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Sailing in Mallorca? Forget Ballermann and co. And enjoy with us the beautiful white sandy beaches, the crystal clear bays and the picturesque old towns! We think about the route together, so that all wishes from the crew are taken into account. Sailing, swimming and exploring the culture and landscape: everything is included. Whether we go out to eat and let ourselves be enchanted by the Mallorcan cuisine or cook on board ourselves, we of course also decide together. The route can go for example from Palma to Es Trenc, Porto Cristo, Porto Petro, Cabrera, Cala Pi and back to Palma. Also beginners are in good hands with us. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.
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Really thanks a lot for the good arrangements and communication about the trips. Reg the trips, I had a nice time and complete enjoyments, freedom in the boat. I had good communication/nice time with very crew members in the trip even though I have language barriers (The crew members supported for the communication in most of the time) and full freedom in the following areas: what we need to do, what do we need to explore, what we need to cook and restaurant visits, city visits. Last but not least: I have zero percentage of the knowledge/experience about the boat and sailing while entering in to the boat. After my trip is done, I had basic knowledge about the boat handling and sailing. Reg skipper, really very nice person and gave full freedom to the crew members what we need and discussed with every one of us before proceed to the next steps. Initially he have given the basic knowledge about the boat handling and sailing, jump into the practical (I feel its really good sign). Reg Crew members, I had a nice time with every one in the crew and supported me a lot for the areas like boat handling, sailing, swimming and cooking. Last, communication is bit factor for me since I am the only person who doesn't know German --> For this case, they supported me a lot. Note: Based on the discussion with the Skipper, there are lot of the levels in the sailing course and really very easy to understand in case specify the levels/applicable to the beginners or intermediate in the trip descriptions. >


Great trip, best way to holiday I wasn’t bored once the entire week. Had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed learning the basics of sailing, will definitely be going again!>


Im Grunde ein schöner Urlaub, Wind, Meer Sonne alles gut. Leider waren Die Kosten dann doch höher als erwartet (Über Join my Trip ca.200€ mehr als alladie anderen Mitsegler!). Leider gab es keinerlei Sonnenschutz auf Deck und einige anzeigen vom Schiff waren nicht zuverlässig/defekt (Frischwasseranzeige und Fäkalientankanzeige defekt). Es war definitiv ein Abenteuer. Ich würde die Reise mit dem wissen,nicht nochmal machen.>
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Arrival for all in Palma. It would be good if you arrive in the early afternoon. We will meet near the marina to get settled and do some shopping. In the evening we can get to know each other over a glass of wine and tapas or other Spanish delicacies and plan the route for the next few days together.

Es Trenc

Day 2-3
This morning we finally set off! We sail south along the coast to the small port town of Es Trenc. On the way we have already jumped a few times into the crystal clear water and in the evening we enjoy the sunset perhaps with a home-cooked paella.

Porto Cristo

Day 3-4
The first stop today is in the bay of Calamagrana, which despite its white beaches and azure waters is far from package tourism. Later we continue to Porto Cristo, a beautiful harbor town with the so charismatic stone houses, where we stroll through the nice old town before we end the evening comfortably in the harbor.


Day 4-5
From Porto Cristo we are now heading to the fishing village of Porto Pedro. After a great sailing route with breathtaking views of the great south coast of Mallorca and some wonderful swimming stops, we let ourselves be spoiled in the small restaurants in Porto Pedro, which are far from mass tourism. Who likes, eats some dishes with the freshly caught fish such as: seafood paella!


Day 5-6
Today we sail further away from Mallorca to the offshore island of Cabrera. As an island that is completely protected and is home to so many bird species, it is sometimes called the last natural paradise in the Mediterranean. Before we anchor and explore on foot some parts of the island, before we then go back to the yacht, refresh ourselves in the cool water first and let the evening end.

Torrent de Cala Pi

Day 6-7
Because we still do not have enough of beautiful bays and unexpectedly beautiful nature in and around Mallorca, today we go to a special bay: Cala Pi. It belongs to the 5 most beautiful bays in Mallorca! Here you can explore the underwater world especially well in crystal clear water, before we look fascinated at the starry sky after a delicious home-cooked meal!


Day 7-8
Today we are heading back to our start and end port in Palma. We enjoy sailing again and the view of Mallorca's beautiful south coast. We let the sun shine in our faces and enjoy the fresh breeze before it's time to clear the ship, dock and pack up a bit. Then we let the evening end with delicious food and let the best moments pass in review.
8 days trip
Palma, Es Trenc & 5 more
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