New Year's Eve in Brazil 🇧🇷: Rio de Janeiro. Beaches 🏖️, Mountains ⛰️, Culture 🙌🏻, Caipirinha 🍹, Parties, Fireworks! 💃🏼

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Guided trip
Seja bem-vindo no Brazil! 🇧🇷 A very underrated country with unique nature, the most beautiful beaches worldwide, and very kind people. And a special welcome to Rio de Janeiro - The most beautiful city in the world, at least, how the locals (Carioca) like to call it. 😉 I want to spend New Year's Eve together in a warm country with you and some other amazing people in a cool apartment and start into the year 2022 right! We will definitely have more than enough parties in this weeks. Some of them are only accessible from a water taxi, some of them are happening directly on the streets, some of them are private, and some of them are open to everyone. I promise you: You will definitely love Rio. 😜 Of course, you are also not able to miss the cultural side of Rio de Janeiro! Therefore, we will visit Cristo Redentor, The Sugarloaf Mountain, some awesome favelas, like Vidigal, and Rocinha, the party neighborhood Lapa, Pedro do Telégrafo, and more... You will drink a lot of Caipirinhas, learn how to dance to Brasilian funk, get a lot of sunburns on the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, and simply enjoy the summer in January! 🥳☀️ I lived in Rio for some months now, so I'll make sure to show you the best spots in my most favorite city. ;) They are many things to do in Rio de Janeiro! For more details about our activities on the trip, just scroll down. 👇🏻 The costs you pay in the end include the accommodation, renting a car for smaller trips, travel insurance for German and Austrian citizens, a small fee to me since I put a lot of work into the organization, and the good vibes you will get here! 🙂 Personally, I don't mind sharing a room with somebody else. :) Since December / January are the main touristic months for Rio, the price is a little bit higher than usual. Food, fuel for a car, and other expenses we will divide fairly on Splitwise. ✌️ To avoid discussions about different food preferences, you can either buy your own food, or we go grocery shopping altogether and split everything. Since we are traveling as a group, we will divide it in group. ;) Alright, look for your best New Year's outfit, and let's start a new year and collect unforgettable memories together! 🔥💃🏼
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Trip Itinerary

Rio de Janeiro

Day 1-8
After New Year's we will drive to Rio de Janeiro. First of all, I'll show you Cristo Redentor, and The Sugarloaf Mountain, which are both very famous destinations here. Don't forget good shoes, because we will hike here a lot!


Day 8-9
Lapa is a local neighbourhood with a lot of Funk street parties, bars, and clubs. If you don't know Brazilian Funk, you will get used to it here in Brazil for sure. ;) The vibe and the people in Lapa are unforgettable, it is a must-have to visit!

Dois Irmãos

Day 9-10
On the mountain Dois Irmãos you can find the favela Vidigal. First of all, I want to take off your bias and worries about favelas and show you this wonderful life there. The people here have strong and bonding relationships, and they actually love tourists, so that's a safe place. Here, we will have some (very cheap) drinks on the streets, and breath in the favela vibe. But not for too long! We will hike the Dois Irmãos approximately at 3 am to see the sunrise. Not gonna lie: That experience was one of my best moments in life and was totally worth it! 😍😍😍


Day 10-14
Of course, we will visit a lot of amazing and famous carioca beaches: Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Leme... We can book surf lessons, play beach volleyball or football, or just take a walk (or a Caipirinha). 🏖️🏄🏐
14 days trip
Rio de Janeiro, Lapa & 2 more
Car, Trekking
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