Arctic Cathedral ⛪, a symbol of Tromsø's unique blend of tradition and contemporary charm. Continue the adventure at Tromsøbadet 👙 (Tromsø public swimming pool), where relaxation meets recreation. Unwind in the soothing waters of the Arctic-inspired spa, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape 🏔️. 🦌 Reindeer Sledding, Feeding and Sami Culture day Day 3 - 10 Oct It's time for a very special day! We'll start our day by visiting TROMSØ ARCTIC REINDEER to get the chance to interact with hundreds of reindeer individuals and experience the delicious traditional Sami food 🍲 inside a gamme ⛺ (Sami tent). 🕐 Duration: 4 hours (incl. transportation) 🤼‍♂️ Included: ✔Feeding of wild reindeer around the reindeer camp ✔ Reindeer sledding ride ✔ Option to test lasso throwing (not on real reindeer) ✔ Transportation ✔ Traditional warm lunch ✔ Hot drinks & cookies ✔ Warm overalls if needed ✔ Snow boots if needed 🥾 Bring with you: At least two layers of warm clothing, hat, mittens, winter boots. **I'll send a detailed packaging list before the trip**


Tag 4-6
Small road trip through islands 🏝️ & Aurora borealis 🌈 Day 4 - 11 Oct A day to be astonished by Norweigan natural beauty 🗻, we'll cross Sandnessund bridge 🌉 showing a unique perspective of Tromsøya and the island of Kvaløya. Depending on the weather we can hike and explore through the day! Our second stay 🏡 is a magical cabin in the woods, the perfect place to hunt northern lights by the sea! May the luck be with us 🍀! We'll sleep three nights at Sjøtunvegen and explore the cities and coast nearby.


Tag 6-7
Sommarøy island 🏝️ day! Day 5 - 12 Oct Sommarøy Island is a charming fishing village 🎣 outside Kvaløya in Northern Norway. In there, we'll explore the beautiful landscape including beaches, the Steinsvika archaeological site, get the opportunity for outdoor activities (depending on weather conditions) and degustate some local cuisine! After that, more Aurora Borealis hunt with great company and hot drinks ☕ Buffer & relax day Day 6 - 13 Oct This is a buffer day - in case anyone has a place/thing they really want to see, experience or some activity we didn't do on schedule due to weather conditions for example. If none of the above apply, I have some suggestions planned for us! This night will be our last night in the cabin 💫 before travelling back to Tromsø, where we'll stay one night before departing ✈️ So, last night to see some mesmerizing Artic Auroras 🌈!!


Tag 7-8
Fjord's cruise day! 🚢 Day 7 - 14 Oct One day before saying goodbye to the Artic Circle, we couldn't miss the views and biodiversity from the marvellous Norwegian sea, so in the morning we'll go for a: Polar Fjord and Fishing Cruise 🏔️ 🕐 5 hours 🤼‍♂️ Guide, hot drinks, snacks, a polar soup and an Insulated jacket 🥾 Warm clothes (at least two layers), gloves and hat, good winter boots. After this, we'll have our final moments in the city in case anyone wants some souvenirs 🎁 and have time to pack for tomorrow's departing ( Day 15 - 10 Oct) ✈️.
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Tromsø, Sjøtunvegen & 2 weitere
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