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Hi! 👋 I'm looking for trip mates for a tour of 10 days that will you surprised more than anything What about me? Let me introduce myself ❗ I'm Simone I'm 25 from Florence and I traveled a lot in my life through Europe mainly and in Asia where I organized a tour in Thailand and Indonesia, so I would call myself “travel experienced”. I like to travel more than anything else and my dream is to travel all around the world, know cultures, people, places and having fun! About the trip 🗺️ I've always dreamed of visiting the land of fire and ice, the time has come! We will drive 🚗 around all the Ring Road around Iceland, seeing places you couldn't imagine! At many stops during the trip, we will admire Waterfalls, Martian landscapes, the Wreck of a plane, Glaciers, Whale watching, Icebergs, and so on. To summarize what is included in the price 💰 🛏️ Costs include all the accommodations (Shared room 2 persons per room) 🚗 The car rent ⛵ The whale watching on a boat activity What is not included ❌ Costs of food will be shared between us with splitwise, we will decide together if go outside to try typical dishes or cook in our hostel and guest house to have a cheaper dinner 🍽️😋
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Day 1-2
Welcome in Iceland! We will have our meeting in hotel and once everyone is arrived we will go out discovering the northernmost capital of Europe get ready guys the adventure is beginning! 🤩​ What better way to get to know each other than with culinary delights fish base, which here is great, especially if accompanied by a good local beer.

Gullfoss Waterfall lookout

Day 2
After picking up our rental cars, we start the day driving through the Golden Circle, and first of all we meet one of the natural phenomena for which Iceland is famous - the word "geyser" in Icelandic means "blow out" and it is just what we will see... boiling water "fired" at tens of meters of height at constant rates. Then we will see our first waterfall, Gulfoss!


Day 2-3
In the afternoon we reach by ferry the island of Vestmannaeyjar: here, only 40 years ago, there was an eruption that forced the inhabitants to leave the island and their homes. We explore the island starting from the volcano: an hour of trekking awaits us to admire the colors of this island from above. The landscape is wonderful the nature is mixed with the volcanic land. A more relaxing alternative could be a walk along the high cliffs of the coast, famous for hosting, at some times of the year, the puffin of the sea.


Day 3
We finish enjoying the island during the morning and in the early afternoon we move back to the mainland. Our first stop is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Have you ever been behind a waterfall? Here you can do it, thanks to a cave that opens behind the majestic jet of water. Prepare the k-way because we will not come out dry! Having enough time we could visit even the famous Plane Wreck for some cool pictures! 😎​


Day 3-4
After drying we continue to the second waterfall of the day, the magnificent Skogafoss! 😍​ This famous natural attraction is 25 meters wide and 60 meters high literally breathtaking! After dinner, we will go out exploring for a hot water pool in the mountains for the most braves.

Reynisfjara Beach

Day 4
Welcome on the black sandy beach of Reynisfjara: it will be an almost otherworldly experience to walk in this impressive dark surface, which almost seems to swallow its guests. Here the only sounds that can be heard are the sound of the wind, which always blows very loud, and of the angry waves that break on the shore, it seems to stay on another planet! 👽​

Vatnajökull National Park

Day 4-5
Finally we arrive in this glacial lagoon, where the largest glacier in Europe, the Vatnajokull, descends from the mountains and almost reaches the coast. Seeing this giant of ice is an emotion that is felt a few times in life. Here, if the weather is mild, there will be the opportunity to take part in excursions aboard an amphibious vehicle: you will leave on dry land and then enter the water, go offshore and board an iceberg, to collect a piece and... taste it!


Day 5
Today our stop is in Seydisfjordur a fjord where we can explore the surroundings by mountain bike or crossing the fjord by kajak, or simply going around the little and colored village that indirectly overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.


Day 5-6
In the afternoon we reach what is considered the only town in the east of Iceland with just 2.000 citizens, it's time for relax and free time and why not even for a visit to the thermal baths that is a must here in Iceland!


Day 6
This is the queen of the waterfalls of Europe: Dettifoss! The most powerful of the continent, with peaks in summer of 1.5 million liters of water per second. The water makes a jump of 44 meters generating visible splashes already from 1 km away, and you can get there really close, in total safety and without any artificial structure.


Day 6-7
Afternoon of trekking in a canyon with walls up to 100 meters high, completely covered by a lush vegetation that houses the nesting of the seagull fulmar. Ásbyrgi, whose name means "refuge of the gods". From here, they would continue to watch over the country.


Day 7
Today we wake up in Hùsavìk, a town famous for being the main port from which to admire the whales. The companies that organize the excursions obviously do not guarantee the sighting, but they are so frequent that the city is considered the world capital of whale watching. Hùsavìk also has an interesting natural history museum, where you can admire an embalmed white bear and various well-preserved skeletons of many species of mammals.


Day 7
Just an hour’s drive from the port of Hùsavìk and its whales, and around us will reappear a landscape almost post-nuclear, in the direction of Lake Myvatn: craters, pools of steaming water, seething mud, sulfur soil.

Goðafoss Waterfall

Day 7-8
Called the waterfall of the gods, Godafoss will be the last great waterfall we will see in Iceland. Unlike the other three this is less powerful, but no less spectacular: thanks to the circular shape, horseshoe, it seems to embrace you while you admire it. Here too, nature is the undisputed master of the landscape, which is completely devoid of any human building. In the evening we will arrive in Akureyri, where we will spend the night.


Day 8-9
We wake up early and travel to the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Since the hours of car will be many, we will make some stops: impossible not to stop to admire the historical houses of peat. We arrive in the peninsula of Snæfellsnes and we have all the time to enjoy this magnificent place, probably among the most famous of all Iceland. Here we find Kirkjufell, defined as the best photo spot of the whole island.

Blue Lagoon

Day 9
We have time to go and relax in the famous thermal waters of Blue Lagoon, immersed in a lunar landscape. It is really amazing to soak in this very hot water, surrounded by small black lava hills. Let’s enjoy this oasis of absolute relaxation as a reward for all the kilometers covered during this trip!


Day 9-10
In the afternoon, we will have free time to shop (there are many flea markets, the most famous is Kolaportid), visit museums or just enjoy the center of the Icelandic capital. The nightlife in Reykjavik usually doesn’t end until the late morning of the next day, and every evening there is plenty of choice among the many venues with live music concerts or extravagant shows. This is our last Icelandic night: let’s make it unforgettable!


Day 10
Check-out and greetings in Reykjavik! It's been an adventure with no words literally, thank you for join my trip and share with me all this emotions! We take a little piece of Iceland home with us and we promise to see each other soon!
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