POOL VILLA from 1001 Nights - Explore Marrakech, trendy locations, the desert and Orient Vibes

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Anne Kalienke


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*** The trip will definitely take place - the house is booked fixed without cancellation possibility and I also advertise on other platforms, so the trip will certainly take place, even if it is not yet fully occupied here. *** Hello dear ones, I have booked a wonderful house in Marrakech for two weeks. Yes A very spacious villa with 3 bedrooms, private pool and garden. With everything your heart desires and what you need for daily life. The price here is for the whole two weeks alone in the (double) room. The offer to share the room you will find in another offer. 😊 You are also welcome to either work on site or use the time as a vacation as you like. In the free time we can explore Marrakesh together and discover hip locations, great markets and souks, the desert etc. Go out to eat, cook together and whatever else we enjoy. All very relaxed and with enough space to retreat, if desired. As always, I try to put together a mixed group of men and women - we will be a minimum of 3 people, a maximum of 5. Depending on whether the rooms are single or double occupancy. About me: I'm a self-employed copywriter and work about 2-4 hours a day. You can of course work as much or as little on your project or activity as you wish. Or not at all... 🙂 I love the sea, have been traveling to a different destination every other month for over a year and have now been through Mexico, Bali, Cyprus, the Canary Islands, Madeira, Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes among others. Each time a great experience, with wonderful people, unique experiences and great friendships, contacts and business ideas. 😊 Do you feel like escaping cold Germany? 😍 Then come on board! ☀️
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Day 1-15
We spend 14 days in our great pool villa - 10 min from the center of Marrakech. We share either a rental car or use Uber to drive regularly into the city to explore trendy locations, oriental markets and much more.


Day 15
The great souk in Marrakech offers super shopping opportunities, fabrics, spices, lamps and much more. Legendary are especially the Moroccan shoes... Let's discover together the vibes of 1001 nights!
15 days trip
Marrakesch, souk
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