Oaxaca, Mexico 🍃 Intemate journey with purpose: Remedios del Bosque Retreat-Workshop

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👋 Hola, Hola Welcome to my profile, I am Malena, proudly Oaxacan, I have a university degree in tourism administration, a couple of years working for hotels and the private sector and I am currently becoming independent as an expert in planning experiences and trips that can contribute to the development of local communities. The world of medicinal plants is an exciting topic where science and popular culture converge. Traditionally, herbal medicine has been considered a basic therapeutic alternative for a vast sector of the rural population that does not have access to modern allopathic medicine. However, traditional herbal medicine, from its evolution to the present, has been used for conventional medicine. On this journey we will enter a community in the valleys of Oaxaca where we will connect with medicinal plants through syntropic agriculture (based on understanding natural processes to apply them to agriculture) and we will learn to make our own herbal products. This workshop-retreat will be taught by experts with more than 12 years of experience, women who inspire and who impart a message that will lead us to understand our own nature and align it with the nature of our environment. Finally, the message from the creators of this workshop is: “Medicinal plants are part of our lives and their uses are an ancestral legacy that is part of us. We have created these medicinal agroforestry and syntropic herbal workshops because to work with medicinal plants you have to know them, taste them, smell them and know how to process them in order to extract the purest and most medicinal parts. It is important to learn to interact with them to make them our allies and our healers.” WHAT INCLUDES 💰 🍽️ Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. 📝 Theory and practice + Materials for workshops. 🚗 Transportation Oaxaca City-Headquarters of the Workshop-Retreat 🛏️ Accommodation in comfortable shared rooms SOMETHING ELSE YOU WILL WANT TO KNOW: Our host community will be an indigenous Zapotec community and something characteristic of these cultures is that they are excellent artisans, and farmers and we may be interested in buying something from them. The hotels where we will stay are oriented toward rural tourism, so they offer us a unique proposal, connected to the cultural and natural elements of the community. They also offer us holistic services such as massages, temazcal, yoga classes, as well as recreational activities such as hiking. It is a great opportunity to achieve a cultural exchange and build roots among women of the world. I'm really looking forward to meeting you on this adventure. Continue reading the itinerary to know the program...
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Hola, Hola Welcome to my profile, I am Malena, proudly Oaxacan, I have a university degree in tourism administration and a big love for nature and wellnes. I have discovered in the simplicity of things the magic of life and in self-love the purpose of living. I have discovered everything walking paths in the forest, walking on a path of wet sand, watching the sunrise from the top of a mountain and thanks to the lucky encounters with the wisdom that comes to me in the form of sweet people. I want to share this beautiful side of life, I want to share my experience, my land and its magic and I want to extend my roots to connect with others who like me, daydream, live its magic, find themselves on each trip.
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1
Meet and Departure from Oaxaca City We will meet at the center of Oaxaca City to departure to the village where we will be staying the next tree days. Oaxaca de Juarez is a wonderful colonial city full of colors, flavors and smells of coffee and chocolate in its main streets. It is the capital of the state of Oaxaca and is the center of an impressive diversity of culture, art, events and of course natural wonders. Once you arrive in Oaxaca you feel like arriving in a fairytale town that you won't want to leave.

Valles Centrales

Day 1-2
INTRODUCTION *Presentation, meditation, opening ritual and permission. *Travel to space to understand the natural succession and the function of medicinal plants. *Oracle of medicinal plants. *Sensory experience with medicinal plants. *Presentation of medicinal species and their therapeutic functions.

Valles Centrales

Day 2
APPROACH TO MEDICINAL SAFS *Principles and concepts of syntropic agriculture. *Soil preparation (practice): Soil life and dynamics, how to fertilize and organic matter. *Herbal ceremony and word circle. LIVING MEDICINAL AGROFORESTRY *Sowing of medicinal SAFS. *Nursery and reproduction of plants *Collection of medicinal plants. *Systematization of the stonemasons.

Valles Centrales

Day 2-3
SYNTROPIC HERBALISM *Connection with herbalism: introduction to ancestral herbalism, lunar energy and its cycles. *Classification, compounds, uses and dosage of medicinal plants. *Distillation of essential oils. *Drying and preparation of herbal products: tincture, oleate and medicinal honey.

San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya

Day 3-4
After our retreat we will have time to spend in the small village and learn about the local Zapotec culture. We will feel free to decide if we still want to do any activity that our hotel or the village offers and finally we will be back in Oaxaca City!
Bed & Breakfast
4 days trip
Oaxaca, Valles Centrales & 3 more
Car, Trekking
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