Safety, Trust and Commitment
Secure payments are now available
TripLeaders now verify their identities to earn a verified badge on their profile
TripMates commit by paying a portion of the cost upfront, so TripLeaders can plan ahead and make advance reservations confidently
All payments are made securely through JoinMyTrip
What's new
  • As a TripLeader, you verify your identity with your ID card, passport or driver's license
  • Fill out a few details so you can can transfer and receive payments directly to your bank account
Verified Profiles
  • The Cost per TripMate includes the costs for accommodation, transportation and activities. The TripLeader takes care of all bookings.
  • Once the TripMate is confirmed, a part of the trip cost is requested to commit and secure the spot. The TripLeader uses the payment to cover reservation expenses.
  • The remaining amount is due 2-6 weeks before departure.
One price per TripMate
  • Our community consists of 125.000 travelers to join unique adventures.
  • The TripLeader decides who joins the trip and makes sure the groups is a good fit
  • Secure payment ensures committed TripLeader and TripMates
Like-minded & committed Travel Buddies
How it works!
1. Plan & Discover
As a TripLeader you organize your trip and calculate the cost per TripMate (accommodation, transportation and other activities). TripMates from our community of like-minded travelers can discover all these trips and choose their dream trip.
2. Request & Confirm
Interested TripMates request to join and start chatting with the TripLeader. Once the TripLeader confirmed a TripMate, a part of the total trip cost is requested and the spot is secured. TripLeader receives the remaining money, 2-6 weeks before departure.
3. Travel & Meet
Travel hassle-free with committed TripMates. Explore the world together, share your experiences and create new memories.
You are a TripLeader if.... enjoy planning and organizing your next adventure and are looking for like-minded committed TripMates to join.

As a TripLeader you are responsible for the accomodation, transportation and activities. You decide who you want to take on the trip! Discover the world with new friends :)

You are a TripMate if...
... you don't want to go through the hassle of planning a trip. You can check out all the unique trips organized by our TripLeaders.

As a TripMate you explore the world safely with a small group of keen travelers from the JoinMyTrip-Community. Share your experiences and travel costs!

Why should I travel with JoinMyTrip?
We are a trustworthy community of 125,000+ passionate travellers
125,000+ passionate travellers
Committed Travelers

With JoinMyTrip the TripLeader has the control over the travel itinerary and the TripMates. TripMates confirm and secure their spot by paying a part of the trip coste up front.

Secure Payment & Trust

By using JoinMyTrip's secure payment, you will never have to worry about your money. Profiles are verified with the ID card and a connected Bank Account.
We've got your back

Our team will support you before, on and after your trip! Our customer support is going to help you if needed - doesn't matter if you are TripLeader or a TripMate.
What is JoinMyTrip?
JoinMyTrip offers a platform on which everyone can offer, discover or participate in individual trips with other travellers. In other words: We connect travelers and enable them to discover the world in an authentic way.
Why should I travel in a group with JoinMyTrip?
Traveling in a group has so much to offer: from new friendships and lots of fun, to simply having someone to rely on. Not convinced? Then you should continue reading...

1. Together you experience more and can share your experiences

In a group, you simply experience and laugh more. But the best part is being able to remember and relive the best moments together with your fellow travelers - this way the trip stays in your memory even longer. Usually you start your journey with a group of strangers and return with friends.

2. You see the bigger picture

Where else can you meet such open-minded people with completely different backgrounds and experiences? The more diverse your TripMates are, the more interesting your trip is going to be. Everyone has something to contribute to an exciting story. In most groups there will be solo travelers, couples and friends who all team up so you always feel comfortable no matter what.

3. Share costs and save

You can share a room with a TripMate, you can rent a car or even hire a private tour guide - no matter what you do, the costs will be lower when they can be shared.

4. Sit back and relax or earn money with your trip

Why would everyone have to take care of transport, accommodation, sightseeing and so on independently? It's much easier when only one person undertakes these tasks - that's what TripLeaders are for. As a TripMate you don't have to worry about transport and accommodation. If the TripLeader also offers a sightseeing program, you pay a little more, but have absolutely nothing to worry about for your trip.

5. Finally - an individual trip that can be experienced in a group

Unlike with normal group tours, JoinMyTrip gives you the freedom and space you need! No annoying tour guide that drags you from one shop to the next or has a strict 24 hour program for the day. With JoinMyTrip, everyone has the desired freedom but also the advantages of travelling in a group!

6. You are not alone

Walking alone through a foreign city at night? Not always a good idea. It's a much better feeling walking around with a group of friends and arriving at the hostel together.

If these 6 points haven't convinced you yet - all we can say is: give it a try!

Who can become a TripLeader?
To offer a trip you need to fulfill the following criteria:

You are a real traveler. You previously traveled through at least 5 countries and experienced quite a few things on the way. You are able to share your experience with your TripMates. That means for example that you:

  • Have 3 years of travel experience or you traveled a lot lately.
  • Have been a guide before, have been a team leader in clubs / societies or at work or that you are the one in the group that always calls the shots.
  • Are well informed about your travel destination or you've already been there in the past .
  • Speak the language or you know how to communicate with the locals via non-verbal communication .
  • You are authentic .
  • You love to meet new people.
  • You make sure your fellow TripMates feel comfortable - for you, everyone is a friend.
  • You always have a positive attitude.
  • You are full of energy and drive everyday.
  • You always help others and take care of their problems.
  • There's a solution to every problem. Your slogan is: think big and act.

You are empathetic and try to:

  • Make sure no one feels excluded
  • Build up conversations easily
  • Adjust the experience to the needs of your TripMate
  • Make sure everyone has the best trip possible
    How do I book a trip?
    When you have found your dream trip, you can simply click on the "Request Now" button and write a short message to your TripLeader with some information about you and any questions you might have. He can then either ask you questions to get to know you better or confirm you directly. Once he has confirmed your request, you pay the TripLeader 20% of the trip price to reserve your place on the trip.
    What happens if the TripLeader gets sick?
    If a TripLeader gets sick or is otherwise prevented from coming, this is first and foremost not at all nice for him. We are sure that he would like to start the trip as much as you do - if not even more. We, at JoinMyTrip, will do everything we can to find a suitable replacement.

    If our search is unsuccessful, we will check if a team member of JoinMyTrip travels with your group as a TripLeader. After all, we love what we do - travelling!

    If all else fails, we will support you as a group in such a way that you can travel without a TripLeader. We will organize accommodation, directions, suggestions for activities etc. This includes that we pay you the local SIM card so that you can always reach us.

    Of course there is also the possibility to cancel the trip. Please see section "Cancellation Policy". Of course we will support you as best as we can and make the process as easy as possible.