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125,000+ passionate travellers
How it works
  • 1. Plan and offer
    Create your trip on our platform. Add your destination, stops, number of people you want to travel with and trip costs.
  • 2. Publish & Chat
    Publish your trip, we will share it with our 125.000 community members, who would request to join. Chat with your potential travel buddies and select the ones you want to travel with.
  • 3. Travel and enjoy
    Your travel buddies would pay you for organizing the trip. Travel together and enjoy a unique experience.

Our Top TripLeaders
Our TripLeaders are working professionals & students who are passionate travellers. They love to explore new places, organize trips and meet new people from all over the world.
  • Max Holden
    11 Trips
    Destinations covered:
    Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, South America, Tanzania, Iceland, New York, Spain
    Earned: 5,200 Euros
  • Eva Stark
    8 Trips
    Destinations covered:
    India, Sri Lanka, Greece, Poland, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan

    Earned: 3,800 Euros
  • Till Müller
    14 Trips
    Destinations Covered:
    Denmark, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France, Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, India.
    Earned: 6,750 Euros
  • Lisa Weber
    9 Trips
    Destinations Covered:
    Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Cambodia
    Earned: 4,300 Euros
Why should I offer a trip?
Your plan, your Tripmates

As a tripleader you can cover your travel costs or even earn some money, you will also have the control over the travel itinerary and who's traveling with you.
Secure Payment & Trust

Using JoinMyTrip's secure your payment, you will never have to worry about receiving the trip cost from your TripMates.
They will confirm their spot by paying 20% of the trip cost up front.
We've got your back!

Our team will support you before, on and after your trip. We have a 24/7 customer support that is going to help you and your TripMates if needed.
Reviews from our TripLeaders
  • Jonas Thompson
    Sales Manager
    "Planning my travels with JoinMyTrip allowed me to not only help fund my backpacking trip to Norway but to meet amazing, like-minded travel buddies who wanted to share the same great experience as me. Simply amazing!"
  • Tim Bosler
    Software Engineer
    "At first I thought I would have to plan every little detail, but actually I only have to organize the accommodation & transport between the stops! You decide how much you want to organize and no-one expects you to arrange the entire trip, so there's no pressure."

  • Christine Schmitz
    Marketing student
    "I have been a member for 2 years. Whenever I organize trips, I get to travel with people from different backgrounds and cultures which I think is exactly what travelling is all about. I really like that you can chat with your travel buddies in advance and decide who you would like to take on your trip."
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