Mallorca, Spain is calling! Mountains, Beaches, Dancing, & Views ☀️ What more can you ask for?

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Hello What is up?! My name is Taynah (rhymes with China) and I have traveled to 28 countries before the age of 25. I am planning this trip to Mallorca in Spain! Traveling is a lifestyle for me. It teaches us so many things about different cultures and ourselves, so I'll never stop. The cost of the trip includes everything mentioned here...Enjoy! Sunday | Oct 2 - Arrival day! Get settled in and let's get to know each other a bit. board games and cards are always welcome. We have plenty of playlists to keep us entertained while we get ready for the following days of adventure. Monday | oct 3 - Calo des Moro Beach day! Pack the cooler, and put on your favorite swimwear….It’s time to enjoy the clear waters of the Balearic Islands. At night, we enjoy some Ice cream beside Placa de la Drassana while walking along the beach boardwalk. Possibility of a mini fair going on. Cathedral views with spotlights and live music! Tuesday | Oct 4 - Cabo Blanco / Cala Pi hike. We will leave in the early morning at 8 am and enjoy the beautiful views the island has to offer. Prepare to cliff jump, because there are plenty of spots to take a dip while trekking the path. Just remember to bring energizing snacks and plenty of water to stay hydrated. And for dinner, Taco Tuesday! Santa Catalina is where the nightlife is and the tacos at 7 machos are where the best tacos live. What do you like in your tacos? Wednesday | Oct 5 - Bike Day! We will be renting bikes and taking a stroll from the cathedral to s'Arenal Beach. We will then park the bikes, and spend the day at the beach. We can make it a picnic or choose a local restaurant for lunch, but i'll leave that up to us to decide when you’re here. Thursday | Oct 6 - Cuevas del Drach - After exploring the caves and private concert we will enjoy a snack at the cafe there and then make our way to Delta beach until sunset. If you have an instrument, bring it! What better way to jam than while watching the sunset? Friday | Oct 7 - Free during the day - Do as you wish but here are a few suggestions: - Spend the day in Palma - Cathedral, anima beach, boardwalk, beach volley, Dance/live music night - Spend the day in Soller - Port de Soller beach, Soller center city, Cathedral in soller and local market ⭐⭐Spend the day in Deia - Casa de Robert groves, various hiking trails, mountain top Cemetary, Cala Deia ⭐⭐ I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS ONE AT NIGHT - WE PARTY! (SALSA OR BACHATA OR ZUOK OR FORRO OR SAMBA) Saturday | Oct 8 - Time to go back home. It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see ya later! To summarize, what is included in the price 💰 🛏️ Accommodation 💃 Activities 🚗 Car rental IF AT ANY POINT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE AND/OR MANI-PEDI, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL PUT YOU IN CONTACT WITH THE BEST ONES WE HAVE HERE ON THE ISLAND.
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Traveling to me is not only an adventure but a form of self-exploration. It allows us to expand our minds on the different kind of realities that exist within the same world we all live in. This kind of awareness connects us and empowers us to venture into the unknown. FOLLOW MY ADVENTURES ON IG: @TAYNAHMITE I have my blood family, that raised me and made 50% of who I am today. The remaining 50% belongs to the moments, people, and experiences I've had while living out of my luggage. Kilos were gained and lost, jokes were made, and nostalgia is what remained. So we continue to explore everything this world has to offer!
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Day 1-7
Capital of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca is a city filled with wonder, magic, and views. Come shop, dine, explore, and recharge yourself while enjoying the Mediterranean waters of the Iberian Peninsula.

Caló del Moro

Day 7
Voted one of the best beaches in the world by Trip Advisor, Calo Del Moro feels like you're in another world. If the translucent turquoise waters don't convince you, the chance to cliff jump into it just might!

Torrent de Cala Pi

Day 7
Our hike begins in Cala Pi, but we will trek until we reach Capo Blanco. Just a little less than 16 km in total. For a more complete view of the trail, check out the link below from all trails!


Day 7
After a long day of hiking, I say we sleep in and then enjoy a day biking along the boardwalk from Palma to S'Arenal Beach. If we time it right, we can catch the sunset in Can Pastilla on the way back home. (It's my favorite spot and you'll soon see why!)

Drach Caves

Day 7
Formed by the action of rainwater, the Cuevas Del Drach contains 4 caves that are connected to each other. At the very bottom, it has one of the largest underground lakes, where many enjoy a classical concert surprise at the end of their tour.


Day 7
This is a FREE day to us to choose what we want to do, but Deia is not a place you wish to miss. Home of Robert Groves, a famous author, and poet, Deia is one of Mallorca's secrets that has been revealed to the public... (with good reason!) Let's visit the past of what life was like on the island before the world knew about Mallorca.


Day 7
The time has come to say farewell my friend. Thankfully, time is on our side and we will see each other again! Who knows, maybe next time it'll be in Brazil. I hope Mallorca was as good to you as it was to me and it was a pleasure exploring it with you.
7 days trip
Palma, Caló del Moro & 5 more
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