Safety, Trust and Commitment
Secure payments are now available
  • Trust
    TripLeaders now verify their identities to earn a verified badge on their profile
  • Commitment
    TripMates commit by paying a portion of the cost upfront, so TripLeaders can plan ahead and make advance reservations confidently
  • Security
    All payments are made securely through JoinMyTrip
What's new
  • As a TripLeader, you verify your identity with your ID card, passport or driver's license
  • Fill out a few details so you can can transfer and receive payments directly to your bank account
Verified Profiles
  • The Cost per TripMate includes the costs for accommodation, transportation and activities. The TripLeader takes care of all bookings.
  • Once the TripMate is confirmed, a part of the trip cost is requested to commit and secure the spot. The TripLeader uses the payment to cover reservation expenses.
  • The remaining amount is due 2-6 weeks before departure.
One price per TripMate
  • Our community consists of 125.000 travelers to join unique adventures.
  • The TripLeader decides who joins the trip and makes sure the groups is a good fit
  • Secure payment ensures committed TripLeader and TripMates
Like-minded & committed Travel Buddies
How it works!
  • 1. Plan & Discover
    As a TripLeader you organize your trip and calculate the cost per TripMate (accommodation, transportation and other activities). TripMates from our community of like-minded travelers can discover all these trips and choose their dream trip.
  • 2. Request & Confirm
    Interested TripMates request to join and start chatting with the TripLeader. Once the TripLeader confirmed a TripMate, a part of the total trip cost is requested and the spot is secured. TripLeader receives the remaining money, 2-6 weeks before departure.
  • 3. Travel & Meet
    Travel hassle-free with committed TripMates. Explore the world together, share your experiences and create new memories.
You are a TripLeader if.... enjoy planning and organizing your next adventure and are looking for like-minded committed TripMates to join.

As a TripLeader you are responsible for the accomodation, transportation and activities. You decide who you want to take on the trip! Discover the world with new friends :)

You are a TripMate if...
... you don't want to go through the hassle of planning a trip. You can check out all the unique trips organized by our TripLeaders.

As a TripMate you explore the world safely with a small group of keen travelers from the JoinMyTrip-Community. Share your experiences and travel costs!

Why should I travel with JoinMyTrip?
We are a trustworthy community of 125,000+ passionate travellers
125,000+ passionate travellers
Committed Travelers

With JoinMyTrip the TripLeader has the control over the travel itinerary and the TripMates. TripMates confirm and secure their spot by paying a part of the trip coste up front.

Secure Payment & Trust

By using JoinMyTrip's secure payment, you will never have to worry about your money. Profiles are verified with the ID card and a connected Bank Account.
We've got your back

Our team will support you before, on and after your trip! Our customer support is going to help you if needed - doesn't matter if you are TripLeader or a TripMate.