We at JoinMyTrip have partnered up with Viselio to provide you with easy visa and travel documentation processes! Take advantage of our collaboration and discover the fastest way to get your travel visa.
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What is Viselio?
Viselio is a Swiss travel tech startup that helps you get your travel documentation the easiest possible way! Thanks to the digital end-to-end visa management solution they developed – the world's first fully automated visa application form – you can now apply for your travel visa online within a few minutes. Viselio also provides COVID-19 testing before your trip, invitations letters, etc.

Be smart, save time, and let Viselio take care of your visa & travel documentation.
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Why did we partner with Viselio?
Painless visa process
We at JoinMyTrip believe that no one has to go through a long and complicated visa process. By partnering with Viselio we are offering our community a way to easily get their required visas and documents to travel around the world.
Enhancing your experience
We are constantly trying to partner with companies that will make your experience with us that much better. We believe Viselio will add that extra sparkle to your trip!
Growing community
We love to welcome new partners to join our lovely community of like-minded travelers, to continuously grow together as a community and share their passion for traveling.
Viselio Benefits
Fast & simple visa application
Viselio has a fully automated visa application form which is very simple to fill out and only takes a few minutes! Say goodbye to long and complex visa application processes.
Full support

From beginning to end, you will have a visa specialist to support you through your visa application journey. You will always have someone available to answer any questions. Support is available in English, German or French

Thanks to the innovative visa process, you can apply for your travel visa from the comfort of your own home. Once your visa has been approved, it will be delivered right to your doorstep. You don't ever have to leave the house.
Viselio Services

COVID-19 testing for travel
Viselio makes it easy for travelers to obtain the required tests.
Health certificates
Need a valid health certificate that confirms your negative COVID-19 PCR test results?
Get it with Viselio.
Travel visa services
Simple online visa and e-visa application to over 90 worldwide destinations.

Invitation letters
Viselio offers business and travel invitation letters, which is a requirement and in most cases an integral document for a successful visa application.
Viselio is Available in
Exclusive Discount!
Discount code: JMT15
Get 15€ off your purchase when buying your visa or travel documents with Viselio.
*Enter discount code at check out
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