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Hey there! Calling all adventurers! We've got an epic journey lined up to Japan and Hong Kong, and we're looking to expand our crew! I've crafted the ultimate itinerary for our trip, so it's time to start packing and join me on this incredible adventure. Get ready to explore the vibrant streets of Tokyo and Hong Kong, where we'll dive into the culinary delights of sushi and Dim Sum, snap some one-of-a-kind photos, and create memories that'll last a lifetime. Don't let this opportunity slip away—come along and let's make some unforgettable moments together!

Hi yall! Im marie im from venezuela half colombian tho, currently a Nomad, i lived in Europe for 12 years and now going around. Im 31 yearls old, an aries a free spirit, and a social butterfly i love meeting new people and to know new cultures and languages. Im very open minded and easy going person. I travel the world with my dog Sammy (pug 5 years old) sometimes he joins the trip sometimes not. also a big foodie! im a great cook but i also love eating out currently im speaking 4 languages and learning chinnese at the moment.

Where will we stay? Our accommodation in Tokyo will be a capsule hostel, you will have your own cabin and bathrooms are shared. The accommodation is modern and breakfast is included in our stay. You will also receive your own sleep analysis afterwards. The capsule unit will scientifically measure your sleeping condition. Our accommodation in Hong Kong will be a hotel and rooms will be shared. Important: The train pass in Japan is not included in the cost. We will discuss together which one to get, depending on how long you stay, as there are several options available. Do you have a question? Ask in the Q&A! I'm happy to hop on a call with you after booking, to see if we get along and if this trip matches your expectations. Can’t wait to hear from you! 🙌🏻

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Accommodation (shared room)
Hong Kong street tour
Roundtrip Peak Tram ticket
Skytree Entrance
Trip planning and packing list
Bus to Macau
Guided walking tour of Old Town Central
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Full time nomad, freelancer, polyglot, artist, pottery maker, painter and a pro dancer.

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Trip Itinerary

Hong Kong

Day 1-3
day 1 Explore the lesser-known facets of Hong Kong with our eye-opening Dark Side of the City Walking Tour. While the city dazzles with its iconic landmarks like The Peak, Victoria Harbour, and Big Buddha, there's a hidden reality beneath the surface. Join us as we delve into the depths of Hong Kong's capitalist structure, offering a candid glimpse into the lives of the 1.5 million people grappling with poverty in one of the world's most unequal societies. On this tour, you'll step into the heart of impoverished neighborhoods, witnessing firsthand the stark juxtaposition between wealth and destitution. From visiting subdivided units to understanding the economic disparities, this experience will challenge your perspective and shed light on a side of Hong Kong often overlooked by visitors. ------------------------------- day 2 Embark on a captivating journey through the rich history of Hong Kong with a guided city tour. Experience the iconic Peak Tram, delve into the charm of Old Town Central, take a scenic ride on the longest outdoor escalator, and treat your taste buds to the delectable flavors of dim sum at the renowned Tim Ho Wan restaurant. --------------------------

Macau Island

Day 3-4
A mere hour away yet worlds apart from Hong Kong lies Macau, the bustling hub of mega-resorts and casinos intertwined with captivating historical landmarks. Join us as we hop on a bus journey to Macau, where we'll embark on a walking exploration of this dynamic city.


Day 4-5
Prepare to immerse yourself in the renowned Shibuya Crossing, a bustling intersection renowned as one of the world's busiest pedestrian crossings. Whether you choose to savor the spectacle from a cozy café perch or dive right into the lively crossing itself, it's an experience not to be missed. As the day winds down, indulge in a delectable dinner amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Shibuya. With a plethora of dining options ranging from traditional izakayas to diverse international cuisine, there's something to satisfy every palate and craving.


Day 5-6
Experience the contemporary pulse of Tokyo on our Modern Tokyo tour! Begin your day at the vibrant Tsukiji Outer Market, where you'll tantalize your taste buds with fresh sushi and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of stalls brimming with seafood delights and Japanese snacks. Next, we'll venture into Ginza, Tokyo's upscale shopping haven, to explore its array of luxury boutiques, department stores, and the iconic Wako Building, a symbol of elegance and refinement. No visit to Tokyo is complete without a stop at Tokyo Station, where we'll descend into the basement to uncover the savory delights of "Ramen Street." Indulge in a mouthwatering lunch as you take your pick from a selection of renowned ramen shops.


Day 6-7
With Tokyo's vast expanse and myriad attractions, we've set aside an extra day for further exploration tailored to our interests! There's no predefined itinerary just yet—we'll brainstorm together to decide our agenda, whether exploring as a group or in smaller clusters. Regardless of our daytime pursuits, we'll reconvene in the evening for a final group gathering over dinner or drinks, reminiscing about our adventures and sharing stories. And let's not forget to indulge in the quintessential Japanese experience of sake tasting! As a cornerstone of Japanese culture and cuisine, it's a delightful beverage that's not to be missed during our visit. Cheers to new discoveries and shared memories!


Day 7-8
As the sun rises on our final morning, we'll gather for breakfast and bid farewell to our accommodation. From here, you're free to embark on your next adventure or begin your journey back home. Until we meet again on another remarkable journey!
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8 days trip
Hong Kong, Macau Island & 4 more
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