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Hello, TripMates. My name is Aksan, 37 years old. I live in Makassar now. I spent my childhood to adulthood in Tana Toraja. I studied in Makassar majoring in English Literature. Four years as an English teacher in junior high school and as a freelance translator for several companies and my last job was as a head of divisions at an online transportation company in Makassar. I love to travel and I have explored all parts of Sulawesi island from north to south. Plan/Purpose of the Trip On this occasion I would like to invite you to have a different experience as visitors in Toraja. Basically, by jurisdiction, Toraja Regency has been divided into Tana Toraja and North Toraja. I will take you around and feel the sensation of living in a traditional Toraja house as local residents. If you are interested, you could also try to do their daily activities such as watching them feed livestock or interacting with local villagers while watching them farming and growing crops. Below is the expenses during this trip 💰 🛏️ You can stay at the hotel if you need a private room and can also stay in one of the rooms in the local residents' house which I have prepared and discussed with them beforehand (I will pick you up in the morning if you stay at the hotel and enjoy the trip again ) Hotel cost start from $10-$30. If you decide to stay during your vacation at a local resident's house, I will help you negotiate the cost. Estimated around $10-$15 per day 🥾 Hiking, Camping or just passing through the mountains to enjoy the atmosphere of Toraja, (you can choose it, I will help you with camping equipment if needed) 🚗 Transportation, from Makassar City Airport we will use the Bus for 8 hours to Toraja. Just relax, the bus is equipped with air conditioning and blankets so that your trip feels comfortable and not boring. I will arrange transportation while in Toraja, I have many colleagues who are ready to help you voluntary (you can pay for them with lunch) 🏖️ There are no beaches in Toraja because of its mountainous terrain. I have a lot of families there so we can visit and experience as local residents. Since Toraja has become a tourist destination and attraction, you don't need to hesitate while on vacation there because the local people are familiar with and getting used to the tourist visits. In fact, they are very happy to be visited. ⛰️ There is a place called the Land Above the Clouds, and some attractions such as the Londa Stone Grave and Ke'te' Kesu' require an entrance ticket of around $1-$2. For vehicle parking, no need to worry. I will arrange some situations for you. Some other places are free to enter. 🏞 Food prices in Toraja are very affordable. For lunch just prepare your money $3-$4. For the purchase of souvenirs, I will invite you to my colleagues who have affordable prices and you can bargain there too. We will also visit traditional markets, coffee plantations, buffalo markets and see the coffee production process which is famous in Toraja. On the last day, we will tour the city and say goodbye to some friends to end the trip and we will have a small farewell party. In Toraja, you can enjoy drinks such as beer and its world-famous Arabica coffee. Don't worry about documentation. There will be many locations to take pictures and take videos. Wild photographers were not present at the location. Take care of your luggage, I will also help you with that. I once worked with a travel agency to accompany 45 tourists to Toraja. This trip I designed this for 5 TripMates. 😊. We'll talk about the next issue just in case something needs to be added. As much as possible I will help you to save money for this trip so that later you can use it for other expenses. I hope you will enjoy traveling with my guide and you can have an unforgettable life experience while in Indonesia, especially in Toraja. Respect the local culture and they will respect you. At the end of your trip, hopefully, you like to buy our traditional souvenirs from Toraja. I will give you some of them also, for free. *Sometimes, in the middle of the trip there is a sudden schedule change. I will minimize this but don't worry. I know Tana Toraja very well and I will not disappoint you as my new companion and family later
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I currently run a home coffee shop and usually sell on weekends. I really like music, interacting with new people and sharing stories.

Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Makale City is the capital city of Tana Toraja. From Makassar, this is the first city we will visit in Toraja. Stay overnight in this area and I will take you around to see the traditional market, mingle with the community and interact more closely to find out how the communication patterns of the local people and this area is in the form of mountains, we can find many churches on the top of the mountain. In the center of the city, there is a monument and the surroundings are used as a sports facility


Day 2
From Makale city we will move north. Mentiroku is an area that is higher than Makale and is located in North Toraja. On the way to this location, we will pass a traditional market that specializes in selling livestock such as pigs and buffalo. This livestock market is the market with the largest transactions. A buffalo can be sold for $5000-$7500. The Toraja people greatly exalt themselves through culture so that they are ready to use the material of their life to increase their rank in society

Lolai Tongkonan Lempe

Day 2-3
Lolai, also known as the Land Above the Clouds. This tourist spot can be visited at 05.00 to be able to see the fog and the sensation of clouds slowly disappearing at the feet of visitors. Here, provided a tent to stay at a price of $ 7-$ 10. Don't worry, we can negotiate the price with the location manager. I will be happy to help you translate all your needs. Stay frugal and hopefully your expenses are not wasteful.

Londa Ancient Graveyard

Day 3-4
Toraja people really appreciate a death that is poured in the excitement of their traditional traditional ceremony. Londa is a stone grave that belongs to a allied family and is managed by the grandchildren of the deceased who were buried in the stone grave. Entrance to this place is around $2-$3 and we can still haggle to get a cheaper price. There is also a souvenir shop here for you to buy.


Day 4-5
On the way we will pass this area and it is mountains. There is a new airport built here which serves local/domestic flights. This Mengkendek area is very cold and higher than Mentiroku. There are many locations to enjoy lunch here and we can also enjoy the view of the statue of Jesus Christ and the monument of the giant cross
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5 days trip
Makale, Mentirotiku & 3 more
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